photoset: rooster teeth

The four variations of Joel Heyman
  • Actor Joel: Does his job well and has a very professional seeming demeanor
  • Twitter Joel: Is very interested in politics and the global economy, with the exception of wanting to blow his nose in people's shirts
  • Caboose Joel: Is very unpredictable, says very random things and yells a lot
  • Present time Joel: Is literally insane, will slip into Caboose Joel at random times

Remember that one week where every Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter video involved bananas. Like every single video had at least one person eating a banana. There was the Let’s Play where Gavin was a banana. They wore banana-themed shirts, they ate bananas on the various podcasts, at staff meetings. An animated Joel ate a banana in RTAA. And everyone was getting kind of suspicious because an entire company seemed to have suddenly become banana-crazed.

And then this happened


i never go against the family.


Perhaps the best 13 seconds of my life


RWBY - Volume 4, Chapter 5: Menagerie