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His Innocent Queen ~Jerome Valeska

Summary: You were the complete opposite of Jerome. He was fearless and murderous. You on the other hand was shy and innocent. When someone disrespects you, Jerome’s queen, Jerome knows how to show who’s boss.

Warnings: Blood, Mild Violence

 Author’s Note: I’m starting to watch Gotham because Joker is my favorite villain and I’m a sucker for nice girl and bad boy fics.

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You sat on the couch reading your favorite book until you hear someone tapping on your window. You look over and see your psychopath of a boyfriend, Jerome. Your relationship was quite odd. He was a murderous circus boy who murdered his mother and you were a shy book nerd who practically fainted over the sight of death. You quickly ran over to the window and opened it. 

“Hiya toots,” Jerome grinned at you. 

“Jerome. You’re not suppose to be here,” You say softly. 

“Had to see you before I had to go back,” You take a couple steps back to let him in. He comes in and he opens his arms out.

“Come here,” He said. You smile and run over to give him a hug. His arms automatically wrap around you as yours wrap around his waist. Jerome gives you a small kiss on the head making you blush.

“Jerome,” You say softly. 


“For once, can you not be a psychopath and can we go on a real date?” You asked him kindly. 


Now you were pissed. Every time he would begin to say no to you, he would start off with baby. This was almost the millionth time he had said that word.

“Jerome, all I’m asking is for a nice, non murderous date with you. For once, please stop with the murders and go on a simple little ice cream date with me?” You asked angrily. This was new to you. You’ve never yelled at Jerome and he had never yelled at you. Jerome gave you a satisfied grin before giving you a quick and passionate kiss.

“With that tone of voice? Sure. Anything for the Queen,” Jerome said once he had pulled away from the kiss. 

“Thank you,” You squeaked shyly.

The next day, you told Jerome to meet you at the park and he showed up in a disguise. He wore some normal clothing along with a hat on. 

“Later, we can go back to my place and we can be alone together,” Jerome said. 

“Okay,” You said softly. 

You grabbed some ice cream before you both headed over towards the park. You sat on the bench as you both talked about being together away from Gotham. 

“Alright, now since we’re done with our ice cream, why don’t we go back to my place?” Jerome asked. You nodded and he held your hand. You both went to some large mansion and he opened the door for you. 

“Welcome. Now, let me show you around,” Jerome said. 

“Who’s this Jerome? Some toy of yours?” A man asks Jerome. You look up at your boyfriend who had a mad expression. 

“Sweetheart, let’s go to my room for a moment okay?” Jerome said. 

“Alright,” You shrugged. 

You both go upstairs and he shut the door behind you both. He went to his closet and grabbed out a bat. You stare at him confused before he gave you a smile. 

“I’ll be right back,” He said before walking out. 

“Don’t kill him,” You said. You knew he would ignore you but yet again. the man called you Jerome’s toy. 

A few minutes later, Jerome came back with a now bloody bat. He tossed i to the closet before sitting next to you on the bed. 

“No one should disrespect you,” Jerome said before giving you a soft kiss. You smiled softly at him as you moved over to sit on his lap. 

“I love you,” You tell him.

“I love you too.”

You give him a long kiss before the door knocked. Jerome growled a little in annoyance. 


“Did you hurt, Marcus?” You heard. 

“No,” Jerome lied. 

“Jerome, do you have someone with you right now?”

“Just my girlfriend. Now leave us be,” Jerome said before kissing you again. 

theenigmamachines  asked:

I don't know if you've said this before or not, but what does Crane's mask look like in your universe? (Also kinda wanted to say thank you for your hard work and all, these recordings have been a sort of clarity when it seems like life is total war.)

Art is not my strength, so I have difficulty drawing what I can see in my head. I’ve mentioned in the past that I prefer to emphasize the crow aspect of Scarecrow (which, yeah, I know doesn’t make as much sense, but making sense is for suckers).

I’ve always been a fan of Plague Doctors, so I incorporate that look with a hood and a longcoat. When it’s all put together, he’d look like a walking crow.

The look appeals to me.