These are the only photos I have atm. One of my staff peeps took a set of me and when I am able to get some copies I will share them. I also had quite a few people at the con take some of me from roaming the halls so I’m hoping to track those down at some point. I know it takes a while for people to post stuff after a con so I’m both patient and won’t be upset if they choose not to post them here. There is always facebook. Anyway.

If you see yourself here please let me know! Like a dummy I forgot to ask if these lovely people had a tumblr or facebook I could tag them. Honestly, I was so nervous just asking to take photos that was the last thing I was thinking about lol I will scroll the metrocon tag in a week or so and see if anything pops up. For now, have these lol

Fanfic Spotlight: “but I won't lie to you”and me thinking this should be an actual episode / movie

I am never amazed at the strong talent of The Flash fandom, more specifically the WestAllen supporters. Or am I? Each and every time I lurk in its fanfiction tag, the amount of creative and unique content never ceases to leave me in awe; and just when I think these stories can’t get any better, I discovered the likes of something such as: “but I won’t lie to you,” written by mmtion who is also on Tumblr and starring our girl: Iris West

Where do I even begin? If you’re somebody who loves drama, suspense, espionage, humour, romance, and most importantly: a badass Iris then I urge you to go and read this story. Now! You can thank me later. “But I won’t lie to you” is one of those stories where things you never thought you wanted to happen, happens and everything that does happen you wish actually would happen on a screen; like right now. 

In it, we meet Iris West, journalist by day and a Robinhoodesque rogue by night. Identified as “Jaguar”, the reader is quickly drawn into the image of a talented agile character who you oddly root for despite her being involved with other criminals who may / may not hold the same integrity. 

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The story starts off with Iris at a costume party at her boss’ house where she meets her brother’s best friend since childhood, Barry Allen. Having Wally as their common link, the two are not strangers and therefore build off of this report. Deciding that neither of them is having fun, the two make their escape and enjoy each other’s company (lightly speaking) at a diner where they quickly play on their attraction and one thing leads to another…at their booth…at Barry’s car…and then his apartment. I’m sure you know where I’m going with this…

But this isn’t exactly the plot, oh no, no, no, this is merely the beginning of a much more complicated story design, a small peak of what is to come and an opportunity to set up what the two will need to work through and deal with as they play their roles as part of a covert operation which the author reveals as part of the summary:

When Iris thought about how she’d spend this weekend, she certainly did not imagine: a) infiltrating a couple’s retreat to save her fellow super-villain colleagues; or b) doing so with her brother’s best friend whom she recently slept with.

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I usually keep my lockscreen simple and not very attention grabbing because I get flustered when people look at my phone lol…. but once you unlock my phone, you see the goods (aka Hobi) 😌

I actually had that photo of Baekhyun just yesterday, but I wanted to include it bcuz he looks so good 😩

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