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Best Boyfriend You’ve Never Had (Bucky x Reader)- Part 3

Summary: The wedding is now in two weeks, and the Reader and Bucky do some planning on the backstory of their ‘relationship’. A mission doesn’t go as expected, and Steve suggests the reader and Bucky head for the wedding early as a well-earned break. 

Characters: Bucky Barnes, Reader, Steve Rogers, Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Sam Wilson, Wanda Maximoff, Bruce Banner (briefly mentioned), Thor Odinson (briefly mentioned), Maria Hill (briefly mentioned), Helen Cho (briefly mentioned)

Warnings: Panic attack, slight angst, comforting, cuddling, fluff

Word Count: 3634 (holy cow!)

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You were sitting in your room, reading a book with the TV quietly playing a random show for background noise, your attention consumed by the plot unraveling in the pages under your gaze. Your fingers fiddled with the corner of the page you were reading before eagerly turning it to the next, your brow furrowed in bewilderment. You barely registered the soft rapping of knuckles on your doorframe until the sound of your name spoken in the voice you knew so well pulled you from the world of Paul Sheldon and the psychotic Annie Wilkes. Your eyes reluctantly tore their gaze from the story to the doorway, soaking in the sight of Bucky leaning relaxed against the frame, arms crossed and long dark locks tucked behind his ears. You smiled in greeting. He was dressed in a black V-neck tee with dark grey sweatpants resting low on his hips, feet clad in the fuzzy red and green striped reading socks you’d bought him for Christmas last year. He looked as comfortable as you felt in his presence.

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09/24/15 ~ My Experience Meeting BTS ♡

So, as several of you have requested, I am finally writing out my experience meeting BTS at the Highlight Tour’s stop in Houston. I warn you all that it does drag on a bit, so if you’d like to skim or completely disregard the post, you may do so haha! Additionally, many may wander how the heck I remember everything in detail despite it having taken place a while ago—Well, I write in a diary regularly and wrote down five pages worth of this day so yeah lol.

TGM’s organization, as many of you already know, was a complete mess. But, this is not a post to bash on TGM and just one describing the members so here it goes!

The Photo Session:

So, my younger sister and I went together and as soon as we entered the building, we saw all the members lined up in person….and damn. Even from several feet away with crowds of people in between, they really stood out. To be honest, they were a lot shorter than people make them seem which didn’t really surprise me since, as an Asian girl, I know that many Asian guys aren’t usually that tall. The order from left to right was Namjoon, Taehyung, Seokjin, Yoongi, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-hope. We were starstruck af right away and didn’t even know if we were supposed to join the group in front of us for photos since we were the last ones in that specific line. That’s why, while staring at the boys, we didn’t realize that Hoseok and Jungkook were waving and saying hi…right at us. At first, we thought they were just waving at someone else in our direction but quickly noticed that nobody else was behind or even close to us so yeah; we flipped out and didn’t even bother hiding our fangirling while waving and saying hi back. Also, It turns out that they were waving to us in order to tell that it’s alright to join the group photo.

The Mini-Concert:

To be honest, they seemed quite drained at times but still did a really great job trying to be energetic in order to please the fans. During the member introductions, their English was so adorable! They really did try their best! Seokjin talked about a “choo-choo train” and Namjoon talked about maybe having a “real concert” in the future. His English, by the way, is just as flawless as you’d all expect. Yoongi even talked about the Johnson Space Center and NASA + acted out a flying jetpack, which was precious! Also, Jin’s speaking/singing voice was slightly higher live. “Boy in Luv” and especially “Dope” were super lit. Hearing and seeing the boys perform “I Need U” live is the most incredible feeling. Like, we were finally able to sing the fanchants as loudly as possible and the entire audience was just so into it. Seriously, they sang and danced AMAZINGLY. + Jimin’s bootie is seriously fabulous.

