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“Baby, drop them bombs. 
 Baby, sell that soul. 
 Heaven, fare thee well. 
 Somebody´s gotta raise a little hell.
-  Raise Hell by Dorothy

|Requested by the lovely @newurleans​|

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Tugging Your Ear With Sky & Rose 
Episode 3: The Twins Week 2017

It has been a week since The Twins Week 2017 celebrating our favourite twins - no not Zack and Cody - but Eadlyn and Ahren Schreave so I decided to cover the highlights of the week and interview our lovely host!

Feature Blogger: @theheirofillea

Her Fave Twins Week Posts:
1) Ahren and Eadrik Aesthetic Edits by @eadlynmydear
2) Keadlyn Gifset by @fangirlingforinfinity
3) Ahren Moodboard by @maxericaruleillea
4) Ahren + Camille Photoset by @camilleschreave
5) Eadlyn Moodboard by moí aka @skylars-selection

Top 3 Popular Posts:
1) Eadlyn Aesthetic Edit by @maxericaruleillea
2) Doodle Gifset by @camilleschreave
3) Eadlyn Edit by our host aka @theheirofillea

My Top Picks:
1) Eadlyn Fanart by @the-island-sea
2) Eadlyn Character Posters by @princess-may-singer

Our Personal Selection Blogs
Host: @skylars-selection
Royal Editor: @not-your-dear

[Note: I know I stumble a little towards the end I hope you all don’t mind because this is my best so far and I am pressed for time to post this because i start work tomorrow and won’t be able to record for another week and I wanted the Twins Week to be fresh in everyone’s mind when I posted this; well see you until next time!]

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