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i have to describe myself with photos i have on my phone.

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I know this photoshoot here means a lot to a lot of our followers because it was one of the first we shared on tumblr, and two of them (our icon and the kissing one) have been the images that sort of became representative of uchihahotline hehe. So I wanted to show you guys who may be unfamiliar with how ridiculous getting products like those can actually be, but how amazingly fun our shoots are too!!

I think I will try to have someone vlog for us next time, but until then here are some behind-the-scenes/expectation vs. reality photos to show you guys the real us behind the camera and how we got these shots hahaha! Hope it brings a smile to some of your faces! Alternatively titled: “what ridiculous things married couples do for each other.” :)

(Also nobody knew this but us, but in that shot of me as Sakura, Kevin accidentally threw my tails too hard and the fabric ended up on my head LOL luckily the photographer caught a shot before it happened!)

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i'm clueless, what's wrong with fyz or why do you dislike them?

(NOTE: None of the links used in this post point to the site. This is a safe place)
They are constantly cropping Louis Tomlinson out of the pictures even if he is in the close vicinity of Harry Styles. This way twisting your perception  and supporting that ridiculous narrative that the friendship (and relationship) of the century broke because Louis was sick of the gay rumors and they are not even on speaking terms. Nothing new, just add this to the usual crap we get about HarryandLouis by Modest.

REALITY (Daily Mail in this case)


This was a lie that actually got out of the basket, and we have no idea how many times they have been pictured together. We all know there is a photo ban on HL. 

They are supporting Harry’s womanizer narrative, Harry Styles and mystery women (and now men) walking on the street, but forgetting to report when he is in a gay bar, and OH SURPRISE there is a new HQ about Louis landing when he is a continent apart from Harry, let’s fucking post it, we hate Louis but lets post it. So see people Louis is landing in Luton, we are posting HQ 674 pictures and then see people Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Harry is in L.A. Louis in the UK. Got it? Harry and Louis are not together can you see it? 

And the other times Louis appeared on the site was when the narrative required it. Meaning that they are posting candids with the title: the boys on their way to their rehearsal and guess who is never featured? Louis William Tomlinson. NEWSFLASH! One Direction has 5 members. Not 4. But look there is a new Louis picture, oh right. Because his beard appeared, let’s post some pictures from a private plane because apparently these 13-14 year olds running this site have their purses full of green crispy dollars and can buy out sets of pap pictures.

OOPS, did I say buy out? Well, more like stealing them and posting them without a source. So they got called out and got threatened with a lawsuit by jojopics and they claimed jojopics was spreading lies, but then SURPRISE! They had to change URL’s and SURPRISE 2.0 ALL THEIR CANDIDS WERE DELETED.  Yeah, not shady, right? So who is the liar now?

And besides that they are rude and arrogant. They used disgustingly hateful tags for Louis and they are not my kind of pal.

Now they cut the U from their URL and still exist, still stealing pictures, posting cropped and edited shit instead of the original ones. Putting a disclaimer on the site that they are not hosting the images apparently worked. They are still Modest’s/HJPR mouthpiece. Same old sh.. but a different URL.