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Rap Monster: Namjoon loves the fact you are a plus size model. He would always cheer you on, have his favorite photo of you in his wallet and as his phone background. He would make sure you always felt comfortable about yourself around him as well. 

“My baby is beautiful. I couldn’t be more in love that I am right now.” 

Suga: Suga is very tiny but he is also the type of guy to not notice things such as weight or height. He loved that you were a model. He loves to show your photos of you to everyone and tell them you’re his girl. 

“Look how cute she is? Wow I’m so lucky.”

Jin: Jin is the type of guy who would want to show you off all the time. He would always make sure people knew you were his. He’d also love going to your shoots and seeing the action behind the picture.

“Beautiful. That is all I have to say.” “She’s so talented. Like me. We’re both pretty beautiful.” 

J-Hope: He loves everything about you and your modeling career. He would be extra and always post about you on social media saying how much he loves you and how good you look.

“Look at my baby GO! SHE IS AMAZING!” 

Taehyung: *Writes a strongly worded letter to Gucci about how they need to hire you*

Jimin: He would get all nervous when he saw a new photo shoot of yours. He loves that you are a model but he also gets a little scared because of how beautiful you are to him. 

“You still love me right? Like you’re mine?”

Jungkook: Just like Jimin, he gets all flustered whenever he sees a picture or goes to one of your shoots. He can’t believe he has such a beautiful plus size model girlfriend. He’s do lowkey things like tell people you’re his or just ask the person if they think you’re pretty. 

“See her? Yeah that’s my girlfriend.” “Oh her? She’s so hot. Yeah and she’s my girlfriend.” 

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Do people use photoshop or something to make Brendon look tall in photos or something because he's so teeny tiny in person! I'm literally only slightly shorter than him (or he was bending over so I could lean on him in the photo) and once I was in the car with my mum (she was there too at the meet and greet) and she was all like, he's so much shorter and skinnier in person and I literally died! Why does he appear to be so tall? I think his forehead adds extra height.

he looks tall in things and rly short in others like this where he looks 2 feet tall

but i get u hes very bitesized in person

Thank you for over 1000 Followers!

When I started this blog barely a month ago, I genuinely didn’t expect anyone to pay much attention to this. But in this short amount of time, I’ve been blown away by the amount of positive feedback and interaction I have received for this project.

People tell me that looking at this blog makes their day a little brighter. I feel very honored that I can evoke such positive emotions and help bring some happiness to you all.

Saturday, September and I would like to say: Thank you so much for your support. It means a lot to all of us.

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I'm fully convinced Zigi is somewhat real bc of the way they are as a couple I mean she had her head on his shoulder last night it's such a genuine couple thing and ugh I don't support them :(

i’m going to ever so gently and ever so lovingly explain this to you in a couple of parts. firstly:

 Zigith is your regular ol’ garden variety PR stunt bearding.  A PR bearding relationship is made to look at least the tiniest, smidgenest, skotchiestly (I just made that word up)  plausible. The point of a PR beard in Zayn’s case covers a multitude of reasons:

  •  So people don’t think you enjoy enthusiastic dickings on the regular or have Sparkly Hoe Eyes™ for a man, least of all Limothy. If you’ve paid attention to the press about Zigi though, it’s gotten a fair share of roasting [x, x, x, x, x], mostly because of all the Try Hard™. So, with that said, her putting her head on his shoulder in the center of the car in clear view of the cameras for a photo op isn’t something that’s going to make me suddenly have a crisis of belief and pack up my tiny tin hatty little blog. 
  • Promooooooo. While Gigi is clearly the one getting the better end of the deal here (more positive press and a starring role as Zayn’s A List video hoe), this puts both of their names in the press and they both have something to sell. People like drama. People like pretty people. People like pretty people being schmoopy and having sex. It’s a thing. 

Which brings us to our next part!

