photos from last summer

Many Glacier is considered the heart of Glacier National Park in Montana. Massive mountains, active glaciers, sparkling lakes, hiking trails and abundant wildlife make this a favorite of visitors and locals alike. Photo from last summer at Swiftcurrent Lake courtesy of Tiffany Nguyen.

Great Hall of the National Building Museum (from last summer), Washington DC


photos from last summer

05.01.17 || 1/100 DOP

Decided to do 100 days of productivity over the summer while I take Orgo I + II. Today I did some chores around the house, went grocery shopping, and started on weekly spreads for May. This one is blue and beach themed with photos from my trip to the beach last summer.

SW: 180-179lbs.
CW: 139lbs.
GW: 125-120lbs.
Height: 5'3"

The picture on the left is from summer last year (2015), the photo on the right is from a few weeks ago (October 2016). There’s a -40lbs. difference between these two pictures.

I’ve always been over weight my whole life. I’ve struggled with binge eating, I’ve tried crash diets…nothing really worked. In 2010 I began making progress with weight loss and lost 20lbs. My lowest weight had been 150lbs.. However I went from clean healthy eating to doing nutrisystem which while it worked, it was not a sustainable diet for me.

My weight stabilized around 160-165 for a few years. About a year into dating my now fiancé I packed on 20lbs. and ended back to where I started in 2010 in the 180lb. range. I decided to go vegan in September 2015. During this time I noticed that I had lost the 20lbs. that I put on from cutting out dairy from my diet. My weight went back down to 160lbs. quickly (probably within a month). After that I decided I wanted to lose more weight, so I started eating less. I was counting calories and doing smaller portions which helped me lose another 10lbs.

I ended up back at my lowest weight of 150lbs. I decided I was going to break through my 150lbs. plateau. I went full on vegan and started going to the gym 5 times a week. I now weigh 139lbs. I still have a long way to go until my goal weight but I’m really proud of my progress so far. :)

I also have a tumblr! You can follow me and my weight loss adventure at @whitneyk824

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My thoughts: Jamie Dornan is a great actor. I have seen him in his other work and yes, he has the chops. But in real life? He clearly wears his emotions on the surface. The man cannot hide them for anything. I get why they are putting out the pics of him and the family. But I must say, he has barely attempted to look even halfway okay with his wife since FSOG premiered. He at least looked truly like he was in love when he was with Keira Knightly (only comparison of off set/normal life pap pics). Compare those pap pics and you notice a world of difference. He knows the game by now, so you would think these days he would want to be extra convincing. He clearly cares more about getting the pap shoots done and over with, as he looks at the camera every time with the “can we go now” look when he is with her. That is different  from the protective “can you please stop taking pics” photos we got from on set last summer when he was shooting with Dakota…..

Funny, I remember seeing the BTS for FSOG and thinking “aww, they are so crushing on each other”. Then I saw the recent snippets of BTS, as well as the publicity and premieres for FSD, and thinking “thats his woman now”. Even the so-called tamer pictures from set give so much away. 

Now, we all know what true love looks like.

Sitting in the airport in Frankfurt, too tired to read/write/work, so I opened lightroom for the first time in ages and quickly edited a photo from last summer in the Alps. I’m going to take more photos this year. It’s time.

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Your Instagram style hunter ring post has got me thinking about what the other hunter's profile pictures would be! Any ideas?

Well Chandler’s would be a head shot straight from the family photo shoot they had last summer. RichBoyTM

McNamara would be a selfie he took at some party with a pouting chandler and duke in the background.

Duke would have some extremely cringey just-got-out-the-shower selfie were all he did was style his hair and put a towel around his shoulders.

Vincent would probably have the picture the Hunters took just after his make over

Breaking In (REQUEST)

It was Saturday night, which meant Justin was out with Rory and Za at the skatepark. I didn’t mind, it gave me time to do whatever I needed to get done without him smothering me.

I had just got out of the bath and into one of Justin’s oversized shirts, it was around 9:30pm, so I expected him home in around an hour or so. It was weird that they wanted to skate at night time, but each to their own.

Grabbing my laptop, I opened it up and typed in my password, the photo of Justin and I from our trip to Cancún last summer popping up on the screen. I smiled at it, it was my favourite photo of us, ever – we looked so happy.

Scrolling down twitter, I looked as the photos of Justin that fans had taken tonight filled my twitter timeline. Clicking on a video, I watched as he tried to land a trick but fell miserably on his butt. Laughing, I favourited it.

I heard a bang on the door. Justin had his key, right? Hearing several more, I knew this wasn’t normal. Shutting the laptop and jogging to the bathroom, I clicked the lock and dialled Justin’s number.

Hey, you have reached the cell of Justin Bieber. Sorry I c–

Damn it, voicemail. I heard another bang which sounded like the front door opening. My heartbeat accelerated and I started to panic. Who the heck was in my house?! I dialled 911 and tried to be as quiet as I could.

Ringing Justin again, I leant against the door.

“Hey baby, what’s up?”

“J-justin, I think there’s someone in our house.” I whispered.

“You think? It’s probably just the door creaking.”

“No, I know there’s someone in here. The front door made that loud sound when it hits the shoe cupboard.”

“Shit, okay. Where are you?”

“In the bathroom.”

“I’ll try and be as quick as possible. Stay calm, babe. I love you.”

“I love you, too.”

Hearing some footsteps coming up the stairs, I tried my hardest not to cry. I’d never been in a situation like this before and I didn’t know if I’d get out of it.

I listened as my vase fell off of the desk and what sounded like my drawers being checked. Fuck, they’re close.

After around 5 minutes, I couldn’t hear anything more. Exhaling in relief, I made it out alive.

The doorknob shook. My heartbeat stopped and my eyes widened. They’re still here.

I could feel their force attempting to get into the bathroom but I was trying my hardest to push back against it.


I relaxed slightly, but was Justin here, too?

“I don’t care, my girlfriend is up there!” I heard the all too familiar voice. He was obviously talking to an officer who told him to stay put. I heard a gunshot and I screamed, did they just shoot my boyfriend?

“Police! You’re under arrest.” I heard a male voice say, I watched the door knob twist and I anxiously turned the lock. The door burst open, revealing my boyfriend looking frantic as ever.

“Baby, oh my God, you’re okay.” He sighed, pulling me into the tightest embrace you could imagine.

I glanced over his shoulder and witnessed the male breaking and entering our home. A scruffy, middle aged man, who looked anything but warm. Creepy didn’t even cut it.

I pulled Justin away and held him at arms length, “You’re not hurt?”

“No, he shot the roof – we’re gonna have to get it filled.” I glanced upwards into the bedroom and indeed saw a bullet hole.

“We’re okay, that’s all that matters.” I mumbled, pulling him in for a lingering kiss.