photos of the decade


I finally had time to do an updated Pokémon Games & Figures collection shoot today, so I do hope you all enjoy! I’ve been collecting and playing Pokémon since I was a little kid back in elementary school, so this is my collection throughout the past two decades. The last time I took photos was during Pokemon20, so I thought it would be cool to do another update post! I’ll be posting the full resolution photos of my collection up on my Flickr later this afternoon!


Here are some posy photos of me being a posy fuck because it’s been like a decade since I liked myself in glasses so I’m documenting ~the moment~

Overlooking the Stardust, c. 1973.

Topping 188 feet, the display designed by Paul Miller, built by Ad Art, held the title to world’s tallest electric sign for more than a decade. Photo by Charles Barnard, from The Magic Sign.