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Bungo Stray Dogs Cosplay - Gravity

Nakahara Chuuya -> Kayleigh

Photo taken and edited by the lovely @rythme  <3 Thanks again dear! For crouching in the dirt to take that photo. :D

Costume is selfmade~

SERVAMP - Jekyll and Hyde are… TEAM GREED!

Lawless of Greed -> Majin

Licht Jekylland Todoroki -> Kayleigh

Cosplays are selfmade and photo taken with autotimer

Playing House | Newt Imagine #1 (Long)

Request: “imagine where you’re raising a little boy with Newt and every glader loves the little kid and they play with him and take care of him and cute stuff, but one day the little boy walks into the maze and Newt finds him just on time but has struggles with his leg so you risk your life and run into the maze. please?

Dear Anon, I’m sorry that you had to wait so long for your request, but as I already said, I’ve been really stressed out lately. And apart from that I thought about your request pretty long to make the best I could out of it, so I hope it turned out as you wanted it to! <3

(Pic by me. In case you’re wondering, I drew the drawing left handed to achieve the “child look”. :D)

“Why am I looking so sad?”

“Hey, Izzy, what’ up, shank! Wanna come to the map room with me? Draw a little picture?” Minho shouted over to Newt who was carrying Isaac in his arms. Isaac was just picking a flower into little pieces, as he recognized Minho and started jumping up and down in Newt’s arms excitedly. He pointed at the approaching Minho with his little chubby hand, squealing: “Meeno!” Izzy was so happy to see Minho coming out of the maze, every day anew.

You joined the three boys, after watching Newt and Izzy from farther away, taking a walk and picking flowers. “Hey, Minho, how was your run?” You consciously avoided the word maze, although Isaac was too young to understand your whole situation in here anyways. You felt more comfortable keeping all the bad things away from him as long as possible.

Minho stood in front of Newt, joking around with the toddler. “Hey, Y/N! Yeah, the run was ok…” Minho was distracted by the little brown haired bundle of joy in front him which everyone here embosomed from day one. “Can I draw with Minho, Y/N? Please, please, please!” With a little smile you took Isaac and handed him to Minho. “Have fun with uncle Minho, Izzy!” Then you turned to the smirking Minho. “Just bring him in time for dinner, alright?” “Sure!” he said, already turning away from you and Newt.

As the two boys headed towards the map room, Newt pulled you close. “How has your day been, babe?” You give him a peck on the lips laying your head against his chest. When Isaac came up in the box, at about three years old, a huge argument broke out about who needed to take care of him. Newt and you were the only ones, who were willing to give up your jobs in the fields to raise the little boy. Now you two rotate between working in the fields and taking care of Isaac. Today it was your turn to work with Zart and the others.

“It was alright… I couldn’t keep Zart from singing all day long and the Greenie fell into a hella big pile of dung… But I’d rather be staying with you and Isaac…” you muttered with pouty lips. Newt chuckled into your hair, then pulling you to the woods by your hands. “Come on, love, let’s have a break together. As long as Minho’s looking after the little one…”

You sat at the table with Newt, Alby, Frypan and Gally as Minho joined the group, placing Isaac in his high chair which Gally had built as a present, then sitting down next to Newt. “Look what I made, Alby!” Isaac waved a notebook in front of Alby’s face. Alby took it and placed it on the table. “Oh, look, that’s me!” Alby said to Izzy. “And there’s you and Y/N and Minho and Newt!” Newt leaned over the table to look at the drawing as well. He knitted his brow as he spotted himself. “Izzy, why am I looking so sad?” Isaac looked up to Newt, smiling: “Cause that’s what you look like!” Your heart cramped, as he said that. Newt was always trying to play the happy shank in front of everyone, especially Isaac, since he wanted him growing up happy and worriless. You reached for Newt’s hand under the table, squeezing it comfortingly. After a short moment of awkward silence Frypan stood up, walking around the table to Isaac’s chair, picking him up. “Let’s get something to eat for the hungry little man! I made mashed potatoes and carrots for you.” Fry’s deep voice faded as he went over to the kitchen tent with Isaac. “Looks like he sussed me…” Newt joked bitterly.

As much as all the Gladers loved to play and spend time with Isaac, when it came to getting him to sleep they were nowhere to be seen. And so the regular evening fight went on. You put Isaac into his hammock next to your bed. “Come on, Izzy, aren’t you tired? I am really tired…” You said, jawning and pretending to fall asleep. “No, no, no!” he shouted while shaking his head eagerly. Newt took another approach. “But didn’t you say, Gally promised to play Hide n’ Seek with you tomorrow? You can’t play with him if you don’t go sleeping soon! You’d be waaaay too tired for that!” Newt pulled a funny face to make Izzy laugh. It worked, but didn’t change his mind. “But I don’t wanna go to bed, yet!” This was already going on for half an hour now, and you were really exhausted from the day. You sighed and pulled Newt onto the bed, closing your eyes. “Alright, Isaac, then don’t sleep, but Newt and I will.” Then you and Newt pretended to have fallen asleep. First Izzy smirked triumphantly, but then realized he was bored without you anyways. “Oookay, I’m sleeping, but you have to sing, Y/N!” Not only Isaac, but Newt as well fell asleep after a few minutes of you singing, so you stopped, laying down in Newt’s arms.

