so for some ungodly reason tumblr staff decided it’d be a good idea to allow flashy gifs or incredibly bright images to be a background for the login screen. a lot of people i know are photosensitive and prone to headaches or other, worse things that can be caused by this. so naturally i wrote a small script to disable those completely. hopefully permanently.

you can find it here. you’ll need the browser extension/addon stylish for it to work, which you should be able to get from the website itself if i remember correctly. hope it helps someone o7


Attention fellow photosensitives!

I’d like to take a moment to tell you all about what is now easily my favorite XKit add-on, Disable Gifs.

Disable Gifs is almost everything I could have wanted from a photosensitive accessibility add-on. It will:

  • Automatically stop gifs on your dashboard. This feature isn't quite perfect, because it will only freeze gifs that are part of a photo post (meaning that you’re out of luck if someone adds a really flashy gif anywhere in the comment section, which is why non-photosensitive folk still need to please tag for this stuff), but it will definitely help with the majority of flashy things that will pass your dashboard.
  • Allow you to play individual gifs at will. Specifically, each photo post with an animated gif will have a “Play Gif” (see image) option at the bottom of it. Simply click on this to animate all of the gifs in a post. If you want to see a specific gif in a photoset, just click on that image to view it with Tumblr’s photo viewer, and it’ll pop up and play.
  • Easily stop gifs again once played. That gif a bit too much for you? You hate seeing it out of the corner of your eye? Just hit the “Play Gif” button again and it’ll stop.

Seriously, guys. My Tumblr experience is now so much better thanks to this add-on. Its main drawbacks are that it doesn’t stop gifs within the body of text and that it might slow down your computer, but I haven’t had any performance issues with this as of yet, and I’ve still found that it’s dramatically reduced how often I get triggery gifs on my dash. A+, would highly recommend.

To welcome this add-on into your life, first get XKit if you do not have it, and then go to your XKit “Get Extensions” tab, search for “Disable Gifs”, and click “install.”

Oh, and if you’re doing this during the holiday season, to turn off the annoying flashy Christmas lights, hit “Festivus Person?” in the lower right hand corner.

Please fire me. My boss turned all the lights in the office off because she had a headache. When I told her I needed them on so I could read she replied, “that sounds like a personal problem.”

Anna Lyndsey — a pseudonym — was once an enviably ordinary woman. She had a good career working for the British government, a loving partner, and most importantly, she could walk outside, under the sun, whenever she wanted to. But then she developed a rare disorder: even the faintest light causes an agonizing burning sensation in her skin, making her a virtual prisoner in darkened rooms and smothering clothes.

Lyndsey’s new memoir, Girl in the Dark, is a gorgeously written, occasionally snarky chronicle of her illness and the ways she’s coped with it — listening to endless audiobooks about the world outside (and a few military thrillers), devising games to play in the dark, and searching endlessly for a remedy that would help her tolerate even twilight. Check out our exclusive First Read here.

– Petra

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I tag all gifs with “gif”. Is there a better tag for it? :)

This is a good question! I get the impression that this is really a non-intuitive thing for a lot of people, which I think is a lot of the barrier here, so I’m just going to do an infodump here.

The short answer is that honestly, as tags go, #gif is pretty much useless. I will probably literally give up and leave Tumblr if things ever get desperate enough for me to consider blocking that tag.

The longer answer is that something like 90% of the gifs I encounter on Tumblr are not a problem for me at all. Of the remaining 10%, I’d say fully half of those are gifs that are only a problem for me if I’m already headachey or overstimulated, or if I stare at them for a long time. So if I just blocked #gif, for every 5 problem gifs that it saved me from, I would lose 95 additional posts for no reason. That’s not really a great ratio. For some people who are more photosensitive than I am, the ratio may be better, but honestly, there are very, very few people for whom blocking #gif is going to be terribly effective.

So what’s a better system? More varied tagging. I tend to break gif posts into four levels of photosensitivity hazards:

Level One: Basic Gifs

Tags I will use for these: #gif


  • Isolated/solo - they do not occur in conjunction with other gifs
  • All motion is fairly slow
  • No rapid color changes
  • No rapid changes in lighting
  • Frame is steady and does not shake or pan quickly

A few examples of these types of gifs (these are all animal gifs, because they tend to be the majority of my pleasant gif experience, and are the ones I would most hate to lose):

Even when I’m hypersensitive because I’ve been triggered by something particularly flashy, these are rarely a problem for me. I would say that, on the gif spectrum, the first gif is probably as mild as it gets, whereas the last one is as shaky as I am willing to let a gif get before it gets bumped up to Level 3 (see below.) These are the types of gifs that should be tagged with #gif, and some do need to block them; however, I’d guesstimate that easily 90% of photosensitive people do not have a problem with these types of gifs.

