photos taken by my sister

We went to see Welcome to Night Vale’s live show and it was AWESOME. Seriously. Lots of crying at the end there. It was so so good. Be sure to go see them if they ever come near you.

Not only were we their second to last show of this story before they record the digital version, but we also got to sing Cecil Baldwin happy birthday at the end of the show. So that was fun!


Some pages from my current writing journal and a photo of my sister taken by me
(I don’t normally post from my writing journal cause it’s pretty private. But since there were only Live Forever lyrics and a part of Norwegian Wood,I wanted to post. Btw,this is my first drawing,please don’t make fun of me:’))

oh man I forgot to mention but yesterday (feels like today for me tho, thanks insomnia) I almost had my ID turned away because the clerk thought it belonged to my little sister. the photo was only taken a year ago. 

This lovely photo taken of my sister in spirit and myself on Sunday at Castlefest last summer was sent to us the other day and I figured it would be an excellent upload in honor of #throwbackthursday Ah I’m already missing summer a wee bit but I am definitely not missing crippling around with a full leg cast!

Photography by ©eyenancy
Retouching by us. 


Here are some photos from my wedding reception on Saturday! We had our ceremony and party on different days to allow Justin’s family to fly over from Australia. It was a country fete theme and the weather was amazing. I might post some more pics later.

All photos were taken by my soon to be sister in law Amanda Sheldrake. We didn’t even ask her to but they’re all amazing! Thank you!

I once took this photo of my sister in law on her birthday but I had a slow shutter speed, and she moved her eyes at the last second so her eyes came out all fucked up looking so I just have this really unfortunate photo of my sister in law with zombie ass eyes holding a knife and a terrified baby