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Lol you drew that guy "flossing"

the site i was using had some funny as shit pictures. the first image on the bottom right corner, that was a dude goin full sloth on a metal bar suspended in a doorway. like holy shit i was choking… his balls were just danglin near his butthole… it was rly funny i enjoyed drawin it


arbitrary astronaut photosets (3/?): the Mercury Seven + baby photos

“you must’ve been a beautiful baby, ‘cause baby, look at you now”

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Modern au. What do you think thrandy would be like in high school?

You had excused yourself from English, as he asked you to. He was leaning against the emergency exit, propping the door open with his boot. How he managed to get the door open without triggering the alarm was beyond you. His mesh backpack was slung casually over one shoulder. His expensive jeans were ripped at the knees, probably from a recent scuffle he instigated.

“I knew you’d come." 

"You didn’t know that,” you sniffed. “Not for sure.”

 He flashed you a sly grin. You both knew that was a lie. He pushed the door wide open and dipped his head in light mockery. “Ladies first.”

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