Not how I wanted to share this, but here you go internet. Jensen and Misha showing us their best manly pose in front of a fabulous sunset! Thanks to ibelieveinthelittletreetopper for the idea and deancasinlove for helping out!

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Aside from digital commissions and the metal work, I’ve taken to making wall clings, they’re foam and stick to the wall really well. 

The smaller ones (i.e. the splatoon/smash fighters and such) are 7 dollars, the bigger ones like mario on yoshi, bowser and banjo are 12, if more than one are bough together I like making a bundle deal. Lucario was sold, but I could easily make him again, as with any other characters or objects. If you’re interested in any of them or have any questions feel free to pm any of my blogs, or email me at and please pass these around, I’m trying to save up for a new laptop since this one’s as good as dead. thank you!


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So here it is my finished BOS!! I cannot express to you how much I adore this book. I was sort of on the fence about ordering this one but now that it is all finished and in my hands I am so incredibly happy that I made the purchase and I know it was ment to be mine.

The leather is so soft and the artisan who made it really created it with so much love and care. She did exactly what I wanted and was such a pleasure to work with. ^.^ It’s a tri-fold, so the from flap covers the entire front and the strap is wrapped around the cover to help keep it closed.The paper is pretty high quality and has so far taken all of my inks that I generally use for writing. I have only written on a tester page in the back as of yet, and I am not going to start writing in it until I have planned it out the pages.

I just really am so happy with it. One of the best purchases that I have ever made

Okay, this is gonna sound weird and I expect no feedback whatsoever but I gotta try… does anyone know a nice, friendly family living in England (preferably most 2 hours by train from London) who need an au-pair?

I’m Pavla, 22 years old and I’m from Czech Republic. I have experience with babysitting - my niece (now 7) and nephew (now 4). I’m sympathetic, polite, friendly and I love children. I’m not party type (quite contrary), so there wouldn’t be problem with that. I don’t smoke either. I’m vegetarian and I have to keep gluten-free diet but that’s my business, I don’t care if the family eats meat or not. I have no allergies (i love animals!) . I don’t own driving licence :(. I have no problem with light housework.
My english education wasn’t the best so there’s a lot to improve but I’m fast learner and I’m determined. Therefore, I plan to attend some english course to make it better. 
I would love to stay at least for a year, if that’s possible. 

i’m sorry if i look creepy in that photo, i need a new one :’D


Someone falling over will never not be funny 😅
But omg this is hilarious 😂😂


this is me this is my face snapefarquaad wanted me to post some selfies so here i am B-)

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(they/them pronouns)

  • soul-residues

two pieces of flesh, a sacrifice to Cupid
bliss and sorrow
listen to Calypso whispering, smelling your sweat
following you like a second shadow
look at Sisyphus, caressing his rock
again and again
and Prometheus, with his proud scorched fingers
Which of all these are you?
How many pieces did you break your soul into?
What do your tears taste like?
How holy, how depraved is your flesh?
How many illusions are needed to create a truth?

original poetry by soul-residues Thank you Nikos. : )