things that are okay:

  • taking your own photos
  • editing them to your heart’s desire
  • sharing them to your blog for others to appreciate & enjoy

things that are not okay

  • stealing someone else’s photo(s)
  • editing stolen photos to your desire to fit your blog’s aesthetic
  • reposting those edits without credit or source
  • you didn’t take those pictures
  • they’re not yours
  • that is disrespectful to the artist
  • p l e a s e s t o p

MASSIVE Future Fish photodump from Katsucon.  Got a couple other SouRin specific pictures but they are a bit…less family friendly than these.  Gonna give those their own photoset 8D

Hoo boy, okay here come the tags.

Officer Sosuke Yamazaki - Brutus Wayne Cosplay
Officer Rin Matsuoka - dangerouskira
Police Chief Gou Matsuoka - Nekonami Cosplay
Prisoner Momotarou Mikoshiba - contrailed
Prisoner Aiichiro Nitori - yachipng

Photography by Nancy M Photos
Edits by haihane