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Radiance: A Fannibal Anthology 

An amazing book featuring three hundred pages of art and fanfiction about Will’s becoming by forty seven artists and 27 writers. 

They have already unlocked FOUR stretch goals and on their way to a FIFTH that would allow publishing of the super sized version featuring an additional artists and writers! 



Project DIVA Future Tone: Hatsune Miku - The Snow White Princess is (taken by me on PS4) - Part 1

This is a Season Pass costume (Snow Miku 2017) and I chose it kind of accidentally; the song had ‘snow’ in it, so I decided to choose a ‘snow’ costume and this was a new one, so I picked it and then I sat there, astonished. lol. It’s already hard enough to pay attention to the notes because I want to see what’s going on in the song but this was like omg, soooooo pretty. I immediately went and took pictures afterwards. It’s so beautiful.