  • Let’s look at the body language! The muppet mouth Zigi kissing in PILLOWTALK aside, body language is one of the world’s greatest indicators. Let’s compare body language between Ziam & Zigith (and note that I didn’t cherry pick, I promise. These were photos taken from PR hoe strolls that are all found on the Googles and ranging from November until last night*). 


And Zigi most recently from last night (2/3):

Gigi’s like a real 1d beard now! Rockin’ the Adidas and the YSL. Congrats, Gigi.

Mellygrant’s note: I’m the dudes in the front seat of the car.

In almost every photo Zayn looks like kidnapping victim in a Proof Of Life video. He looks more like he’s on the way to a colonoscopy then hanging out with his smokin’ hot Supermodel girlfriend. I’m just sayin’.


Liam’s ass is literally doing nothing but Zayn’s like “let me help your ass do nothing Leeyum i am here to literally help your ass”

If the PILLOWTALK video was even a tenth this hot I’d be blogging from the spirit realm

There are literally hundreds more gifs of Ziam generally being schmoopy and having Sparkly Hoe Eyes and The Thirst. I went on a quest for proof for you anon and the only person I hurt is myself. 

Which brings us to the last and most important part: Zigi can’t be real because Ziam already is. It is the realest. It is realer than the sun in the sky or the grass on the ground or my general hatred for clowns. It is realer than all of us. 

*Mel’s disclaimer so she doesn’t get roasted: I didn’t pick Zigi’s snapchat or couples’ selfie because I wanted to show you candid body language.


Recently I commented on @omweekend ‘ s Instagram post asking them a question. I’ve always really liked their clothes. Unfortunately for me they don’t make sizes that aren’t super tiny. Lots of stores do this but lately omighty has been on this big feminism kick. 

Most of the new clothes they have feature awesome feminist messages. I hadn’t checked their site in a while and I thought that since they had seemingly started to embrace equality and feminism, maybe that meant that they’d started making sizes that would fit someone who isn’t tiny. I looked on their website and sure enough the sizes were still the same.

 I was confused. Here they are promoting a movement (feminism) that is supposed to support and include all women And is supposed to promote body positivity for all bodies.Their shirts literally say shit about being equal and accepted Yet they somehow are unable (/unwilling) to make sizes that fit people who aren’t tiny (they have a shirt that literally says “curvy girls” on the front of it for Christs sake).  

So I got frustrated a few days ago and commented on one of their photos (keep in mind they get hundreds of comments on their posts). In a non mean or confrontational way I asked why their shirts promoted inclusivity  but their actual business didn’t seem to. I also asked genuinely if they had plans to make some extended sizes because I really did want to buy a lot of things they sell! Apparently they don’t want people who look like me wearing their clothes. They also don’t want these kinds of things being brought up on their thread because I was promptly blocked. 

It is abundantly clear to me now that there is absolutely no greater meaning behind these shirts. To omighty, the messages on these shirts’ only meaning is the money they make off of them. The actual principles mean nothing to the company. They are profiting off of a message that they don’t care about. They are actually using opposite principles to sell their clothes It seems to me that #omighty kind of just ascribes to the taylor swift/Lena Dunham exclusive feminism club which pretty much just turns the “feminism” label into a marketing tactic. A label to seem cool and edgy. beyond that, its nothing to them.  because of things like this it is losing its meaning. 

It’s ridiculous that a company that makes feminism themed clothing cannot handle one comment asking them about the principles that they claim are important to them. 

It is also curious to me that a company that claims to be for intersectional feminism constantly uses AAVE on their clothing that is mostly being pictured being worn by white models.  

omighty: please go back to making racially appropriative, miley cyrus inspired outfits and underwear covered in pictures of young Justin beiber. You clearly can’t achieve a level of sophistication above that. Click the #omweekend Tag on this post to see more horrible shit they do. DO NOT BUY OMIGHTY

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I love how much like actual children the children you draw look like! How do you do that?