Level Two: Multiple Gifs

Tags I will use for these: #gifs, #multiple gifs, #gif set

Simply, a collection of basic gifs. While individually, the gifs may not be a problem for someone, having several of them together is a problem for some people because of the multiple points of motion. I will typically tag all gif sets with #gifs, #multiple gifs and #gif set; I will further tag posts like this one that have several gifs together but not in a proper gif set with #gifs and #multiple gifs.

Level Three: Epilepsy Warning

Tags I will use for these: #epilepsy warning and (as appropriate) #shaky gif, #fast gif

These are gifs that I would consider moderate photosensitivity hazards. My experience with these gifs is that when I encounter them while scrolling on my dashboard, they are fine; however, if I stare at them for too long, or look at them shortly after seeing a very flashy gif, they will start to bother me.

Characteristics include:

  • Fast/rapid movement (such as a bird wing fluttering)
  • Mildly to moderately shaky frames - think about what you would expect from movies like Cloverfield, what you see on most home videos, and what you expect from the type of footage filmed by a hand camera while running. I will usually also tag these with #shaky gif
  • A gif that loops very quickly and jerkily - basically, a gif that is very jarring when it loops. Unlike a perfectly looped gif, the beginning and end of the gif are dramatically different images. If the gif is short and jerkily looped, it belongs in this category. I also tag these gifs with #fast gif
  • Those kind of obnoxious gifs that think they’re being really cute by animating a handdrawn letter or images that basically stays in place but has the lines wobble.

Level Four: Oh God my head

Tags I would like you to use for these: Any of: #photosensitivity warning, #epilepsy warning, #flashy gif, #flashing gif, #strobe, #strobe warning, #blingee, #flashing image, #flashy image, #migraine trigger, or literally any tag so long as it is A.) consistent and B.) used specifically for nasty gifs, rather than all gifs in general. That last criteria is especially important.

Characteristics include:

  • Rapid changes in lighting/strobe effects. This means flashing lights, strobe lights, and basically anything that involves a sharp shift in light/dark or color.
  • Rapid color changes. This includes both things that change abruptly from one color to another and things that do that gradient color change effect very quickly, such as one of the more popular glow cloud gifs I’ve seen circulating around the WTNV fandom. This last one especially trips people up in my experience, so please pay special attention to rapid color changes.
  • Really shaky gifs or fast movement. I know this can be hard to distinguish from moderately shaky gifs/fast movement, but in general: a moderately shaky gif is the type of shot you would expect from running with a handheld camera. A really shaky gif is the type of shot you would expect from lobbing a handheld camera like a football.
  • Glitter text/blingees. I fucking hate those things.

TL;DR: You should try to have at least two levels of gif tagging: use #gif for any gif that moves at all, and use #epilepsy warning for a gif that involved moderately fast movement, moderately fast color or lighting changes, or glittery/sparkly stuff. If you want to break it down further, you can use one tag for anything involving at least moderately rapid change (this is how I use #epilepsy warning when tagging my own posts), and one for gifs that involve glittery/sparkly stuff, strobe lights, or very rapid change in color/lighting (the types of gifs I really really need blocked). I personally get very specific with my tagging, but I understand that it can be hard to distinguish this kind of stuff for people who just have no reaction to gifs, so just the above should suffice for most people’s needs.


for people who don’t have ads blocked, the ad that shows up at the top your dash looking like a notification and says “halt and catch fire” takes you straight to a loud video that also flashes brightly and abruptly between film footage and weird animation and is extremely disorienting and may also present a problem for photosensitive/epileptic people. just a heads up!
Tumblr Login/Not Found Background Disable - Themes and Skins for Tumblr -
***IMPORTANT UPDATE!! CHECK THE NOTES SECTION BELOW!!*** Short script designed to eliminate the background images from tumblr logins. For some unkn...

Do Tumblr’s login and “page not found” animations make you sick?  If you’re working on a computer that lets you install software, install Greasemonkey (Mozilla) or Stylish (Chrome), then install the style I linked to.  Hey, presto, no flashy stuff.

If only @staff would listen when we told them this shit could provoke migraines, epilepsy, …