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  • National Adoption Day: Bruce Wayne and Robins (New Earth/Prime Earth)
Today is National Adoption Day (18 November) and I couldn’t let this notable day pass without mentioning the Adoption King himself – Bruce Wayne. Wayne has the penchant of adopting orphans or becoming their guardian and then drafting them into the family business – vigilantism (or vice versa). To date, he has adopted or became a guardian to five children: Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, Cassandra Cain, and Duke Thomas.

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  • Bruce Wayne (Batman #613 (Top Row, Left)): In his alter-ego of Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist, he has managed to adopt or become a guardian to five children, while as his true self, Batman (JLA-Z #1 (Top Row, Right)), had led and taught them the art of vigilantism.
  • Richard John “Dick” Grayson (Batman #16 (Thrid Row, Left)): This former trapeze artist became the ward of Bruce Wayne after witnessing his parents’ murder and was adopted much later in adulthood. As a vigilante, he became the first Robin (Titans East Special (Second Row, Left)) and later took on the adult name of Nightwing (Nightwing #14 (Last Row, Left)).
  • Jason Peter Todd (Batman Eternal #52 (Third Row, Left of Center)): This former street rat was quickly adopted by Bruce Wayne – the first in the family. Todd became the second Robin (Batman #645 (Second Row, Left of Center)) after the spot was made vacant and took up the mantle of Red Hood (Red Hood and the Outlaws #6 Last Row, Left of Center)) after his resurrection.
  • Timothy Jackson “Tim” Drake (Detective Comics #935 (Thrid Row, Center)): This heir to the Drake Fortune was adopted by Bruce Wayne after the murder of his father by Captain Boomerang. Drake became the third Robin (Supergirl #2 (Second Row, Center)) and graduated into Red Robin (Batman and Robin Eternal #1 (Last Row, Center) after Batman’s supposed death.
  • Cassandra Cain (Batman #567 (Thrid Row, Right of Center)): Born and trained to be the perfect assassin, Bruce Wayne adopted his only daughter after the abandonment of her parents. Cain began her vigilante carrier as the fourth Batgirl (Battle for the Cowl: The Network #1 (Second Row, Right of Center)) and later became Black Bat (Red Robin #25 (Last Row, Right of Center)) after Batman’s supposed death.
  • Duke Thomas (Batman: Rebirth (Third Row, Right)): Born ordinary, Thomas wouldn’t stay that way, he would eventually become the ward of Bruce Wayne after his parents became invalids via Joker’s Gas. He became the sixth Robin (Batman and Robin Eternal #4 (Second Row, Right)), albeit an unofficial one, when he became the leader of the We Are Robin movement, but was later trained by Batman and became The Signal (Detective Comics #952 (Last Row, Right)).