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it’s really depressing/distressing to go on housing websites and see all the actual affordable, true middle class homes advertised as tear downs and not even show photos of the inside of the house. like anything $200k-$400k especially in bellevue or kirkland, good single family homes built in the 60s and 70s, are all advertised as tear downs to build your dream home close to microsoft and amazon and the freeways. how is anyone else supposed to survive here. it’s awful. why can’t people just use and repurpose and take care of what already exists why do they have to be so wasteful


nnicolesims replied to your photo “Mac hurries inside, she is almost late and she is never late!  Remy…”

Mac is one of my favorites 

Then you are in for a treat over the next 6 days because it’s all Mac/Remy posts.

jodeebradley14 replied to your photo “Remy is working on a video game he is modding, he would rather be…”

Of course! 

LOL……shhh with your ReMac ship name

beverlyallitsims replied to your photo “Making out in the closet before school. Gabe should be happy there…”

The expression on his face 

The mild mannered and sweet Sim likes his wild girl for reasons like this!

mdianasanders replied to your photo “And where are you two headed? LOL at the look on Luna’s face. If you’d…”

I bet it’s because she disapproves of her husband’s version of the Dinosaur Princess ;)

Yep!  Only mama can tell it right and Mari just tolerates daddy reading it because she really wants to find that superhero.

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You bully!

jodeebradley14 replied to your post “Me……”


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I’m excited!

To all three above, I cried like a big ol baby doing the last 20 some odd posts for them.  OMG….

So I’m absolutely mortified right now. All of the folders on my desktop (Including the one with ALL of my art, WIP’s, photos etc inside it) have disappeared. I’m using Recuva now to try and get them back (Since they’re not in the trashcan, any other folders, or coming up when I scan the whole damn C drive), cross your fingers Recuva picks it up - I can’t lose all of this work!