photoset: once upon a honeymoon

I am currently re-reading Ginger My Story by Ginger Rogers and I’m seriously stuggling with my emotions for Ginger and Cary’s relationship. The potential for a deep romance was real and something they both had wanted for years. I literally threw my book across the table when I came to a particular chapter. In one paragraph she is describing how smitten she was with Cary and how she couldn’t wait for her “leading man” to join her on holiday in France. Then in the next paragraph before I even got a few sentences in I saw the name Jacques Bergerac. Now I already know Jacques and Ginger were eventually married in 1953 and in turn realised that her short lived romance with Cary was once again over before it even began… So here I am cursing the love of my life who passed away 22 years ago, for a dessision she made over 60 years before… I find myself cursing her quite a lot for the dessisions she confessed to in this book yet here I am forever lovesick for her… SO MANY EMOTIONS!