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What makes you think the twitter accounts are professional? "Resisting the urge to buy an I love Amsterdam shirt" is something a teenage girl would write

Yes the tweets get ‘interesting’ sometimes.  

What makes me think they are professional comes down to the pictures and locations.  Each one of them are original photos that one cannot find anywhere on the web other than from those twitter accounts, heavily indicating that they were made by those users.  

The #1 reason that makes me think they are professional is the drone.  I have a familiarity with drones so I recognized initially that it was NOT a cheap model, but it took some research to figure out exactly which model it was and to find out that BBC uses the exact same one for their filming.  That is quite a bit of a coincidence.  At the very least, whoever has that bird is DEFINITELY a professional of some capacity because that is not the kind of bird you drop money on for no reason.  It is still within the range of affordability for someone with a high paid job who is really into drones and aerial photography, but anyone who owns that bird likely does or is involved with professional photography and/or filming to some capacity.   

The fact that a picture was taken from the balcony of BBC broadcasting house adds to this.  It was taken in the morning when only employees are likely to be at the building (you can tell from the sunrise shadow positions in the image).  In addition, they are not currently giving tours of the broadcasting house, which also makes it less likely that it is someone who just happened to be passing through and more probable that the twitter account is, at the very least, run by a BBC employee.

As for why I thought they were professionally done before I really looked into the bird,  They had done to some high quality locations.  It is not just a matter of some fan lounging in their house tweeting about going to expensive places and areas… no, the owner of the accounts had actually been there and -taken pictures-.  

They have gone to a rather expensive opera performance,  they have gone to expensive restaurants, to a nice hotel in a remote location, and have gone to museums and scenic areas.  There is just a lot behind that.  Now, I used to go to rather expensive theater performances more frequently and it is entirely possible that a highly paid employee of BBC happens to also be a Johnlock fan and has been taking advantage of their own extensions to tweet under the ContactSH twitter name.  

Being a fan does not make them any less of a professional when it comes to what they do for BBC.  It just means they are fan as well.   The posts are also still high quality with how they are being matched with the photos of the locations.   

When I say that they are professionally made.  I mean that the twitter accounts are very well made and whoever is making them is a professional. Either they are sanctioned, or the creator is a fan who simply happens to also work professionally for BBC in some capacity. Based on the bird, it is possible that their work either deals with filming or that they have exposure to the filming side of the company in some way.

    Ok:Go’s maknae: GALE, graduates high school!

On February 10, the graduation ceremony for the students of Hanlim Multi-Arts School took place, and out of the many idol stars graduating from the institute is Ok:Go’s Gale.  With the maknae graduating, all members of Ok:Go are now officially adults.

Currently, Gale’s graduation photos from the ceremony are roaming the web, melting the hearts of many fans. Some fans are even shocked at the fact that the maknae of Ok:Go is already graduating high school. 


  • He’s an oppa now !
  • It seemed like he’ll always be a high schooler but now he’s graduating..
  • Baby is already graduating TT
  • He’s still such a baby
  • “Are you sure this is graduation photos and not the ones for entering high school?”

Fursuits can cost a lot of money, and where´s money unfortunately there are also scammers and fraudsters nearby.

Here you see an advertisement of a premade fursuit using stolen photos from the web and the video shows the suiting up of what you finally get - a poorly fitting rip-off from somebody else fursuit and character. There are a lot of negative comments to this video accusing the person suiting up of “stealing a fursona” - considered a very rude act in the fandom.

BUT PLEASE, be aware that the fraud in this case is not the buyer, she most probably didn´t know that such a fursuit and fursona already exists and trusted (maybe too much) the used images (also she and the owner of the original fursuit are already in contact to find a solution).

THE FRAUD is the online-seller who steals from the maker and the fursuiter and sells poor quality to unaware people who want to join the fandom.

So what to do?

Harassing the victims of such a fraud is no solution !!!

What to do:
Report such sites whenever you stumble over it or post reviews on the site stating that the photos are not what you will get and also that the design is stolen!

Alert people who want to join the fandom of possible frauds and scam and such sites!

If you already got a fursuit by a trusted source, offer advice to people who want to get a fursuit!

If you want a fursuit don´t be afraid to ask, there are sites, blogs and online videos and groups (including this blog) dedicated to the topic, they will help if possible or give contacts to professional and honest fursuit-makers!

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Oh, and I meant 'initiated by someone who's got some relation to the show' AT BEST. Also, it's not a bad advertisement after the fiasco of season four.

Ok, again, which thing? The twitters? Like, the point of an ARG is publicity/advertisement? And considering the history of cases on John’s blog, they’ve been thinking about this game since S2.

Are you saying you think some rando at the BCC is sinking all this time/energy/money (those photos all across Europe aren’t from the web) just because? I mean, expensive hobby I guess.

As for over the top, they are all drama queens…and read some ARG history. Straight up batshit compared to this. Holy mindfuck. I guess I don’t get what you’re getting at.
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