The High-Touch Session:

This was honestly the part that I struggled to remember the most because of how quickly it all occurred. So, let me try to describe each member from order to high-touching them. Oh, and another thing to note is that I was trying to secretly record them but was told to flip my phone with the screen facing outward (so that staff can prevent me from doing so), so I was fiddling around with my things before following my sister. Well, it turns out she already went through all the members before I finished fidgeting, so when I finally turned around for my turn, all the members were all looking at me with their hands out….awkward.

Taehyung: Since he was/is my bias, I was so nervous when I saw that he was first in line. When i went up to him, I made sure to take in every last bit of his presence and holy shit. THE MAN IS SOMEHOW EVEN MORE PERFECT IN PERSON THAN HE ALREADY IS IN ALL THE PHOTOS, VIDEOS, FANCAMS, ETC. Like, his eyelashes were so long, his eyes so deep and mesmerizing, and his hair–it looked like the softest, smoothest thing in the entire world. He’s honestly a lot more tanned in real life, almost like a golden bronze color, and his hands were literally twice the size of mine. When I said “hi, thank you,” he nodded and gave this lovely, wide smile, although it wasn’t that famous box smile of his. He also felt quite tall in comparison to my 5 foot 3 height.

Jungkook: Despite how much older he looks in recent photos, he actually still has some teenage boy-like features when you see him up close. Like, you can legit see the youthfulness in his face and I could even imagine seeing him walking around as one of the students at my university. When he said “thank you,” I was so honored to see his bunny teeth in person and damn, he was also EXTREMELY HANDSOME. Like, his jawline and adam’s apple were so prominent, although he did look a lot leaner than in photos (but still toned). His skin was an almost olive color and his hands were also humongous compared to mine.

Yoongi: This man is just really cute in person. He didn’t actually feel as small as I had expected but was indeed shorter than the other members next to him. But seriously, with the blonde hair and the lighting above us, HE LOOKED LIKE A TRUE ANGEL. His hair was so fluffy and his voice when he said “thank you for coming” was so low and sexy. Also, I would say that out of all the members, he and Taehyung were personally the most intimidating in terms of the feel they gave off. I don’t know; they just gave off this very masculine and important aura, though they weren’t acting arrogant at all. In addition, his skin was perfect and quite pale like everyone else always says.

Namjoon+Seokjin: As much as I hate to admit it, I barely remembered these two at the end due to the wreck I was experiencing after high-touching the first three members. All I really remember is Namjoon being very kind and Jin actually being quite calm and quiet. Both actually looked quite the same as in photos although Jin somehow seemed slightly prettier in person (how is that even possible). 

Hoseok: He was honestly the member that surprised me the most in terms of appearance. LIke, photos, videos, etc. do not do a single bit of justice to him. I always considered him good-looking but not too special but boy was I wrong. HE IS FKCING GORGEOUS. PERIOD. Like, the man’s cheekbones are so flipping defined that I could cut vegetables with them. Not to mention HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE. I almost went blind from seeing it right in front of me and no, that is not an exaggeration!! He was also the tannest member, like he had this lovely, healthy brown-ish glow to him.

Jimin: Last in line, was little chim chim, who was in fact, not so little. He was also one of those members that I didn’t find as attractive beforehand but I was proven wrong yet again. HE IS VERY GOOD LOOKING. The most memorable features were his eyes. When he looks at you, it’s like the entire world just freezes. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to give people one of the gentlest gazes I have ever seen. Like his entire being just seemed so kind-hearted and sweet. Despite being this amazing, ultra talented person, he somehow calmed you down for even the tiniest second with the warmth he gave off.

Extra Notes on High-Touch: Thinking back, all the members had the softest hands I’ve ever felt, especially Jimin. LIke they were as soft as baby butts. Another thing is that they all seemed thinner which kinda worried me but they still looked healthy and toned. 

The Autograph Session:

This was my favorite part because we actually got to talk very briefly with each member. Again, I will describe things in order from first to last. Also, let me just mention that I tried to speak English as clearly and slowly as possible.

Hoseok: When I got to him, I told him “J-hope, you know you’re even more beautiful in real life.” Only later did I realize that this might’ve been an insult but that was not what I intended to make it sound like lol. In response, he showed me that beaming smile of his and said really loudly, “ah, thank you so much!” He honestly climbed up my bias list that night because of both his surprising beauty and amazing personality. The man is literally just as energetic and bubbly in person! 

