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So, I finally got to see our boys on home ice at PPG Paints Arena in Pittsburgh, PA on Friday night and it was beautiful. I saw them back in February when they played against the Coyotes and that wasn’t enough for me. I had to see them again. But it had to be at their home arena, no place else. So, I decided to save up for a playoff game. I saved up for a couple months and came up with just enough money to fly all the way from Southern California to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I ended up going by myself which was ok because the fellow Pens fans in the arena were so nice and inclusive. Everyone just cheering on the boys together and it was amazing. I took these photos with my iPhone from the first row. I just had to share this because I know so many people in the hockey fandom live so far away from their favorite teams and so many want to see their boys on home ice with all their other fans and it’s worth it. It really is. Anyway, I hope you like the photos. It was the best night. The boys kicked ass and I saw Sid score a goal and Geno scored a goal and I got to chant Fleury’s name so many times with all the other Pens fans and it was Heaven. 

Orbit by Seanen Middleton
Outtake from my “Vespertine” series. The photos were all long exposures, using my iphone torch to create the halo of light around my subject. Super simple! The images were inspired by the thoughts and ideas that always seem to come to me at night, something i’m sure a lot of us can relate to. Hope you enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed making them :)


inside their phone edit 
↳Brooke Maddox


Another great find I found in my dad’s photo collection in Aba, Nigeria this week- old studio photographs from many of the photo studios that were active in Aba during the mid 20th century. These include Paragon, Glamour and Elias studios. Of those I can confirm that Elias studios is still active (at least in some capacity, even if not in name) as some of the descendants of the founding Elias are still shooting as professional photographers in Aba. One of them shot an event for my dad just a few years ago.

It was really great finding this collection and also seeing just how many different studios there were in Aba in the mid 20th century (at least 3)- something I wouldn’t have expected personally despite Aba’s position as a big historical trading center for that part of Igbo land. And not only were there multiple studios in Aba- they were all cranking out incredible work. The competition was clearly stiff and the artistic quality was absolutely spectacular too.

In the last few months I’ve been awed by the mid 20th century work of Malian photographers including Seydou Keita (my personal favorite photographer of all time) and Malick Sidibe. But Nigerian photographers were also active at the same time producing incredible work.

A few weeks ago I went to the National African Art Museum’s exhibit of Chief S. O. Alonge’s work as the court photographer for the Royal house of Benin. His work was stunning and I would highly recommend people go see it if they haven’t already. Besides him though I did not know of any other early-mid 20th century work by Nigerian photographers. “Most of the action in African photography at the time couldn’t have been limited to Mali, though, right?” I wondered. Then I came across this treasure trove of amazing work just sitting in my dad’s library from studios active in Aba around the same time as Keita and Sidibe in Mali. Simply amazing and these are just a small sample of the photos I saw from these Aba studios which I quickly snapped with a low res photos from my iPhone.

There is so much amazing African photography that inspires me as a Nigerian American photographer today. And I hope that despite the lack of coverage of our art and predecessors in many Western circles, that we can continue to document and record the amazing work of the African artists who came before us.


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iPhone photos from my adventure with watermeadows​ the other day!

Have I mentioned that I love my island? The water is crystal clear and so clean, fully of little fish that harmlessly nibble at your toes. The forests are home to so many woodland creatures, including bears, cougars, black-tailed and mule deer, elk, wolves, owls, etc. There are endless streams, rivers, and lakes, all so diverse and beautiful. This particular stream is one of the most beautiful places I’ve come across, and even though it’s easily accessible (being right behind a campground), there is never a person in sight, making it very peaceful. I’m truly blessed to have grown up in such a beautiful part of the world. I’d strongly advise visiting Vancouver Island, and be sure to come say hi if you do!