photoset: ziegfeld girl

“…But talk about an Entrance! Hedy Lamarr holds the record for that. One Entrance she made at Ciro’s is a vision I’ll never forget. Hedy was at the height of her beauty, with thick, wavy, jet-black hair. With that stunning widow’s peak, her face was magnificent. We all looked up and there she was at the top of those stairs. She wore a cape of some kind up to her chin, and it swept down to the floor. I can’t even remember the color of the cape, because all I saw was that incredible face, that magnificent hair – and a huge diamond. The most fabulous solitaire diamond on her forehead, just at the tip of her widow’s peak. She was enough to make strong men faint. How the hell did she keep that diamond on her forehead? Was it pasted on? You couldn’t tell. Later, Sidney Guilaroff told me that he had taken jet-black wire, very fine, and woven it into Hedy’s hair. He anchored it with a little spot of glue. But that diamond was absolutely real. It was breathtaking.” - Lana Turner