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so who else is just waiting for jasper to finally break down and cry :’’)

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This is unrelated to anything, probably even unrelated to UT, but have you ever been listening to a song and you KNOW you associate the song with something, like a game you were playing when you first heard it, or a fic, or a show, or even just a personal idea or project?

…but you can’t remember what?? There’s a song that I have an intense and strong feeling of pseudo-nostalgia while listening to, but I cannot remember what project or whatever I’m actually feeling nostalgic for.

I’m trying to guess based off the time I downloaded the song and other songs I downloaded that same day but it only sort of is helping me, because all that points to is that it was for an original project… but I didn’t have an original project going on??? Maybe the song was inspiring an idea but it never quite formed and I’m actually just nostalgic for the song itself???

Anyway ignore me. This is going to bother me every time I listen to this song but I am fine.