Every Creature Has It's Own Defense To Stay Alive, But This Spider Has The Most Amazing!
There are many spiders around the world. People are afraid of most of them, but there is one of the Australian animals that everyone loves. It's a small spider but there is much more to this species that what meets the eye at first glance. Check out this article to learn more! source This cute...

listen, i’m just a smol yoonjin babie, drawing my headcanons. 

(headcanon when seokjin tried 2 call yoongi in his v-live)
She Told A Chimpanzee That Her Baby Died - The Animal\\'s Reaction Will Make You Cry!
Animal intelligence is a much-debated topic among scientists. On top of the list are chimps – a species that is thought to be the most closely related to humans. Some chimps have been taught how to communicate with humans too and it is a great step towards understanding animals. But this story about a zoo...