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Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV Japanese Trailer

As @not-a-space-alien said, I’m glad more and more people are getting into this beautiful fandom, but like…. this tag was perfect because, before the tv show was announced we had like 5 or less posts everyday and it was manageable. 

And I understand that new pics are going to be posted everyday, but please, for the love of Adam Young…. before posting a new photo check it has already been posted. There’s nothing more annoying that to see the same photo (mostly David Tennant pics) over and over again.

And, let’s say, if someone wants to post some different content (like fanart or fics) it’s going to get lost in this sea of Tennant photos.


Compiled some rough refs of Grey’s face + some alternate hairstyles. Colours aren’t exact since I’m not using local colour – I’m not really into it unless things really need to be on-model, like for animation stuff. I actually hesitate to make reference sheets like this for several of my characters even if they’re just rough, but Grey is a special case. I’d still use other illustrations as ref though, since it’s not a proper model sheet (and tbh I could change my mind on things haha).

These are intended for others to refer to, but it’s nice to have it out instead of just in my head. Her uneven eyes are most important.

i just spent the last two hours going through all my old posts to tag certain ones, basically up to the point I started college, though they kept going for so much longer

i feel like i barely recognize the person who was making posts in 2014. it’s so strange. she’s familiar, but she’s definitely not who I am now. i have to be up for class early tomorrow but im overcome with something between nostalgia and a sense that no time has really passed at all. 


This was the second thing i did for the anniverssary. I came with the idea for this comic when i was over a hard time and i think it’s kind of strange how this relate with what happened in the fandom a few days ago.  

Maybe all what we need is to have a little star around us.

Happy anniversary, Miraculous


some tweets on my twitter feed on the latest in America News™

i love these guys

edit: i added tweets from michael, arin, and the CR twitter!

“quick, everybody look cool”

(a family took a photo at work like this so I had to adapt it for my favorite family <3)