WAHAHAH THANK YOU SO  MUCH!!! (♡´❍`♡)*✧ ✰ 。*
I’m stuck in Iwaoi childhood friends au’s and hc’s and I can’t stop drawing them as little kiddies. I’m happy you like the way I draw them! (ෆˊ͈ ु꒳ ूˋ͈ෆ) do I do that..? Well…mh..?? Good question -
First of all I love to watch people and their gestures and poses and expressions.
So I just love to explore people and draw them and try to make them look natural and vivid. 

It really helps watching people and draw live people but also photos and pictures are always good.

When it comes to children it’s important to see them as children and not as tiny adults. This is the most common mistake I see when one is trying to draw children.

Even when you shrink down an adult to a kids size they doesn’t look like a children. The proportions are just different.

When it comes to children their features are softer. everything is a little softer. The arms and legs are not long and not as defined or not very muscular. The neck is smaller, thinner and seems more round and the head is bigger.

Legs, arms and fingers are smaller and shorter and everything is more rounded and softer. Even when you size down a grown up hand to the size of a kid’s hand you can see that it is still an adult hand. The fingers on a children hand are shorter compared to the whole hand and more rounded.

I’m not very good with tutorials so I’m not so sure what else to tell you. i#m sorry (/)///(/)
I hope this helps a little.

Thank you very much!! ♡(.◜ω◝.)♡


“Littlest People” ♥

I’ve been wanting to do this for so long hehe and I’m so happy I finally got myself to start drawing yesterday! :D Ever since I was a kid, I always liked to imagine tiny people living in our garden/mini-forest-like backyard. :3 Around two years ago, I started taking pictures of little corners of our garden with plans of drawing little people in them!

I feel so relaxed whenever I look at these, huhu ;3; I hope you do too! ^ - ^

I might print these out as postcards, or even a 2016 calendar if I can make more (I definitely want to make more, haha) :D (So please, please do not print out or reproduce T_T)

Photos taken by me using a Pentax camera, drawings drawn by me using Paint Tool SAI and a borrowed Wacom pen tablet (my old one broke T__T).

hey, you guys. i know it’s been a minute since i came on here, and i feel terrible about that, but i hope your year has at least been manageable, and hopefully even fun. i’m thinking of you.

i took a few months off at the beginning of this year, which was so great - i did a bunch of swimming and driving around and being salty - and now i’m just getting into making the next body of work, which is very exciting and scary but SO VALIDATING (i also went to a wild beautiful fashawwn ball last night which maybe i’ll elaborate on in another post).

the other day i was in the studio with some new friends, and i asked them which one song they would send into space, to live on forever, if they had to. one said ‘perfect day’ by lou reed (a song which i heard when i was thirteen in passing somewhere, then went home and sat in front of my family’s desktop computer listening to, and cried my eyes out) and someone else said ‘god only knows’ by the beach boys, also in my top 5, so complex and kind of bittersweet and happy, also a good choice. and i thought about it for a while, thought about talking heads and fleetwood mac and nina simone, but the song that came out of my mouth was ‘dancing on my own’ by robyn. this song, to me, is perfect. it’s happy and sad, fiery and independent but vulnerable and small, joyous even when a heart is breaking. every line is perfect, how that second verse (“stilettos and broken bottles / i’m spinning around in circles”) stumbles perfectly into that bridge (”the lights go on, the music dies / …i just came to say goodbye”), and final chorus. it’s just perfect. we put it on right there in the studio, and i was up out of my seat dancing with my eyes screwed shut, and my hands up around my ears, and we looked into each other’s eyes and sang the words, and i could feel something hot and teary in the back of my throat just from FEELING so much at once. and i think it was then when i realized i’m going to be in love with music for the rest of my life. it’s going to be the most important friendship i’ll ever have. i’ll never, ever leave it alone, because you can’t leave alone something like that, something that makes you weep alone on aeroplanes or jolts you out of a chair and shatters your face with a big toothy smile. i think that’s a cool, intense revelation to have, going into your second record. first records are like meeting someone and feeling that need to do everything, just in case for whatever reason, you run out of time, or they stop feeling the same way as you. i feel much calmer, more comfortable in my love of doing this, and its apparent love of me, this time around. so there’s that.  