You woke before Newt. “Good morning, babe… Wake up!” you whispered into his ear. Newt opened his eyes and looked at you with a placid smile. “Good morning, darling.” You placed your head on his chest. “Isn’t it weird that Izzy didn’t wake us up today?” you asked with closed eyes. Newt just grunted: “I told you, he must’ve been very tired.” But you had a weird feeling about it, so you reluctantly stood up. “Izzy, wake up, sleepyhead!” You pulled away his blanket just to find an empty hammock. Panic flushed through your body, as you turned towards your bed rapidly. “He’s not there, Newt.”

“Isaac? Isaac!” “Where are you, buddy?” “IZZY!” “Isaac!” From everywhere on the Glade voices yelled after Isaac, trying to find him. “ISAAC?”

You couldn’t stop walking up and down in front of the Homestead, being really upset as forty shanks searched for the little boy. Newt came back from the forest, pulling you near to him. “We’ll find him, Y/N, I’m sure of it…” “Yeah, but what if-” “I will find him, love, I promise.”

As you and Newt had rushed out of your room the wall was opened and the runners were on their way through the maze already, so Newt knew what you feared to have happened. Now it was afternoon already and Isaac was nowhere to be seen. Although you tried to think it didn’t happen, you knew: Isaac walked into the maze.

Alby called everyone to the Homestead to have a meeting. “Has anyone found something yet?” He shouted over the nervously muttering Gladers. No one answered, so you shouted: “We can’t wait any longer, Alby! I will go into the maze to search for him!” Now Newt interrupted. “No! I won’t let you go out there! That’s not happening, Y/N.” Then Alby said: “He’s right, Y/N. We cannot risk losing anyone else. We will have to wait until the runners come back. Maybe they found Isaac.” You left the Homestead, even more upset. The doors will be closing within the next hours.

“Y/N, love, wait.” Newt grabbed your shoulders from behind, gently turning you around. He wiped away the tears on your cheeks with his thumbs, as he went on. “Look, I don’t want you to go into the maze, because I wouldn’t take it if you get harmed out there.” He paused for a moment, looking into your eyes urgently. “I’ll go.” Your eyes widened and you took his hands from your face. “No, Newt, you can’t, what about your leg?” “I can. And I will go. Don’t worry I’ll be back before the doors close.” “You better be.” You sobbed as Newt briefly kissed your forehead and ran out into the maze before any of the others who just left the Homestead could stop him. As Alby found out what happened, he was furious at you and Newt, but you could tell the sheer panic arising in him. His best friend was out in the maze.

In the next hour you couldn’t find rest so you aimlessly strayed around at the doors to the maze. When you saw Minho coming out of the maze alone, you broke into tears. He hurried towards you, breathing heavily and asking: “Y/N? What’s wrong? Why are you crying?” An arm was laid around your shoulders, Alby’s arm. “Come on, Minho, I’m gonna tell you, but let’s leave Y/N some space.” You tried to contradict to that, because you actually didn’t want to be alone at all, but the lump in your throat impeded you from doing so. Time went by hauntingly fast, the doors would be closing in less than fifteen minutes. Damped grinding was coming from deep inside the maze and with every passing second your heart rate seemed to gain speed. More and more people now gathered around the doors, looking out for Newt and Isaac. Then the doors started moving.

And right in this moment Newt came around the corner, bathed in sweat, carrying Isaac tightly pressed against his torso. He was running towards the Glade fast, but you recognized his limp being heavier than usual. The Glade broke out into yelling and shouting. Everyone shouted at Newt to run faster, but Newt stopped running. “COME ON, SHANK! RUN!” “What are you doing?! GO, slinthead!” “NEWT, HURRY!” Newt placed Isaac on the ground and told him to run as fast as he can, and so Izzy ran, Newt limping after him. You understood what Newt was doing. He thought he couldn’t save Isaac so he sacrificed himself, thinking Isaac would be faster without him. “Run, Newt, please!” you screamed, but you knew he wouldn’t make it on his own. Isaac was several feet away from the entrance now, and without any hesitation Minho and you started running simultaneously. As you two reached the little boy, you gave Minho a sign to take care of Isaac, so he swept the little kid off his feet and ran back to the Glade, and you ran past the two, towards Newt. Newt shouted at you. “Y/N, go back, we won’t make it together!” “I’m not leaving you here, slinthead!” you shouted, laying Newt’s right arm around your shoulder. He was heavier than he looked, but a load of adrenalin flushed through your veins, causing you to rush forward fast. The gap between the approaching walls wasn’t broad enough to run through next each other, so you pulled Newt after you, lengthways. When you were near enough to the Gladers, several hands grabbed you, pulling you and Newt out of the maze, just in time.

You landed in Gally’s arms, but Newt hit the ground behind you harshly. Immediately you dropped down to your knees embracing Newt tightly. Newt coughed and mumbled into your chest: “Y/N, Y/N love, I can’t breathe…” You loosened your hug to kiss him, impeding his breathing once more. “Never scare me like that again, I dare you, Newt!” you sobbed, as Isaac and Minho walked up to you, holding hands. ”I’m sorry, love.” Newt whispered. “I’m sorry, too.” Isaac mumbled, his big green eyes pointing to the ground, obviously feeling guilty. “I just wanted to see where Meeno is going every day. Please, don’t cry.” You couldn’t help yourself but pull Isaac into hug with Newt. “You two are so important to me, guys. You’re the most precious things I have in this shuck place, you understand?” Isaac put his short arms around Newt’s chest, who was giving you a long and passionate kiss.