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I finally figured the little shit, Damian Wayne, out. He's a fucking cat. If you tell him not to do a thing, he'll do the thing and look you in the eye. Want him to love you?Either smother him in love, despite the claws to the face (looking at you, Dick!) or ignore him and not really care (Jason is good at it) and he'll end up loving you forever. Mutual hate morphs into mutual respect (literally him and Tim, c'mon). He'll play with others, but prefers solo. The child is a cat, I won't be told no


Edward sits quietly, the newspaper open before him. He is intently staring at the crossword page.

“Ed,” you say, “What are you doing?”
“The crossword,” he murmurs, “What does it look like?”
“Don’t you need a pen to do that?” you ask.

He sighs, looks up at you, mouths “No”, and returns to the page.