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#morninginspiration Sometimes God just wants our undivided attention. Sometimes he walks behind us, throws his arm around our shoulder as asks, “Can I Holla at YOU in private for a second?” Sometimes he just wants to remind us that he wants that same attention we give our phones. He wants to be the last thing we look for and the first thing we grab when we open our eyes. Catch that! Sometimes he tailor makes a lesson/blessing just for us and we text it away before we even enjoy it. We take it to Brunch and pass it around the table. We open our mouths and give it away, when that blessing was our key to a custom blessing. Some blessings are just for you. Accept and embrace that YOU are special, in and outside of the crowd. Stop giving all your blessings away. Have a blessed one. -Rae #morningmotivation #dailyprayer #putGodfirst #PhotosByBeanz #InspiRAEtion