photos from my vacation

  • Kirk: A captain's life is a lonely life.
  • Picard: Indeed.
  • Janeway: Absolutely.
  • Archer: Thank god I've got my dog.
  • Sisko: So... I take it then you guys don't want to see the photos from my latest family vacation?
Holiday Blues Lead To...? (Mature - REQUEST)

I’m kind of embarrassed to post this. I haven’t written an imagine in a quick minute and I’m sure this sucked; but I promised something new before 2016 ended - so here we go. Don’t laugh lol.

Sunday evenings for us were always chill. Justin never had work scheduled and all of my errands could be left to the Monday when I’d be around town; meaning we were left with a lot of time on our hands, and not a lot of ideas.

Exhaling lightly, I snuggled into Justin’s chest further as we lie on our bed, looking back at our vacation photos on my laptop from the Maldives earlier this year. I smiled at the memory of that trip, everything was so tranquil and it was definitely somewhere I’d return to, how could you not love it there?

The natives are lucky.

“I miss vacationing,” I spoke.

“Me too, sometimes California gets monotonous…”

A blush grew on my cheeks as we hovered over a photo of me sat on the small private balcony that our hut came with. It was completely candid, I hadn’t realised that Justin had taken it, but my attire made memories flood back to me instantly.

Dressed in only Justin’s white shirt, my hair a mess, legs bare; I sat on a wicker chair and looked out to the ocean surrounding us.

It was our first night on the island and we decided to check out the Ithaa Undersea restaurant, I mean… what an experience. We’d just got back to the room when Justin wasted no time in picking me up and taking me to the bed where we crumpled the sheets for a while.

“I remember that night,” His voice knocked me out of my thoughts, a chuckle following.

“Mmm, me too.”

His hand that was controlling the keypad trailed to my thigh and brushed over it lightly causing a shiver to run through my body. “You know… we never did get to try anything new like we planned.”

Glancing up at him, I furrowed my brows, “We didn’t?”

“Okay, I lied. We did… but there was something we skipped out on,” He hummed, diverting his attention from the laptop.

“Which was?”

A smirk played on his lips and he caressed my side, “You never got to go down on me,”

My cheeks burned, Justin’s eyes boring into mine with a suggestive grin. Our relationship was relatively new, four months; so we respected each others boundaries, and didn’t force eachother into anything - but I knew this was something that Justin had been itching to mention.

I bit my bottom lip for a short second before I plucked up the courage to speak.


Curse my nervousness.

He shut the lid on the laptop and placed it on the floor. Cupping my cheek in his palm, he pressed his lips to mine softly, “Only if you’re comfortable.”

Nodding, I began to straddle his hips, Justin’s hands claiming my own. Continuing the kiss that was momentarily broken, I pushed all thoughts of anxiety away and let my body act on instinct.

As his lips ghosted down my neck and peppered kisses back upward, my hips rolled, earning a hum from Justin, “I love when you do that,”

Complying with his indirect request for more, I pushed my body down onto him and kept my rhythm. My hands trailed up his shirt and I delicately scraped my nails back down his abs, reaching for the hem and pulling it up.

I sighed appreciatively as Justin’s toned torso came into view, he’d been working out a lot and hiking more; meaning not only was his body newly defined, but his skin was painted with a healthy looking glow.

Justin shifted so he was slightly less upright than before; and I took that as my cue. Kissing down his chest slowly, I made a point of tracing the cross in the centre, it was one of my favourites.

His body involuntarily rolled as I got lower, his breathing heavy. I pecked the purpose tattoo before stopping at his sweatpants, lips meeting his pelvis.

Tugging at the grey material, his signature Calvin’s moved with them, freeing his arousal from its confines. “God, (Y/N)… do something, damnit,”

Giggling softly at his frustration, which he’d done a good job of keeping to himself, I took his length in my hand, trailing up once, watching pre-cum spill from the tip slightly. Locking eyes with Justin as I leant down; his eyes darkened as his focus remained solely on my face.

Licking the tip once, he grunted and bucked his hips; a confident smirk appearing on my lips. “Patience, baby,”

Repositioning myself so that I was inline with his crotch, I took him in my mouth as far as I could, listening as a strained breath left through his nostrils, “Baby,”

Glancing at him, I moaned as I witnessed his euphoria, the unexpected vibrations going straight to his cock; a hearty groan emitting his lips. Justin’s head was hung back, eyes closed and lips parted slightly as he relished the pleasure.

Removing my mouth, and replacing it with my hand, I stroked him a few times, “Am I doing okay, baby?”

“Fucking perfect. Don’t stop.”

Seeing Justin in such a way made me squirm. I loved to please him, and watch as his body shook; the pleasure becoming almost too much for him. Though I loved Justin having his way with me, sometimes being in charge of his release was just as exciting.

His body tensed as he was reintroduced to my mouth, “Oh, shit…” A strangled groan was dragged out, the room growing hotter as his climax peaked, “That feels so good,”

Bobbing my head, I alternated rhythms, before taking him to the back of my throat once more. Justin’s fingers laced in my hair as he thrusted upward, “Fuck, I’m close.”

Jerking him in my hand, I kitten-licked the tip, “Cum for me.”

His eyes rolled to the back of his head as I licked the underside of his shaft from base to tip, before deep throating him one last time as he came undone, “Oh, baby… yes,”

Sitting up and re-straddling his waist, I smiled as he looked up at me with pinkish cheeks, chest rising and falling - man, he was cute.

“You think you can go again?” I asked, biting my lip, the pressure of his cock between my thighs too evident to ignore.

I watched as Justin’s brow raised, a smirk forming. He sat up, our crotches rubbing together, making me whimper quietly.

“Did you just get horny over sucking my cock?”

A blush crept up my cheeks and I looked away, he chuckled, before he reached round the back of my neck and pulled me in for a heated kiss, “That’s hot, babe,” He spoke as he held me close and laid me down.

“I hope you’re ready for this, that’s really fucking turned me on.”


Scenes from the Philippines

Some of my favorite photos from my month long vacation back in July. From the mountains in the Sierra Madre Mountain Range, to the underground river in Palawan, to the islands of both Cebu and Palawan, and to getting the chance to swim with the whale sharks. What an absolutely beautiful country it is that I was blessed to have grown up in. 

Photographed by: Paolo Nacpil

Instagram: capturedphotos

Home Away From Home

“These photos are from a vacation I went on with my family. I love spending time with them, but traveling together can sometimes get overwhelming. Instead of emotionally retreating like I’ve had the tendency to do, I’ve recently been taking photographs to try to romanticize the trips and be more present. I think it’s working.” —Anny Lutwak

I’ve been making a lot of these sailboat necklaces lately - this one is about to sail on over to its new home :) (The photo behind the necklace is one from my vacation to Maui last spring - ahhhh I want to go back!)

PS. Necklace turnaround is still 2-3 days! If you’re in the US there’s still a little time to order before you-know-when!

One last photo before I leave for vacation tomorrow :) This was a present from my cousin( fed-sheeran ) and yeh, I adore it <3

I’m sad because I’m going to miss everything that happens during PAX Prime because I have no WiFi for the next week :( I just hope both Mark and Jack enjoy there time in Seattle along with Felix and Bob and Wade and Ken ………. :)

I love you guys and I will sure as hell miss you <3


-Kat xx