the main reason i was inspired to write to you today came from googling a picture of britney taken by david lachapelle, and stumbling across this website called one week // one band. they had this incredibly thoughtful collection of quotes and ideas regarding this photo. out of morbid curiosity, i typed in my own name to have a look at what people were saying. and you guys, i have been sitting here for almost an hour fluttering my hand against my chest and making these tiny high-pitched sounds, because how i was written about, how pure heroine was written about, was remarkable in its attention to detail and flow in these songs. i make music for you guys, as you know, and to read these interpretations of the songs that were so nuanced and so much smarter than anything i’d read from an adult journalist (i believe the author of these wonderful pieces is a touch younger than me) was so inspiring for me. these pieces of writing are like a map to this record, and this (dare i say it bleugh) era. they should be packaged with my record, for goodness’ sake. they’re brilliant. you can find the author, sophia, at, and the pieces on my work at

and i guess that’s it for now. sending so much love to you all. thank you for loving and living inside my music. know that i’m taking my time to make the new stuff as good as i can. know that music is still making my heart skip every day. can’t wait to hang out soon. love you. xxx L


I’ve seen these photos around and I’ve seen a lot of hate given towards Anthony’s new haircut and it just makes me upset?? This haircut is adorable?? And besides its his hair he doesn’t need people telling him it looks horrible?? It doesn’t?
Look at that tiny lil braid, look at how smol and cute it is. Look at how sticky-outy the shaved sides make his ears look, look how adorable it is.
He’s adorable with or without the curls and it just makes me so upset that people are hating on it?? Like, yes, you can miss the curls, I miss the curls, but saying nasty things abt his hair and how he looks with it? That’s just uncalled for. Anthony Ramos is a literal ray of sunshine and adorableness and no haircut is going to change that.

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"Sooo little tiny Breadcrumb. Dayna liked Lili's last insta post and Cole went back and liked several posts he didn't like before" Is this old?? Because if is not it is a fucking lie... Lili not post any new photo for Dayna like and I look IG for the last 7hours and Cole didn't like any Lili's photos!! Don't understand why people lie this only make more hope to hopeless things

maybe we just completely missed something and that one person got really lucky and so happen to catch it at the right time. 😅

Okay but the reason I love LevYaku so much is actually kind of mean

Because Yaku is fucking short and Lev is Lev

Just imagine them getting married okay and the entire Yaku families and Haiba families are on different side of the wedding party

It looks like a measuring scale
All the Yakus are under six feet tall, and the majority of Haibas are nearing seven

It’s both the best and worst thing ever

Uh oh, what time is it? WEDDING PHOTO TIME

Lev is taller that both of Yaku’s parents but that doesn’t stop him from standing right in the middle of this clan of bouncy short people

He looks like Dorothy in Munchkinland tbh

And then for Haiba family photos with Yaku you can’t fucking see Yaku because he has entered freaking giant country

So everyone is trying to figure out ‘whoa okay how do we make this tiny man an entity in his own wedding photo’ and eventually Best Big Sister In The World Alisa is like ‘heeeeey Lyovchka wanna take a photo to tell your kids about???’

So in the photo there are like a dozen tall Haibas and Lev

And then Yaku

Yaku sitting on his husband’s shoulders with the most dead-ass look on his face

'The Lion Has Been Conquered’

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i saw one of your selfies, well two actually, and i couldn't help but feel the need to give you some advice. 1. thick eyebrows are so overwhelming on your face it makes all your other features large too. Thick eyebrows really aren't for everyone. 2. put pressed powder over your makeup god dammit, its so shiny i could see my reflection through my computer. and lastly, 3. applying far too much eyeliner will only make your eyes smaller in comparison to your eyebrows. thanks.

