photoset app

“Sansa dug her nails into her hand. She could feel the fear in her tummy, twisting and pinching, worse every day. Nightmares of the day Princess Myrcella had sailed still troubled her sleep; dark suffocating dreams that woke her in the black of night, struggling for breath. She could hear the people screaming at her, screaming without words, like animals. They had hemmed her in and thrown filth at her and tried to pull her off her horse, and would have done worse if the Hound had not cut his way to her side.”

Things currently broken on Tumblr Mobile:

- Changing your banner
- Notes system in bugged.
- Want to see a correct list of who reblogged/liked your stuff? Gotta restart the app.
- App still freezes constantly.
- Can’t post multiple photosets without restarting the app.
- Can’t edit text like in the desktop version.

What else?