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This photo of Melvin “Mel” Stewart and Ethel Ayler was taken by Carl Van Vechten on June 10, 1957. They are in character as ‘Simple’ and 'Zirata’ of the Langston Hughes play, Simply Heavenly.

Both Stewart and Ayler made their career debuts in the late 1950s and went on to appear in numerous stage shows, television episodes, and movies thereafter. Younger audiences may remember Mel Stewart for his work as 'Henry Jefferson’ (George’s brother) on episodes of All in the Family and Ethel Ayler for her work as 'Carrie Hanks’ (Clair’s mother) on The Cosby Show and as 'Gran Mere’ in Eve’s Bayou.

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Alois Trancy - Black Butler

Photo By: Kevin Free Photography

Shintarō Midorima -  Kuroko no Basket

Photo By: We Love Tony Wong Photography

Yata Misaki - K Project

Photo By: SG. Photography

Duncan - Dream of Doll

Photo By: SG Photography

Prince Diamond - Sailor Moon

Photo By: Kevin Free Photography

Judar - Magi

Photo By: Allie D.

Ferid Bathory - Owari No Seraph

Photo By: Stephen Melvin

Howl & Sophie - Howl’s Moving Castle

Photo By: Stephen Melvin 

Rin & Len - Vocaloid: Story of Evil 

Photo By: Kevin Free Photography

France - Axis Powers Hetalia

Photo By: Treasa’s Photography

Cosplay Credits: Tumblr , Instagram