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20170623 Instagram | Brave Girls (bravegirls.official)

bravegirls.official 유쾌하기 그지 없는 브레이브걸스!
오늘 보러 와준 팬 분들 너무 고맙습니다♥

#맥심어워즈 #브레이브걸스 #유정 #충격의베이글상 #꺄😀

It was an amazing day for Brave Girls! Thank you so much for the fans that came to see us today!  ♥ (emoji: little heart)

#maximawards #bravegirls #yujeong #bagelgirlimpactaward #kkya😀 (emoji: grinning face)

Horns arrived today!  Time to get them off this crappy headband and start painting them.  Well, first I have to decide if they’re getting gold spiralling or going full golden.

I wish my house were just a little bigger or had a garage for a worktable, so I could just make my own horns.  Alas, alas, the woes of tiny living.