Yakuza: lets kill him he’s useless

Kensai:he 93 and harmless he doesn’t even no where he is

Yakuza:ok yea but I’m feeling badass today and I wanna kill something

Dm: dude he’s not supposed to die he’s old

Yakuza:give me the blood of the innocent

Kensai: RAI

yakuza: (mimicking voice) eoioioueuoeoue im yukio and I have morals blah blah blah where’s my fuckin sword

d&p recently joking about with the whole ‘bro’ culture is the best and funniest thing . i am alive and well because of this .


i am SO weak for slow burn fake dating AUs and this fic has provided just what i needed, i wanted to draw my favourite scene…! sorry for the choppy ending

the scene is a lot better written so please read it! and now i realize the bg makes no sense aaa

u ever get the urge to restart a game from the very beginning right after u finish it because u didnt play thru it Right

Redd mannen i ditt liv

I have no idea what I expect for tomorrow’s episode but I really hope we get to see Isak going over to Even. I hope they talk. I want them to talk. I want them to be okay. I want them to figure things out. I want them to be happy and okay, together.

No one can tell me that Isak doesn’t love Even, or that Even doesn’t love Isak. This story doesn’t need anyone to die for it to be epic, because their love alone is epic.

There’s only one path I want Isak to take and that is the one leading to Even.
He has to get over there.
Get to the bed/balcony.
Climb the stairway to Even.

Save Even back.
Save the man of your dreams.

even’s mental illness becoming common knowledge now and without his consent is so horrible, especially given how hard he worked to keep it a secret. it makes me angry and upset. but despite that, and despite vilde’s complete insensitivity, i have hope that things will turn out in much the same way things did for isak. i just see a lot of parallels. isak was outed without his consent and it was absolutely horrible and incredibly wrong of emma, but he was able to work through it and in the end the people he cared about and loved didn’t stop loving him. they supported him and accepted him and quelled his worries, and now he has people to openly communicate with when he needs to. 

now even’s mental illness has been revealed without his consent, and it’s equally as horrible and terribly wrong of someone to do that. but given the parallelism, i have hope, even if it’s just a little, that he will work his way through it, and that the people who really matter won’t hesitate to be there for him, and will never stop loving and caring for him. isak has already shown that through his actions and his reaction to vilde’s words. of course there will be people who are ignorant and insensitive, but in the end, the people that really matter will love and support even unconditionally. he will always have people there for him, to whom he can communicate his worries, and whom he never has to hide a part of himself from. 

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does mitchg and jonas really have much in common? i am just curious and I'm not bashing on this ship

Hmm.. I’m gonna give my personal two cents about this.

Mitch and Jonas are purposefully supposed to be, basically, opposites. They are extremely different in a lot of ways, that isn’t to say that they can’t be together though, as you know “opposites attract” and all.

But it goes more into depth where, they’re each others opposite but it all ties together where maybe they aren’t so opposite after all.

In my perspective, they have a lot more in common than they initially thought, the events of Long Exposure with the research site molds that really well. They’re both outcasts, and when they gain their powers they became even bigger “freaks of nature” that only they could understand together.

I think this also symbolizes their background life.

Mitch has a really bad history with fathers and abuse, his stepdad for one is the cause of most of this. Then there is Jonas, his parents aren’t golden either, in fact Dean (his father figure) also abuses Jonas, as of what we’ve seen right now it’s very emotionally abusive.

They can understand that about each other. They both go through something that the other can understand, it’s a common ground.

Then further on, they’re both Messes.

Mitch and Jonas both deal with heavy insecurity about their bodies and personality. Mitch isn’t just this tough guy and Jonas isn’t this pure baby. They both have weaknesses, mental illnesses, and emotional depth that they can understand about one another.

I can continue going on and on about this but let me get at another point before this get’s too long.

Besides all of this, how about things they like? Dislikes? Interests? Humor? Income? Family life? Etc? Etc?

In my opinion, that kinda thing… Doesn’t really matter.

The fact that they’re so different in personality, in interests, and in general who they are is what captivates you.

How can two people who are completely different levels come together and fall in love? It’s so fascinating and INTERESTING. You don’t have to be completely in sync and have a lot of common interests to keep a conversation flowing. If anything, isn’t it neat to see how their own opinions and perspectives can be shared?

They can show each other two completely different lives. Mitch and Jonas go through a lot and they go through it together, yeah so they don’t have a lot of interests in common but? Does that really matter?

It’s crazy amazing how they make it work. They’re so devoted in love because they didn’t meet in some standard date like “hey, tell me about yourself,” it’s so much more in depth than that! They get to know each other through their events and throughout the comic that in the end, falling in love comes as natural as breathing.