photos i took a few years ago


A few years ago my cousin and I were using a spirit board and started talking to a little girl who told us that her name was Sylvia! She asked us to come find her and say hi, so we asked her to give us some more information, which she did. She gave us a couple other names of her friends in the cemetery. We went to explore later that night and found all three of their headstones. The top left photo is of the notes I took during our conversation and then there are photos of each of their headstones. I picked wild daisies and brought some for each of them. Later on, I bought some roses and left the majority for little Sylvia and one for Silas and Eliza. I contacted Sylvia via automatic writing later on and she thanked me for visiting her. Such a sweet spirit 💕✨🔮

I took this photo a while ago and was like 🙌 cause I hadn’t really noticed any muscle on my legs until recently. As of my measures last week, since I started around a year ago I’ve lost 6kg, about 7cm on my waist, about 12cm on my chest (but reduction surgery will do that too) and I can’t remember for the whole year but in the last few months 3 cm off mid thigh and 1 cm gain to bicep after it came down for a few months. I’m aiming for another 5cm off my waist to take me down to 75 and get legs like tree trunks

I just found out that Carrie Fisher has died, and I am absolutely devastated.

I actually got to meet and work with Carrie (and Gary) a few years ago while volunteering at a comic con, and it’s a day I’ll hold on to for the rest of my life. Carrie was, really and truly, everything you think she’d be, and more. I helped with her photo-op, making sure the fans were respectful & orderly, and Carrie was just a riot. She was witty and sarcastic, telling jokes and laughing, greeting everyone with such kindness (especially us workers). She really didn’t have to; after all, it’d been almost a 10 hour day & she was a HUGE celebrity. But she took the time to greet every person, and acknowledge every worker, which not everyone does. I remember her patiently explaining to young children why they couldn’t pet Gary, and telling dirty jokes to a fan in a slave Leia costume; I remember that mischievous twinkle in her eye, and how much she adored Gary. Carrie even stayed after the venue hall closed FOR TWO HOURS to make sure that every single person in line got their photo/autograph. After a grueling day, she still wasn’t grumpy, all smiles and witty banter, because she didn’t want anyone to feel like she treated them badly. 

And of course, she was feisty; she did what she wanted, and definitely didn’t take any shit. She took a break right in the middle of the photo-ops b/c she wanted to, refused security on her smoke breaks, and kept trying to distract the camera man and workers by telling us jokes; and the only thing she would drink was Diet Coke out of a wineglass. (#iconic)

The picture of her I’ll always remember is her, walking from the photo-ops to the autograph table, holding a wineglass full of Diet Coke and Gary trotting along at her heels. She exuding such power, and grace, after such a long day, that I was blown away. It was such an iconic, incredible image; Carrie honestly looked like she ruled the universe.

So RIP to an extraordinary woman. The world gave her hell and she gave it hell right back. She was kind, funny, witty, mischievous, and utterly one-of-a-kind, and I loved her for it; she was living proof that things get better, and keep moving, even when you hit rock bottom. 

Goodbye, Carrie Fisher. 💔😢

It’s currently 4:53am and I don’t want to sleep. I can’t sleep really. I’m sitting here listening to sad songs on Spotify and going through old photos. 

This photo was taken a few years ago at Chain Reaction in Anaheim, California. Stephen and I had taken Dylan along with us to see GOGO13 and it was a hell of a night. It was a Halloween show, so it was pretty fun and we got to see some of your friends we had met that summer at Warped Tour (we took Dylan to that too).  He  was wearing our friend Ruth’s Luna Lovegood glasses and I had to snap this photo of him relaxing in between sets.

I took this photo a few days ago in Cape Town, South Africa. After 10 months of continuous travels, I’m back home in Bucharest, Romania.

After a few days of resting I will be back on the road, because there is much more diversity to capture. After one more year of traveling, I hope I will have enough images to publish The Atlas of Beauty Book, in 2017.


I always found this photo to be quite eerie. This is a photo of my father on the Queen Mary a few years ago. When scrolling through the photos they took, something in this one caught my attention. I kept zooming in on what appears to be two hazy figures in the background wearing all white. I asked my parents if anyone was in that hallway and they insisted it was entirely vacant of any guests at that point in time. They also reported hearing cries of babies throughout the night even though the cabins around them were vacant and there was no baby to be found. I thought this would fit in nicely in the sixpenceee blog.


