photos in bottles

✨Stronger Dreams🌙

a spell bottle to promote stronger dreams (more specifically lucid dreaming)


✨black salt (anti nightmare)

✨silver glitter (astral plane)

✨thyme (sleep)

✨rosemary (mental ability)

✨clear quartz (divine energy)

✨rose quartz (clarity)

✨sigil (promote lucid dreaming)

sealed with purple wax for attunment with higher realms. i also carved a moon glyph into the wax for psychic ability and lunar power.

keep on a nightstand, under a pillow, under your bed, or anywhere near where you sleep to make the effects stronger!

Day 634—

I am now considered a member of the mining crew, with any luck they will make me foreman. The riches of St. Petersburg awaits. Perhaps I will buy a silk tophat?


Make your weekend a good one.



GRIMTALK is a weekly snapshot of my personal Grimoire as it progresses each week. I started this project to help motivate myself to work on my grimoire but as the weeks progressed it became something more than just photos. 

I really would love to see other witches start their own GRIMTALK and share snippets of their Book of Shadows or Grimoire as they progress each week (or each month if that’s easier).

This week on GRIMTALK is my version of a Witch Bottle. My witch bottle is heavily influenced by both @oldmotherredcap and @maddiviner ‘s versions (They had really good ideas which I incorporated into my new witch bottle).

This week there is also a sigil design which is engraved into the wax on the outer bottle. This sigil (pictured above) states: “I am protected from all those who may wish me harm or misfortune.”

To see any of the previous weekly photos, check out the GRIMTALK page!