Jungkook: This little one destroyed the shit out of me. Since my sister was right before me, I actually heard her conversation with him. When she called him handsome, he literally said “thank you! You are so cute!”…she died. Then, when it was my turn, I also told him “Jungkook, you are so handsome!” to which he responded “thank you!” with a huge smile. Then, because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I sucked in my embarrassment and asked “Jungkook, can you please call me noona?” I was so anxious until he used aegyo and said in a really cute voice, “NOONA!” You don’t understand, I literally squeaked and melted into a puddle of goo right there and then right there and then. Like, the boy made THIS EXACT FUCKING FACE–>

Because of him, I died and came back to life that night. He was legit the highlight (get it? ok im gonna stop being stupid) of the entire thing and now my second bias- I wanna stan him but am wavering due to my loyalty and love for Tae…what to do?!?!

Yoongi: I literally didn’t know what to say to him because of the fluttering I felt after talking to Kookie. So, I only managed to say, “I really love your music” to which he nodded his head with the tiniest smile. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quite hear/understand me lol.

Jimin: When I told him he was “very beautiful,” he said “oh thank you!” in the prettiest voice. If any of you have ever heard his calm, morning voice, that’s what it sounded like. It was almost a bit feminine and just so soothing to the ears. The perfect description for his voice is just PRETTY. He was just a really nice person and very considerate towards the fans <3 LIke, even while signing, he would look directly up at your eyes and smile enthusiastically.

Namjoon: Even though he was the member who spoke English fluently, I had the hardest time saying anything to him for some odd reason. He made fans feel comfortable and all that but due to my lack of competence, all I could say was “you’re amazing and I really love you.” In response, he chuckled a bit and said, “I love you too.“ with that big grin of his that he always does. Not to mention that his voice literally booms and sounded very manly.

Seokjin: Since we were all being extremely rushed towards the end of the line, I literally had no time to say anything except “you are so beautiful.” I don’t even remember if he replied but he did smile. Also, he really does have a tiny face- it’s so cute and rounded!

Taehyung: He was honestly the biggest disappointment and it wasn’t even his fault really. Since he was at the end of the table, all the unsigned posters were piled up in front of him. So, he sadly paid more attention to making sure he signed the posters than to the fans because staff would’ve scolded him otherwise. I couldn’t even say much to him because this one lady was going to make me skip him. However, I was not about to leave the line without talking to my favorite member so I resisted a bit and lingered long enough to say, “V, you’re my favorite.” Luckily, I said it loud enough so that he heard me so he quickly looked up from the posters to give a small smile. Not gonna lie; I was a bit sad that he didn’t exchange any words with me that night TT___TT


Meeting the members in real life is honestly such a different feeling from seeing them on a screen. They appeared so professional and serious but also performed just as well. Also, during the autograph portion, I could’ve said better words but just talking to them was too stressful LOLOL. Nothing is perfect, but in the grand scheme of things, it was an amazing night for me personally and something that I will never forget!

BTW, post-concert depression hit me way too hard lol.


A Photo Album

My work hours were cancelled today, so I had some spare time on my lunch break to write up the scene I described in this text post, that takes place in the Stay-at-Home Stan AU.  Ford finds the photo album Angie made of Danny and Daisy and catches some feels.

               Ford sighed and put Angie’s old lab notebook back on the bookshelf.

               I’ve been here three days and still haven’t talked to Stan about needing him to take the journal.  I also have yet to find anything that gives me information Stan and Angie haven’t already told me.  Investigating isn’t as fun as it was when I was young.  Ford took another book off the shelf.  He turned it over to look at the cover.

               “Danica and Daisy,” he read out loud.  “Hmm.”  Ford flipped the book open to the first page.  He frowned at the blurry black and white image plastered onto thick paper.  “What is that?”  It was clearly printed off from somewhere.  He scanned the page for hints.  Below the image was a simple caption.

               “Twins!” it read, in excited, neat handwriting.  Ford blinked.

