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Hyper Projection Engeki Haikyuu - Winners and Losers

Dress rehearsals finished; tomorrow will be their first show in Miyagi, home of Haikyuu!! 

  • Judai is still trying to get a normal photo with Sonde.  He got pretty close for once.  
  • I think literally everyone went out to eat beef tongue somewhere.
  • Kenta and Shouri have matching sweatshirts now.  
  • Pretty sure Tatsunari stole Yamaguchi’s wig. 
Los Angeles.

1. I can’t hear Kings of Leon’s Use Somebody without thinking of Coachella, sunset from the VIP section (I was dating the editor-in-chief of a music publication at the time), and a bevy of Victoria’s Secret models in front of me, chain smoking and drinking white wine in plastic cups, perfect hair and cut off shorts. I wore white denim and a white t-shirt, tortoise shell Wayfarers, tan sandals, a baseball cap, hair tucked under.

2. I can’t hear Kings of Leon’s Sex on Fire without thinking of the jukebox at The Short Stop on a Sunday afternoon, day drunk and lightly dancing in the back patio, cigarette in hand, the bartender calling me from inside, asking me if I want in on a round of shots.


disney meme [1/9] characters➞ emperor kuzco 
“he’s the sovereign land of the nation. he’s the hippest cat in creation. he’s the alpha, the omega, a to z. and this perfect world will spin around his every little whim ‘cause this perfect world begins and ends with…. me”

roni commissioned @gonecrabbin for my boys wiley and nice and i’m so in love!!!!! “HE GOT NERVOUS!!!” LOOK AT AT THIS!!! this was such a pleasant surprise and an absolute delight thank you so much to both @ronibravo and jacki!!!! (also consider commissioning her!! look at how sweet this is!! the style just kills me)


Also i wanted to post the two selfies i actually REMEMBERED to take..OK NOW can we talk about Jongies Fanboy WHO I GOT TO SIT NEXT TO!!!??? How did i get so lucky!! The one whom Jong has noticed and recognized multipal times now! Hey yelled “ I love You Jonghyun!!” again and all SHINee looked our way and talked to him OMGGG and they even remembered exactly where he sat last year at the fanmeet so they totally remember him!! UNREAL!  Sandro meeting you made the concert even more memorable!! Thanks for being a great crying/freakout seat buddy!! LOL And my girl @shineejobros we meet again!!! awesome to see you again its always crazy and amazing to see you..Love you!!! and so happy we got to share this exp!!! xoxo

to all my buddys i saw and met up with IM SORRY WE DIDNT TAKE PICS!!