1) don’t tell me how to live my life

2) I don’t have to explain myself to you

3) who the fuck do you think you are

4) my eyebrows are naturally this thick and I had them thinner for years and everybody kept saying that they gave me a ‘resting bitch face’, so I went back to thick and I barely managed to save them, but I’m glad they’re back to what they were and I won’t change my natural God-given eyebrows for you just because you think you know better

5) I am extremely allergic to most makeup brands, face creams, deodorants etc. and I have a lot of trouble finding make up that I can wear. That being said, I’m also allergic to a lot of other things, like food and dust and it makes my life pretty hard, plus I have PCOS,  and even though I doubt you’re intelligent enough to know what it is, or what it does, among other things, it makes me break out in hives even more, and the acne I get because of it, and the clogged pores cannot be helped. The medication sometimes even makes it worse. I cannot wear pressed powder because it won’t stuck to my face, due to my pores being so bad, and I only end up looking like my skin is made of sponge. NOTHING STAYS ON MY SKIN FOR TOO LONG. No doctor, no dermatologist, no skin expert to this date has been able to help me much. I changed my whole diet and the way I live in order to get better, and just so you know, you making fun of me now, when my skin is so significantly better than it was before, makes me feel horrible, just horrible. I can’t change this. I can’t change the way my skin is. I spent years crying over all of my flaws and especially my skin, and I have no more tears to cry. It still really fucking hurts. It still stings. Even after I found so many solutions to cover it all up and make my skin almost decent, even now that most people wont notice the scarring on my face and the tiny little flaws that are still left, I still see it. And I have to live with myself the way I am every single day.

6) I don’t wear eyeliner unless I know I’m going to take a photo. It really irritates my eyes and my lids soon swell. But I like the way it looks, so if I want to take a selfie, I’m going to put it on. For me. And I didn’t have to explain that to you but I want you to realize that you’re an immature little asshole of a person who is probably really insecure about the way they look and feel threatened by the level of confidence I have achieved through years of therapy and working on myself to be better.

7) Who put you on your high horse? What could possibly compel you to send such an ignorant message to me, on anon? Did you think it would accomplish anything? By tomorrow, I’m going to forget you messaged me. I’m going to forget your words and I’m still going to be beautiful inside and out, and you’re still going to be a piece of manure on the bottom of somebody’s shoe. You’re shit.

8) If anyone wants to tell me this person was just trying to help, save it. I know very well how someone should approach people on certain topics, and the tone of this person’s message was very rude and condescending. No one deserves to be preached about what they do with their life or what they wear by an anon-hiding spermatozoon.

9) My eyes are big and green and very pretty. They’re my favorite part of me. They could never look small so…like, you were reaching. That was just reaching. You put me on a pedestal and you ripped me apart. I’m just a person. I deserve to be treated with respect. You wouldn’t like this if it was done to you. You wouldn’t like if somebody over-analyzed you, knowing you were content with yourself, just so they could bring you down. You would not like it at all.

10) And lastly, I attach this really nice photo of me so you can print it out and throw darts on it or something, cause you seem to be lacking a hobby or things to do in your life. XOXO

Let’s Not Fall In Love | 6



chapter length and warnings: 11.3k (what is life), smut, swearing, drinking, vandalism, and violence/abuse. please don’t read if that makes you uncomfortable. overall this chapter is a lot more heavy-going than most but I hope you like it!! :-)

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Don't mess with mental illnesses

Makes me so mad to see how some people judge Lily after the Chanel Event yesterday.
Now, Lily is not the girl who smiles in every photo and she is very tiny, but calling her a child with “depression”, “anorexia” is not okay. (so is calling both Vanessa and Johnny bad parents, for “”“not looking after her”“”)
But how dare you to randomly throw words that are used for mentall illnesses at a girl you don’t even know?
How dare you to call her an “anorexic” just because you *think* she’s not eating enough and because you *think* she is too skinny.
Do you even KNOW what anorexia is?
Do you even know what depression is?
Did you know that you can’t see a mental illness (hence it’s called “mental” and not “physical”)?
Did you know that there is a difference between “anorexic” and “too skinny” and
“depressed” and “very sad looking”?
I know people are always going to judge, but using such terms, especially when I myself know what they mean, is not okay and I wish people would think before they say such things.