               This must be the first sonogram. He examined the sonogram with a bit more interest, managing to make out the fetuses that would become the girls. A small smile played at his lips. This is the first picture ever of my nieces.  He could picture Stan and Angie at the appointment, excited and surprised.

               Ford flipped through the book, which he now realized was a photo album chronicling Danny and Daisy’s childhood thus far.  After the sonogram were various pictures taken of Stan and Angie preparing for their children.  Ford stopped at the page with Angie’s baby shower, catching a familiar face out of the corner of his eye.  His heart leapt into his mouth at the sight of Fiddleford excitedly hugging his younger sister.  He tore himself away from the young and healthy Fiddleford.  His gaze instead landed on an adjacent picture, clearly taken after the party.  Stan was sitting on a couch, his heavily pregnant wife leaning against him, asleep.  Ford swallowed at the loving gaze Stan was giving Angie.  

               Dammit, Stanley.  Ford wasn’t sure why he was cursing Stan’s name. Envy, maybe?  Or perhaps he was just frustrated, knowing how much more difficult it would be to convince Stan to leave.  He turned the page, agitated.  The next few pages were devoted exclusively to pictures of Danny and Daisy, presumably short after their birth, judging by their reddened, wrinkled skin.  Ford skimmed the photos of Angie and two young men, likely older brothers of hers, cooing at the infants.  He turned another page.  His heart stopped.

               “Damn,” he whispered.  The page had one photo.  It was of Stan holding Daisy.  Even though all infants looked the same to Ford, he could tell which child it was, given that Stan was holding her six-fingered hand.  A single tear was sliding down Stan’s cheek as he stared at his newborn daughter.  

                I can’t imagine what’s going through his mind, or what all he’s feeling. Ford stared at the picture, wondering if he could interpret the complex expression on Stan’s face; one of joy and love but also sadness, regret, and nostalgia.  After a few minutes, Ford closed the photo album and placed it back on the shelf.  I…I can’t ask him to leave, can I?  He’d never do it.  He loves this family he’s built.  He loves them too much to be away, or to leave them all alone.  The front door opened.  Ford could hear the girls chattering excitedly and the dog barking.

               “Ford, we’re back from the walk!” Stan called.  

               If I can’t give Stan the journal, what am I going to do?

Change Your Ticket-Chapter 7

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3 | Chapter 4 | Chapter 5 | Chapter 6

A/N: Sorry it is pretty longish, just thought I needed to build the back story and do some from my Harry’s POV!I have a busy weekend but I’ll try my best to post chapter 8 tomorrow. Let me know your thoughts x

(Masterlist is here & requests should be left here)


I miss you too guys,” I spoke through my phone to my parents, “but it’s 2am over there so I’ll let you go to sleep.”

“Be safe, sweetie. And say hello to Harry for us,” My mum yawned.

“Yes, we haven’t seen him in so long. You’ll have to bring him ‘round for tea when he’s free,” I smiled, knowing how much my dad loved Harry.

I shared goodbyes with my parents before ending the call, deciding that I ought to head back to the hotel. Although I had moved out, I did live close by to my childhood home so I saw my family all of the time; we were a tight knit family. My mum was a nurse and my dad was an engineer, and they both were the most wonderful people. I had two sisters, both younger.There was Eliza who was born on the same day I went on my first date with Harry so we had spent the night in the maternity ward of Chester’s hospital;my mum was pretty annoyed that the first time she met Harry was after being in labour for 12 hours. I had another sister, Millie, who was 17. It was through her that I’d met Harry-something she never let either me or Harry forget.


3 years earlier-4th January 2012

“Hurry up, Y/N! We’re not going to have the chance to meet them if we don’t get there soon,” my little sister whined at me.

“I’m coming, Millie, stop complaining!” I hissed at her, not wanting to wake my parents up.

Throwing my hair into a messy ponytail, I picked my brown satchel and threw it over my shoulder.

“Come on then,” I gave my sister a gentle push out of the front door, into the murky January morning.

