photoset: paul mccartney

The more hours John and Paul spent together, the more they uncovered humour and harmony down the line. They’d  both read ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and ‘Just William’. Both were consumed by 'The Goon Show’. They made each other laugh all the time and began to develop an attuned shorthand humour beyond others’ comprehension.
—  The Beatles - All These Years - Extended Special Edition - Volume One: Tune In By Mark Lewisohn.

Ringo & Barbara’s wedding reception party at Rags Nightclub, Mayfair, London, on 27th April 1981. 

An impromptu jam session took place with George on guitar, Paul and Harry Nilsson taking turns on piano and Ringo and Ray Cooper playing percussion with spoons. (Top photo - Ringo’s playing the spoons on the table while George plays guitar behind him. Behind them are Ringo’s manager, Hilary Gerard (left) and Neil Aspinall (right))

Photos 1&2, and possibly 3: Terry O’Neill.


Paul McCartney pointing out the hypocrisy of the press and their ‘Moral Crusades’.

On 17 June 1967, Life Magazine ran an interview with Paul McCartney in which the Beatle admitted to having taken LSD. The UK press immediately seized upon it, and two days later McCartney gave a statement to Independent Television News (ITN).