I also updated my art portfolio’s ( @brittanieloren​ ) theme a few weeks ago! I like it a lot more, I feel like it’s more my style now, even if it’s a little less easy to navigate in some ways. The photo on the header is from some film photos I took in Bagdad Florida with my Holga cat camera. I’ll be posting a lot of Instax and film photos this year! :)

Currently there’s only old work on there, but I’ll be updating it over time so please follow and reblog my artwork to support me! I really appreciate it. <3


Hey, I’m Riley. I’m 16 years old. The plaid pic is me a few months ago, I believe I was high as I took that photo. The camo ones are me now. Sober me. Today I am 29 days sober. I’ve been addicted to morphine for a few years now, but I stopped about 10 months ago. Heroin started to be my drug of choice after that. On December 14th, 2016, I overdosed. I had both heroin and Xanax in my system on this day. It is fucking horrible not being high. I feel like I have no emotion. I’m just here. I feel like I’m not real and everything is just dying and crumbling around me. I want to get high so I can feel again. I can’t be happy without being high. It’s so hard and I don’t know what to do to stop the urges. And people don’t understand what it’s like to be an addict unless they are one themselves. People really just don’t understand. I’m going to be posting my journey to sobriety on here, I’ll try daily. Love you lots everyone. Stay safe. Bump a few for me.

She started learning jewellery making when she was 16 years old. 44 years later she still continues her journey, as a jeweller, in this fascinating field. I took this photo, a few days ago, in Bucharest, Romania.

Soon I will arrive in Sofia, Bulgaria with The Atlas of Beauty.


These are some of my favorite photos from the “South Park 20 Experience” at Comic Con 2016! Not only did we get to have take all these photos, we got to go to Hulu lounge and watch some South Park, walked through a South Park art gallery and were interviewed for Comedy Central! They interviewed us a few years ago at the Year of the Fan Experience and actually remembered us, haha.
I love whenever we get the chance to cosplay from South Park, it’s impossible to take yourself too seriously (as you can see in these photos, haha). I also changed into Wendy Testaburger on the same day and took some photos as her too. Those photos should be posted later!

Kyle Broflovski is me (Red Velvet Cosplay/ RedVelvetCosplay)
Stan Marsh is Veve (veveisme / heyveve)
Cosplays made by Veve

So I’ve been thinking about starting a bullet journal, but I don’t know if I would be able to stick to keeping up with it… I love the thought of setting it out and decorating it myself though.

This morning we went through Market Research and Research Skills, which I have already covered during my second year of college. Took our lecturer 4 hours to go through the 60 slide presentation though, so a cup of coffee got me through it. I ended up generating 7 pages of notes, which is more than I could of ever wrote!
I’ve attached a photo of some stencil work I did a few months ago when I was first introduced to Typography. I never knew that typography is such a huge part in design, and how it can create a whole new feel to a product! It truly is amazing! 

I have decided I am going to try and write more than one post a day, and not just posts on studying and my work, but more posts about my life and how i have coped with different situations in my life. 


I am looking to make friends on here, so we can help motivate each other, and share tips and techniques! 

I’m going to leave this post here! So please follow and send me a message! I’m nice, I promise!! lol



Inspired by the many, many, many views on my last post :-) I cleaned and photographed one of my smaller dollshouses, which I made a few years ago. I took the Greenleaf Buttercup dollhouse kit (1/12th scale) and decorated it in Tudor style. All the furniture is made by me. Some of the miniatures were borrowed from my large dollhouse. Because off the small size I could take this house to my garden and use my ferns as miniature trees in the photoshoot :-) It is so much fun to see my crafts again and to see them in close-up in HD photo’s for the first time :-) And ……. I think the upstairs bedroom needs some more decoration, perhaps some tapestries?


The Real Housecats of Houtong Cat Village.

So, Houtong is a hillside coal mining town northeast of Taipei. The mining industry tanked in the 90’s, and a lot of folks left the town - which apparently ended up with a large population of abandoned cats. (Shame on you people.) BUT - a few years ago, one of the locals posted about the place online and it went viral, so now it’s a popular tourist attraction!

Just a few of the many photos I took on a recent trip to northern Taiwan. I’ve been really enjoying street/travel photography lately - it’s a great way to explore, study lighting, people-watch, find the little details hidden in the world, and to practice composition on the fly. I’ll be posting more photosets from the trip here on my tumblr over the next two weeks!


For a while I’ve been feeling like I just want to get away but I just never did.  Because of the way things have been going lately,  I decided that i’d just make the effort and leave.  I literally decided the night before that I would go.  So I rented a car and just drove.  I didn’t know where I was going but I had driven past Ragged point years ago and even though I didn’t know where it was I just decided to drive up PCH and look for it.  

I left at around 10am and I made a few pitstops along the way but had no desire to shoot.   I stopped at Hearts Castle and I don’t even think I took one shot.  Then a little while later I happen to make to ragged point.  It was around sundown and all of sudden I found myself shooting. 

This was my first photo road trip (not a very far or adventurous on since I live in southern california) but I think it’s the first of many more to come.

Though a bit lonely, this trip was good for my soul……  The  only problem is that now my soul is asking for more.