I watched Millie run and get into the passenger side of the small car I’d recently bought (after passing my driving test just before Christmas), fidgeting about with excitement.

“Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod. We’re going to see One Direction!” She put her copy of Up All Night inside my CD player and began to sing along to What Makes You Beautiful.

“You’re so lucky you have a big sister as amazing as me, Mills,” I shouted over the song,“I wish I had a big sister that would drive me to Birmingham at 5am to see a band.”

Because I’d only just learned how to drive, I was eager to drive whenever I could so I saw driving Millie 60 miles as a great opportunity. Plus, it meant I had the day off of college as my parents thought it was great I was doing this for my sister. Although I wasn’t much of a fan on their music, I did have a soft spot for the One Direction boys as they all seemed so sweet and genuine. Millie was obsessed with one member in particular-Harry. It was a pretty scary crush and her bedroom was like a shrine dedicated to the one with the curly hair. We lived just outside of Holmes Chapel so she often visited the bakery he used to work out hoping he’d be there.

“Oh my god, Y/N, it’s over there!Look!”

After almost two hours, we’d arrived in Birmingham which is where they were playing that night. To my surprise, there wasn’t that many people queuing outside the venue-just a couple of teenage girls who must have been a couple of years younger than me.

Sitting around for hours and hours in the cold air wasn’t as bad as I had anticipated as I had brought with me a hamper of food and lots of fashion magazines. Thankfully I’d dressed warm too; I was in black skinny jeans, leather ankle boots, a thick woolly jumper with a tartan scarf and knee length coat thrown on top. Millie was sat chatting away excitedly with the girls next to us until they all broke out into an almost inaudible high pitched scream.

“What the f-"I cut myself off when I noticed Millie and the other girls had quickly gotten to their feet and were headed towards something.

Harry Styles.

 I quickly followed behind, quite excited myself. Although he was being ushered by security towards the building, I noticed that Harry was adamant to stop to meet the fans.

"Harry, we love you so much!” All the girls, including my sister were all in tears.

It baffled me that one guy the same age as me could have such an effect on girls. 

“Can you please take it for us?” Millie forced the camera I’d bought for her birthday into my hands before running next to Harry.

As I stood with the camera in front of my face, I couldn’t help but notice how cute he was. His hair was beautifully curly and his bright green eyes were a real contrast to the bleak weather. His outfit was pretty questionable but he still managed to look good. Millie was almost hyperventilating as Harry placed his arm around her shoulder.

“Say cheese!”

Harry’s POV

“Say cheese!”

I didn’t need to be prompted to smile as I couldn’t do anything but smile at the beautiful girl in front of me. She clearly didn’t come as a fan, I could tell she must have come because her younger sister wanted to. She looked around my age, meaning she must have been a great person; not every 17 year old girl who wasn’t a fan of our band would voluntarily come to our concert. Because I was completely in awe at her beauty I hadn’t realised the fans had had their photos taken with me so had left me to enter the venue. My heart almost skipped a beat when she began to walk away back to where she was previously sat. Without hesitating I quickly ran after her, to the annoyance of the security.

“Wait, wait!”

The look of amusement on her face when she turned around to see me running towards her was amazing. Chatting up girls was something that made me incredibly nervous so when I got within kissing distance from her I felt the nerves to kick in. Despite this, I couldn’t stop staring at her amazing smile.

“I’m sorry, did you…”

She began to speak, intending to get me to stop staring.

“Oh, sorry!I, I just wanted to, um,” I couldn’t concentrate on what I wanted to say-she was insanely pretty. She had her hair slicked back and no makeup on so her beauty was refreshing.

She laughed at my awkwardness which really didn’t help.

“I didn’t really have you down as the nervous type,” she bit her lip, making me want to kiss her desperately.

I cocked my head and squinted my eyes slightly, “Your accent sounds familiar! You’re not from Cheshire by any chance?" 

Her eyes lit up, "Yes!We-” she pointed at her sister who was stood behind her taking sly photos of me-“actually live near Holmes Chapel. Lovely place.”

I couldn’t help but grin. It made me happy knowing she lived nearby to where I grew up.

