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I won’t dance, Oscarrrr, for youuuuu… Well, really, I mean, uh… You know, this was a lyric about a girl. Or, I sang it to a girl – a little girl named Ginger – and, uh… I better start over again and sing to her.” – Fred Astaire, in a 1958 appearance on The Oscar Levant Show, responding to Oscar’s insistence that he dance, despite there being no space in the tiny studio. 

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Hello! I was watching the bon voyage videos and noticed they weren't allowed to take pictures with people do you casually know the reason?

they’re really not permitted to take photos with just anyone, it’s company rule. also honestly, it’s common sense, like so that they don’t get mobbed by people. They were filming and it’s supposed to be a vacation/trip for them. They were already harassed enough by fans on that show filming, people followed them everywhere, like literally running after them. 

Also, more importantly, Bon Voyage was a secret filming/trip. No one knew where they were so definitely no photos allowed.


Dear Diary:

we got up early to get vyv’s photo… ヽ( ´O`)ゞ

to get it over and done with, iggy said (*゚ー゚)ゞ

over with… yeah… (・・。)ゞ

a-anyway, noct insisted on driving for a while after we left (・:゚д゚:・)

i think the only reason iggy didn’t argue is because ravatogh is really far away 。(*^▽^*)ゞ

i got so bored i even borrowed one of gladio’s books (; ̄Д ̄)

except it ended up being even more boring than looking at the scenery 。゚・(>﹏<)・゚。

well… at least talking to gladio makes the drive go a little quicker, right~? (灬º 艸º灬)

Story time: this Champs Les Sims game is actually an import from maaaaaany years ago to preserve Andrei’s quest history if he has any.  The save is dated at a time when I used to keep all the travel locations he went to in one save (not a good idea).  Sooo imagine my surprise when I get in and see future descendants and Monte Vista residents and shit in it when this iteration of Andrei has conveniently “forgotten” these people.

The save for JUST France was also over 50 megs, which shouldn’t happen.  So I reset the town, exited, and went in and tore the .nhd file apart…

So much garbage.  So many references to photographs that don’t really exist BUT THEY DO.  Photographs in TS3 are the literal devil.  No one asked my advice, but don’t have your sims take photos of any stripe - no greeting cards, no prom pictures, no photobooth photos, no photos with your sim’s phone or camera, nothing - you’ll thank me later.

The save is now down to 20 megs.  :|  There are still phantom tourists (tourists that belong to games Andrei shouldn’t know about) though which weirds me the hell out and if I didn’t really want to preserve his quest history I’d totally reboot this world, but alas.  xD

And there’s the damned Eiffel Tower for the first time in ever.  Excitement.

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lmfao but abel has liked more of her pictures than she has his and there are a ton of pictures of him smiling with her, if selena was doing the same with justin you'd be gushing over how supportive she is. she constantly leaves him to handle her business when she needs to. as i said before, y'all don't care about selena unless she's single or with the cheater.

Abel just like Selena’s photos for 2 reasons:
1- When Selena is sexy in the photos like the vogue one.
2-When Selena was wearing the weeknd merch.Boy don’t even said a simple “i miss you”,the only comment he did let was about the merch.Tragic lmao.
You know,Some Selenators called abel out after caught him liking random models photos.Since this Abel is being more smart.Starboy is not dumb lol

I never will support a woman puting her career of side for a man.Never.Specialy a man that don’t even love her.This is pathetic.

Cheater?Really?That’s the best you can do?Omg you are so badass lmao.
Gilr,c'mon,this is boring.Weak af.
Please,you are making me wasting time.


First Guesthouse

This lovely, lovely guesthouse was where I stayed on my last trip to Busan. You can probably see from the photos that it’s kind of a luxury guesthouse. It had a really, intricate advanced door lock system and everything was so tidy and spotless. The staff was really on their clean game. Best of all the location was right next to Haeundae exit 1, so really convenient if you’re planning on coming to Haeundae for the summer.


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