Third - and final - part of our “Shoujo Kakumei Utena” post-canon cosplay photoset.  
First part
Second part

Story behind the photos:
“The girl departs to the real world, liberated from the prison of illusions. She wants to find a person, who had set her free though almost died in the course and went missing. Although she has no idea whether that person is alive or where to search.
The searching leads her to a small way station somewhere at the edge of the world. She misses the proper train and it doesn’t seem like there will be another.
However, before she finds herself in despair someone calls her in a close and familiar voice…

Make-up, photo & edit: @elentarihikari
Himemiya Anthy: Dara-chan
Tenjou Utena: me

There will be some bonus photos, so stay tuned!


“Varlen? He’s a little like an open flame on a windy day. Warm to be around, but always in danger of just… flickering out.”