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touring with newsies & dating sky! headcanons pt.1

i think i’m going to turn these headcanons into a series! this first part is the first night you go on as katherine when kara’s out sick :’)

- the first night you go on for kara, sky is over the moon for you

- he’s jumping up and down backstage, annoying all the boys as they’re trying to get ready

- he makes sure to pull you into your dressing room and give you a pep talk before the show starts

- and also a lot of kisses

- the scene in the deli, when all the newsies are checking katherine out, ben does his usual glance at katherine’s ass and sky slaps him on the arm without realizing it

“sorry, reflex” he defends when ben punches him offstage

- during ‘watch what happens’, the boys are huddled together in the wings, watching you with wide smiles on their faces

- sky is squeezing josh’s arm with all of his strength to keep from hollering praise at you

- when you finish the song, the boys erupt into cheers and sky’s just yelling “that’s my girlfriend! that is my fucking girlfriend!”

- during the intermission, he tracks you down and picks you up, spinning you around

“did you know you’re incredible? do you know how proud i am of you?!”

- sky honestly forgot that you had to kiss jeremy, in the midst of all his excitement

- he knows he shouldn’t, but he watches from the wings, curious to see what you’re like when you’re kissing someone else

- he smirks to himself when he sees you’re not smiling into the kiss or playing with jeremy’s hair, like you do when you kiss him

- but he’s still a little jealous

- okay, really fucking jealous

- after the bows, the boys closest to the wings all crowd around you, congratulating you

- sky shoves them all aside and grabs your face, kissing you hard

- the boys holler and sky grins when he feels you smiling against his lips

- when sky pulls away, you wrap your arms around his neck and hug him as he rocks you back and forth, whispering how proud of you he is

- jeremy walks into the green room and decides to mess with sky

“hey, doesn’t jack get another kiss?”

- sky keeps his arm around your waist and glares at him with more intensity than jeremy has ever seen

“sorry, playtime’s over, kelly” 

- you wink and jeremy laughs, but sky keeps his gaze on him

- once everyone’s changed, you head out to the stage door

- jeremy puts his arm around your shoulders and you sign autographs together as katherine and jack

- once everyone’s gotten their autograph/photo, jeremy whistles to gather the crowd’s attention

“thank you all for coming tonight! and how ‘bout a big hand for y/n’s first night as katherine?!”

- all the fansies applaud and jeremy leans over to kiss your cheek

- as soon as he does, sky rushes to your side and puts his arm around your waist, dragging you away

“alright, jordan, that’s enough” he rolls his eyes and you giggle before waving everyone goodbye and heading to the bus that’s taking you back to the hotel

- on the bus ride, sky stays quiet

- he keeps his hand on your thigh, but stares out the window silently

- once you’re back at the hotel, you start nudging him in the elevator, asking what’s wrong

- he still doesn’t answer until he opens the door to your room, which is when he grabs your waist and pushes you up against the wall, kicking the door closed behind him

- you don’t protest, but as he’s lifting your shirt over your head, you ask what’s gotten into him

“look, i knew you had to kiss jeremy but he didn’t have to hang on you like that” he admits in between pressing kisses to your neck

- you moan and bring his head back up to face you

“i’m all yours, baby” 

“i know. no one else gets to touch you like this.”

- needless to say, when the fansies saw you outside the next day with large purple spots all down your neck and collarbone, it wasn’t hard to piece together what had happened

- and jeremy definitely knew to back off from that point on

- even if you didn’t mind jealous sky, because that boy was hot as fuck when he wanted to remind you who you belonged to

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Will a SamCait photo tonight holding hands make your creativity come back??? What if I told you I had one 😏😏😏😏

Nah don’t do me like that anon. If you have one then you submit it immediately, you don’t leave me hanging. Do you want me to die?


