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can you believe that this bat actually got some sun today??? 🦇☀️

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Steve, Buck, and Peg goofing off for the camera.

(10 seconds later, Bucky is all “Jesus, Steve, how much brylcreem do you use, anyway?”)

happy belated birthday to @diminutive-fox!

Now my day will be better!

Today I received the polish edition of 19th volumes of Ao no Exorcist with Mephisto on cover! σ(≧ε≦o)

Ignore my stupid face, lol.

This volume of Polish edition caught up with the Japanese edition. Now for new volumes I will wait much longer 。゚(゚´Д`゚)゚。

18th volume

The one where Bucky and Steve get married

Summary: Where Bucky is the world’s deadliest bridezilla, Steve gets a ‘close’ shave with a Cold Steel Recon knife, Bucky gets sentimental about flowers, and the boys get married.

Characters: Bucky Barnes x Steve Rogers; Best Man Sam Wilson, Best Woman Natasha Romanoff; Tony Stark gets a license

Warnings: Bad language words, lots of sassy Bucky, brief mention of knife play. So much fluff. A bit of SMUT, so please follow the rules and be 18+ to read (or at least skip the shaving scene).

A/N: Here’s my story for @hellomissmabel ‘s birthday and 2k follower celebration, congrats again Annie! The idea was to include ‘yellow roses’ into a story, and in case you didn’t know, yellow roses are all about new beginnings. That’s always an excellent theme with our favourite boys, right?


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Steve Rogers is wrapped in a warm, fluffy blanket burrito when the bedroom door slams open. It booms like canon fire and he jerks awake with a shout, tumbles off the bed, and smashes his head on the nightstand.

Scrambling to untangle from the sheets, he scrubs the grit from his eyes and looks around in a panic.

Bucky Barnes stands in the doorway, wearing nothing but electric blue boxers and a massive smile. He’s holding his toothbrush in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other.

He is the only human being on the planet who drinks coffee while he brushes his teeth.

He’s fucking weird.

Steve loves him so fucking much.

“Wakey, wakey bitch! We’re getting married today!” Bucky takes a huge slug of coffee, and pops his toothbrush back in his mouth. He’s grinning at Steve while he brushes, flecks of white foam dripping to the floor.

“You’re fucking weird.” Steve mumbles, collapsing back to the floor.

Bucky laughs at the top of his lungs.

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i got tagged by @ginniewheezie to post my lockscreen, background, last song i listened to and last selfie i took! i guess this also counts as @starrybangtagoncteen ‘s bias tag? i mean jihoon is my bias,,,, anyway

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A practise run of our medieval-smoke-n-cloak self portrait photoshoot to see how Zach (and me) went with handling everything! Still waiting for our final pieces of tack to arrive, including a chamfron for him. He was a champion, I even had a jump with smoke bombs under it and he was perfect going over it :D I can’t wait to take the real photos soon!!


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Ya, stupid selfies nobody wants to see! lol But I love taking dumb photos with the filters (obviously) so…

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