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Could I request a scenario with Sebastian, Ciel, Alois, and Finny holding their newborn baby,who has their eyes but their s/o hair, for the first time?

//Of course :) Enjoy, love//

Sebastian was already gushing about how amazing his baby was. They were a beautiful baby, no doubt, however Sebastian just couldn’t shut up–which was something new. When he looked at them, he saw his own eyes staring right back at him–something he felt fairly proud of. And they had his partner’s hair, something his s/o was quite happy about. The child was a perfect mix of the two. Sebastian started tearing up a bit, willing himself to keep the tears in. He was surprised he felt this moved about something–a baby no less. Though, he could already tell he loved the child deeper than he ever imagined possible. He stared into the baby’s eyes, mesmerized by their beauty. He and his partner had worked together to make the most stunning thing in existence.


Ciel was just staring in awe at the little baby. How could something so tiny be so beautiful? The child had striking eyes–his eyes, no less. And his partner’s hair. An astonishing little being. The baby even fit perfectly into his arms. Ciel was trying his hardest not to cry, but it happened anyway, alongside his partner whose own tears were silently rolling down their face. He and his partner were speaking in hushed tones to each other, admiring their child–it still seemed so surreal that the little baby they were holding was theirs. It was a very cliché, “We made that” moment, but so, so valuable, nonetheless. Ciel took a quick look at his surroundings. He had an s/o by his side and a child in his arms. He had a family.


As soon as Alois held the small baby in his arms, his usual chatter was shut right up. Tears almost immediately streamed down his face, while he tried not to sob too loud. The baby–his baby–was just so beautiful. He stared into the child’s eyes for the longest time. Not moving, not speaking, just staring. Eventually, he started whispering to his child, talking on and on about how he was his daddy, and he was going to spoil the little baby like no other. Alois glanced up at his partner, grinning at them through tears, and then back down to the baby. For the first time, he noticed the close physical resemblances between the two and their baby. That was amazing! After the emotional scene, he wouldn’t be able to stop talking about his phenomenal child, and how wonderful of a job he and his partner did.


Finny was crying before the baby was even in his arms, so as soon as it was, he was a stuttering, sobbing mess. He tried to be as quiet as he could, but he couldn’t help his sentimental state. He moved to sit next to his partner, so they could both hold their child together. How precious was this little baby? It was their baby. It took Finny a little while just to wrap his head around the fact that this was his and his partner’s. They had their own little family. He just stared at the baby in his and his partner’s arms for hours, occasionally pointing out little things he noticed. Oh, they have his eyes. Hey, their eyelids flinch a lot when they sleep. Look, they have his partner’s hair. They sure are tiny. Wow, this was the beginning of something amazing.