photos selfmade


First: Hello and a very warm welcome to all my new followers! No idea what happened the last few hours but I’m glad you enjoy my content (at least RWBY cosplay content).
Second: ARE YOU GUYS COMPLETELY CRAZY? I mean yeah this is tumblr and fandoom area no1 but WHY do you like my Neo civil(!!) selfies better than the quality photos of my actual selfmade(!) cosplay(!) that I spent so much money and love and ….aaarrrgheverything to make ????


On one of the polaroids you can see me with my best friend and cosplaypartner lilminspoast - we have a page together. You can find us on instagram, facebook, deviantart and tumblr as “BeyondFantasyCosplay”

U guys are amazing though so thanks for your rebloggs and hearts - you make me so happy!



Rosario - Argentina.

 This is my first photography with a watermark, lets see if it works like i want :)

( Recomendations are welcome )