Things that I bet Illumi "The Little Shit" Zoldyck has done as a child (and sometimes as an adult)

•Manipulated his face into Gittarackur during family photos

•Manipulated himself into his butlers, servants or siblings to avoid doing chores when his parents come looking for him

•Manipulated himself into Hisoka to make fun of Hisoka to Hisoka’s face
Ex. “I’m Hisoka and did you know—” *Hisoka shrieking*

•Manipulated himself into random people so he can walk around without being spotted (namely by Hisoka). It doesn’t work.

•Forgets he’s hanging out with Hisoka so he’ll interrupt him mid-sentence and say, “Oh, hi.”(I’m into Illumi being super forgetful)

•Played Pin the Tail on the Donkey with his pins and, once, an actual donkey. Never again.

•Can you imagine tiny Illumi being so excited about discovering his nen and manipulation that he uses his pins for literally everything like he uses them as forks or to hang things in his room or uses them like toys I mean of course he’s probably in awe of them and spends hours staring at each and every one and shining them but just imagine it ok

•I got distracted so I’m done but hmu and talk to me about Illumi friends

#306: 'The Story Of Us Now'

How Long Will I Love YouThe Story Of Us Now- One Shot #306

+past one shots

Click the (***) as you see them, to add some visuals to your reading experience. 

Song: Story Of My Life- One Direction 

Harry wrapped his hand around his coffee cup, mindful of the sleeping baby cradled in his arm, and padded around the concrete studio floor, with a camera over his shoulder. “Are you ready for your debut, little one?” he cooed down to chunky baby in his arms. He looked around at all of the different sets for the revamp of the ‘Story Of My Life’ video on its, a little later than ten year anniversary. While the concept for this video was a mirror image to the first, the five boys that had grown into men, and with those ten years, came a wave of new moments that had, thankfully, all been captured on film and emblazoned into shiny photo prints.  

The studio was buzzing with activity, as five different sets were being put together and everyone was being fitted in wardrobe and primped and polished in hair and makeup. There was crew milling around, directing all of the family involved in this version of the video. He could hear the twins howling with laughter as Louis chased after them, and the scamper of little feet against the slick, sealed concrete. Harry winced, hearing their giggles and praying to a higher power that they wouldn’t fall and bang up their knees.

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Simplicity Is Key for Jewelry Designer @nathalisaoctavia

To see more of Nathalisa’s creations, follow @fromtinyislands on Instagram.

Keep it simple. That’s the philosophy that shapes Nathalisa Octavia’s (@nathalisaoctavia) life, from the delicate stone and sterling silver jewelry she designs to the dreamy, softly lit photos of her frequent travels. “Our philosophy is make it simple but comfortable,” the 24-year-old product designer of From Tiny Islands (@fromtinyislands) and creative director of the Watch Company says. “I find joy in touching the texture of a surface, combining colors and shape, thinking on how an object could have better function.” Jakarta, Indonesia, where Nathalisa and her business partner Jane Lukman live and work, is bursting with startups, but their clear-eyed point of view and subtle yet stunning creations set them apart. “Sometimes people look down on us because we are young. But I realized that when you really believe in what you do, people will eventually believe in you,” Nathalisa says. “We are not going to stop here. We want to go bigger and be known internationally.” What’s her best advice for other 20-something small business owners? “Be original! In this digital era when you can just copy and see inspiration, you have to have your own take.”