“How come I’ve never noticed you before? I mean, you’re ridiculously pretty,” I gushed, smiling more when I saw her blush at my compliment.

She was quick to respond, “Probably because you’re surrounded by insanely gorgeous women all the time!” She was being serious but she laughed her comment off. Her laughter was angelic. 

I was so captivated by her and I was growing aware that I needed to go, but I didn’t want to part from her.

I looked awkwardly at my trainers, “Maybe next time I’m home we could meet up then?” I winced slightly, not sure how she’d react.

“That would be lovely,” She flashed her perfect teeth at me.

Without thinking I pulled my phone out of my pocket and asked for her number. 

“What’s your name?So I can save it?” I finished adding her number into my phone.

“Y/N, Y/LN,” I smiled to myself; it was a nice name.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw something quickly running towards me and I quickly learnt that it was a group of screaming fans. Feeling security pull on my arm, I threw Y/N a sympathetic look.

“I’m so sorry! See you soon, Y/N.”

I got one last glance of her-one hand waving me off and the other holding onto what looked like a sausage roll.

“Why were you out there for so long?” Liam greeted me when he saw me.

“Lover boy over here’s just seen his future wife,” Paul, our security, joked.

Shaking my head and shrugging Liam’s comment off, I pulled my phone out and sent a text to Y/N after debating whether I would be coming across as too forward.

It’s Harry :) I noticed you were eating a sausage roll when I left. Made me smile because I used to work in a bakery! x


Back to the present day

Your POV

“Sorry, did I wake you?”

I rolled over, “No, I was just resting my eyes,"I murmured, my eyes remaining closed with tiredness.

"Bullshit,” Harry laughed and placed a kiss on my forehead, “I must have worn you out this morning.”

I curled my toes underneath the quilt remembering what me and Harry had done that morning. Four times. Forcing my eyes open, I was surprised to see Harry’s phone shoved in my face.


He burst out laughing, stepping back.

“Why are you taking a photo of me, you idiot?”

Redeeming himself, his grin was replaced with a more stern expression, “So that when you go home I can look at you sleeping?”

I propped myself up on my elbow, “You’re so smooth, Styles.”

He winked, “You’re not so bad yourself, Y/L/N.”

I watched as he wandered around the room, tying his hair back. It was always surreal being with Harry, just knowing that he was mine was an exhilarating feeling.

“My parents say hello,” I yawned at him, glancing at my watch to see that it was only 8pm.

“I miss them,” his attention turned to me, “How’s Eliza?” His face lit up when he mentioned my baby sister, as it always did when the topic was on babies.

“She’s good,” I smiled, “I can’t wait to see them all!" 

"I haven’t seen them in forever,” He sighed, “I feel bad. Why don’t you bring Millie out next week? She has the week off from school?” He looked at me excitedly.

“I’ll have to okay it with my folks but that’s such a good idea, Harry!” I shrieked, mentally phoning Millie and telling her she was coming to Australia to hang out with One Direction-pretty much every 16 year old girl’s dream.

“I think we can both say we owe a lot to Millie,” Harry strolled over to the bed, sitting next to me, “Because you were super indie at the time without her we wouldn’t have met,” he messed my hair up.

“Oi” I gently nudged him, “I was going through a phase.”

“You’re still in that phase, babe.”

“My boyfriend’s in One Direction, I don’t think it could get any less indie,” I mockingly rolled my eyes.

“In all seriousness though,” Harry stood up to close the curtains, “what if you had decided to be horrible and not take her to that gig?" 

I often found myself thinking this, not liking the thought of not having Harry in my life.

"What if you hadn’t been adorable and asked for my number?”

“Hadn’t been? Why the past tense?Am I not adorable now?” He pouted at me, so I just shook my head.

I watched as he removed the plain white shirt over his head, revealing his tattoos. My eyes lingered over his toned abs slightly.

“I don’t think adorable is the right word anymore…”

Noticing where my eyes were, he smirked before stripping himself from his black skinny jeans-leaving him stood in his black Calvin Kleins.

“Ready for round 5?”