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Yo, brahs. I got some pics to share with you guys. Last year, we had a little photo shoot for Halloween. We all had some kickass costumes, one was the Grand Wizard King, yours truly, and the King of the Drow Elves, Kyle plus two new members. It was just some stupid thing Eva really wanted to do, and I can never say no to my little ginger princess. 

Here’s the cutest elf princess you’ll ever see. Just look at her. The pastel purples compliment her hair, the subtle blues from the flowers. She’s so hella cute, you guys. 

The heir to the Kingdom of Kupa Keep’s throne and a badass little thief. He had a bit of help designing his outfit from the king himself.~ 

The two kings of the conjoining kingdoms, one hella rad Grand Wizard and one lame Jew elf. I really like the contrast of the night sky with our costumes, it adds a nice touch. The slight glow of the moon really gives this photo the atmosphere it needed. 

It’s nothing fucking important or anything, I just wanted to share some photos and show off my kids. Kyle and I want to get Eva’s birth pictures up this week. We wanna get shit done but work gets in the way. But we’ll get shit up, I swear on my life, you guys. 

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Regrann from @kayleymariecosplay - *SNIKT*
Photo Wizard: @g28646
Suit: @castlecorsetry
Wig: @wigisfashion
Contacts: @honeycolor_official
Claws: @darkmatterprops
This is one of my absolute favorite photos. GCF Photography knocked it out of the park!
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