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existe t-il des photos de mv avec une barbe? c'est pour la science

Cette perfection est la chose la plus proche qui existe d’une photo de MV avec une barbe, en l’occurence de trois jours :


AU (Or Later On In Life?): Dylan O'Brien and Selena Gomez had met for the first time when Selena guest starred on Teen Wolf as Stiles’ love interest for the new season. Although it was a bit awkward, they quickly became friends. Soon, they were hanging out after shooting and posed for numerous red carpets. Rumors went around, saying that they were dating. But were they? Or was it just a friendship with rumors surrounding it?

If someone writes a fanfiction based off of this I would be extremely happy!

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You try to say that Sel uses photo shop on ig but the real reason she looks different is because she smiles a lot and if you didn't know smiling causes the muscles in the face to stretch and change...

o no baby what is u saying