So much can change over the course of 6 months. You can see it in these photos. you see, only six months ago young Harry was arriving on move-in day to his freshman dorm. The RA, a very good looking model quality young man, told Harry that as soon as he moved in he needs to see the school photographer in the lobby to get his photo taken for the freshman look book. Sure, Harry thought, it would be good to get some good photos. He had just had his haircut and thought he looked pretty good. What Harry didn’t know is that the photos would be perused by my office. We placed the RA in the dorm as a scout of sorts and young Harry had something about him they could be profitable for the company. Upon seeing the photos we gave the RA the permission to use our standard recruitment protocol to acquire Harry as a “new face.” That night the RA told Harry to come to his room. Harry was nervous, what had he done wrong?? When he got to the RA’s suite he was ushered in, offered a glass or water and sat on the couch. As he sipped the water the young man found out there was nothing really to be worried about. The RA told him to just relax, and Harrry felt the tensions ease and sank into the couch. The RA told Harry that he had good news but wanted to get to know a Harry first and that it was very important that Harry tell the truth. And very important that Harry listen carefully as he might learn something that might make the good news even better. The RA asked Harry if he liked following the two orders given to him by the RA today : to go get his photo taken this afternoon and to come to the RA’s suite tonight.
- Sure. I’m glad I’m not in trouble
- Harry, finish your glass of water so I can fill your glass. Harry downed the glass and it was filled again. - Harry you seem thirsty. Go ahead and finish off this second glass. As Harry emptied the glass he felt even more relaxed and sank into the couch. It felt so nice to just lay his head back and felt nice to have his RA join him on the couch. It felt natural and pleasant. - Harry you love following my orders.
Harry felt a new truth establish itself and take hold.
-I love following your orders
- Yes Harry you do. Tell me Harry, do you know you are good looking?
- Yes I know I look good
- Do you like using your looks to get what you want?
- I like using my looks to get dates with girls,
- Good. You love using your looks to get dates. You want to start using your looks to get more than dates with girls. You really want to start using your looks to get what you want. Yes?
- Yes I want to use my looks to get what I want.
- Harry. The better you look the easier it will be to get what you want. You want to look even better to make it easy to get what you want.
- Yes look better
- Good. One on a scale of 1 to 10, how good do you think you look now?
-I think I look pretty good. I think I’m an eight or a nine.
-Yes you do look good but you are more of a six.
Harry frowned. Sadly, Harry agreed.
-Yes I am more of a six.
-Don’t be upset, I can help you. You want me to help you.
-Yes I want you to help me.
-I look like at 10 don’t I? You admire my looks. You admire the way I dress. You like the way I wear my hair.
-Yes I like the way you dress and I like your looks.
-You love the way I dress. You love my looks. You think I’m definitely a 10.
-Yes you are definitely a 10 I love everything about you.
-Yes you do you realize when someone has these looks, It is very easy to be a male model. Have you ever wanted to be a male model?
-I have never thought about it.
-Yes you have. Yes, you have secretly thought about being a male model for years. Male models get what they want. You would love to look like a male model so you can get everything you want.
-Yes, I want to look like a male model so I can get what I want.
-Yes you do. Did you know that I am a male model? I am and look at me, I get everything I want. You want to be just like me don’t you?
-Yes I do. I want to be just like you.
-You want to be a male model. You want my advice so you can look like a 10. Don’t you?
-Yes I want your advice so I can look like a 10.
-You want to look like a 10 so that you can be a male model, and get what you want, and live the life of luxury.
-You want to live the life of luxury. Nothing is better. You know if you use your looks you can get a life of luxury.
-Yes a life of luxury. Nothing better. Use my looks.
-Good boy the good news is that I can help you. I can help you look like a 10. It will take hard work but you want it.
-Yes I want to look like a 10.
-I have even better news. The modeling agency that I work for saw your pictures that were taken this afternoon. They want you to be a model in their agency. They can help you look like a 10. They give the best advice. That’s what you want isn’t it? To be a male model and to look like a 10.
-Yes! That’s what I want! I want to be a male model! I want to look like a 10!
-Very good. Here let me fill up your water and let’s have a deeper conversation.

The next day, the young man followed all of the suggestions his new boyfriend gave him. After a night of exploring his Bi side he decided he was now fully gay and wanted his BF and RA to take the lead, and needed to follow every suggestion the RA gave him: he showed up at the modeling agency on time. He dressed in one of the outfits the RA (and his new boyfriend) gave him and he began his transformation. He signed every piece of paperwork given to him, changed his name to Hunter, and began his pursuit of being a 10. He went on all of his appointments. He met with new doctors and his trainers. And soon, as you can see from the photos, Hunter the model emerged. Enhanced lips, perfect hair and a general swagger. He learned how to use his eyes. He knew he looked good. No, he looked great. Models get what they want. He soon learned that he wanted what every model wants. The best models want to use their looks to capture the attention of a billionaire. The best models focus their beauty and especially their eyes to seduce only extremely wealthy men so that they may travel the world as a billionaire’s dedicated companion doing what a male model is molded to be: a stunning lad who is loyal to serving the visual and sexual needs of their billionaire owner. Hunter instinctively knew that his agency knows best and knows that a good model follows all directions from the agency. Do what the agency suggests and luxury follows. Over the next months Hunter followed all suggestions the agency gave him and went on every interview they set up. At first he felt guilty for cheating on his boyfriend with all of these rich men but that was ok. Soon he was hired for full time placement. Hunter now stays at his new husband’s side and gladly gave up his silly academic pursuits for a life of taking a billionaire’s loads. Good boy Hunter!


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