Our next Salon will take place on February 11th, 2015. I will feature the film “Marwencol” about the photographer Mark Hogencamp and his amazing photographic world of barbie dolls.

The cactus in this Ansel Adams print stands out in stark contrast to the changing shades of the sky in the background. Ansel Adams was a big proponent of nature preservation. Beginning in the 1930’s, he used his photographs to raise awareness on wilderness preservation, and it was due mostly to his efforts that Sequoia and Kings Canyon became national parks.His admiration of nature is seen in many of his prints. Buy it at

Children’s rooms are a great place to display wall murals. The flat nature of a wall mural makes it the perfect way to display large art without fear of heads bumping into corners or heavy pictures crashing down on a child. has great wall murals for children’s rooms. Find them at

Marilyn Monroe’s funeral was arranged by her second husband, Joe DiMaggio. It was a small service, with only close family and friends attending. She was buried in what was known as “the Cadillac of caskets”, made of solid bronze and lined with champagne colored silk. Police were present to keep the press and public away from the funeral. They are seen guarding her casket in this print.
Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio were married for only one year, 1954, but remained in contact
for the rest of her life. When Monroe was admitted for psychiatric treatment in 1961, it was DiMaggio she called to secure her release. When she died, DiMaggio claimed her body and arranged her funeral, and had roses delivered to her crypt three times a week for twenty years afterwards. Buy this print at
The different features of nature in the Grand Teton National park give this print visual interest and texture. In 1941, Ansel Adams was contracted by the Department of the Interior to photograph, among other locations, the National Parks and Indian reservations. This print was one of many used as decoration for the Department’s new building. Find it at