photos in bottles


Name a more iconic duo than me and this baby lamb… You cant

+ a bonus goat

(He / Him for me She / Her for the lamb and mama goat)

[image desc: 5 photos of me (1) me bottle feeding a lamb (2) me kissing the lambs head (3) me bottle feeding the lamb with goats from a wide angle with surrounding my wheelchair (4) me with a goat next to me (5) me looking down at the lamb while feeding it and smiling]

Things taken out of context

“I’ve got a little tickle in my pickle” -my history teacher

“I could take photos of this water bottle next to some scantily-clad women and advertise it” -my spanish teacher

“I’m a CAPITALIST I water my trees with OIL”

“I’m gonna write a book called ‘The woman in the sequin top’”

“shell me, papa caesar”

“afflict me, father" 

“what do you mean you stole her legs??”

“10/10 would smash the ammonia”

“A pack of obamas”

“I need to take a holy shit”

“That’s not pudding…”

“I am five christian men”

“did you say ‘where is my butthole’”

also we went on a field trip and someone pissed in an iced tea bottle and let it roll to the back of the bus



GRIMTALK is a weekly snapshot of my personal Grimoire as it progresses each week. I started this project to help motivate myself to work on my grimoire but as the weeks progressed it became something more than just photos. 

I really would love to see other witches start their own GRIMTALK and share snippets of their Book of Shadows or Grimoire as they progress each week (or each month if that’s easier).

This week on GRIMTALK is my version of a Witch Bottle. My witch bottle is heavily influenced by both @oldmotherredcap and @maddiviner ‘s versions (They had really good ideas which I incorporated into my new witch bottle).

This week there is also a sigil design which is engraved into the wax on the outer bottle. This sigil (pictured above) states: “I am protected from all those who may wish me harm or misfortune.”

To see any of the previous weekly photos, check out the GRIMTALK page!

Elopement - Jason Todd x Reader

Bullets rang around you as you sprinted down a corridor towards a closing metal door. You dove through, rolling to your feet on the other side. Glancing over your shoulder, you smiled when you saw the men chasing you disappeared behind the closing door. The door sealed behind you.

“I’m in,” you spoke into the comlink as you surveyed the room. Finding a control panel, you attempted to hack the building’s computer system.

A chuckle sounded from the other end of the comlink. “I never doubted you for a second.”

“Sure you didn’t, Lover-boy,” you teased, grinning at the chuckles buzzing in your ear. “How are you doing with the mercenaries?” 

“Oh, we’re having a party out here,” he replied. The faint sound of gunshots echoed through the com. You frowned when you didn’t get another answer.

“Jason?” The panic made your voice crack. Time stopped as you waited for a reply.

“I’m still here, Sweetheart.” You sighed as Jason’s husky voice filled your ear. Even after all this time, your heart still fluttered at the sound. “One of these idiots just shot himself.”

You snickered, finishing your hacking. Sticking a flash drive into the terminal, you started downloading the information. You and Jason had accepted a contract to collect data on Black Mask’s movements through the western part of the United States. The two of you were currently in one of Black Mark’s main warehouses in Las Vegas. “I’ve started the download.”

“Good,” Jason grunted. The sound of a punch came through the com. “I might need your help out here. More mercenaries showed up.”

“I’ll come when I can,” you replied. You hacked into the security cameras to find out where Jason was. When you found him, you winced at the number of new mercenaries attacking Jason. He was holding them off, but you knew he would need your help to take them down. 

The terminal beeped, the download was finished. You took the flash drive out, slipping it safely into your pocket. Taking out your own gun, you shot the terminal to erase your tracks. Once it was destroyed, the sealed door reopened to reveal the men who you had trapped outside. They raised their guns at you.

“Nice to see you again, Boys,” you greeted cheerfully, swinging into action. The men were down in five seconds flat. You sprinted back down the corridor towards a glass window. Shooting out the glass with your gun, you leaped through the window to land a flying kick to one of the mercenaries attacking Jason.

“Hello Sweetheart, it’s nice of you to drop in,” Jason flirted as you joined him in the battle. The two of you fought seamlessly together. 

“I was in the neighborhood,” you mused, punching a mercenary out cold. You flipped over Jason to perform a high kick on another one. 

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Android OC desperately tries to get sick. Android OC breaks out the plastic wrap and sits in cold bathwater during his owner’s 9-to-5.

I’m so down with the robot excitement on here. I don’t even care. I don’t even care. I don’t even care.