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Her Red, Red Lipstick (The Imprint It Leaves On His Cheek) by 13letters

When after talking in the backseat of his car, trading war stories and battle scars and past heartaches that burned like flames to old photos and ached like fractured ribs, nails in a coffin – he became hopeful then, traded her optimism and goodness from her for fear.

It’s a strange first revelation, though, when you’ve got something to lose for the first time, when there’s a clear before and after that’s her handprints all over his heart. How she forgives him without thinking. How they danced slowly to Kiss From a Rose in the kitchen and laughed themselves silly, tripped a little too hard in love and found each other on the kitchen floor.

Being just friends is the biggest lie they’ll tell on this road to learning each other and taking life as the joke it is.

anonymous asked:

Lol thinspo poses? Take a look at most original nsfw blogs they have photos with their ribs sticking out (because they're sucking in) and no one says anything to them?

Yeah, everything is fine if its nsfw apparently to these horny good for nothing degenerates . As soon as someone has a mental illness it’s bad and negatively influencing the tumblr community if you post about it. 😂

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will you explain Lilis insta caption and is that cole with her???

No, Lili was not with Cole. She was hanging out with her BFF Nikolas and his girlfriend. Cole was out for a photo shoot.

‘Ribbed for her pleasure’ is a fun take on the fact that the fries look like ribbed condoms. That caption is usually written on packs of Ribbed condoms.