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Merry Olde England - Fixing Verticals by Norm Lanier
Via Flickr:
One trick I often do when I can in Lightroom is to correct the vertical lines.Vertical distortion that is greatly amplified by wide angle lenses. The fix in LR is to select Lens Correction then select Manual and then Adjust the Vertical slider till lines are straight. The down side of this is that it causes a keystoning shape to the original image and will require cropping the image down.

Some iPhone Photography Tips
  1. Use natural outdoor lighting. Turn off your flash.
  2. For food/table shots, sit outside or by a window in daylight. Typically food photos (like in magazines) are slightly overexposed to look more appealing, so increase the exposure a bit when you edit later.
  3. Take at least 20 shots and pick the one in the series that grabs your eye the most and feels the most satisfying to look at.
  4. Use the grid feature to make sure the lines aren’t crooked and if they are then adjust the photo angle after so that the lines are straight. 
  5. Use the rule of thirds to help with your composition. The grid feature helps with this!
  6. Make use of the “live” photo (iPhone 6) and HDR features.
  7. Play around with iPhoto to adjust the lighting, contrast, temperature, etc. 

Some apps I like: 

  • Facetune - for fixing small imperfections. I have learned that less is more though. Selfie Tip: to make your skin clearer without looking too airbrushed use the “patch” feature where you need it rather than the “smooth” feature over your whole face.
  • Snapseed - especially the “brush” feature. Tip: decrease the saturation on the white parts of your photo if they look too yellow and increase the exposure to make them look brighter.
  • VSCO and Afterlight - For filters. For my current instagram theme I use a small amount of Horine on Afterlight and nothing else.

Sunset on Sunset by Joe Penniston


some photos i took today and edited to look like alternia. i think what makes me start feeling nostalgic is the silhouettes of trees against the somewhat-dark sky.