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It’s almost time!! Season 5 is nearly upon us, so let’s tide ourselves over the final hurdle, the last week, by celebrating some of everyone’s favourite moments from the past 4 seasons!

Between 20th – 26th Sept, join in by counting down each day with a different theme however you want to - whether it be gifs, edits, photos, drawings, writing or anything at all you feel like doing, please join in!

20th Sept // Day 1 – favourite season

21st Sept // Day 2 – favourite cold open

22nd Sept // Day 3 – favourite episode

23rd Sept // Day 4 – favourite Peraltiago moment

24th Sept // Day 5 – favourite location

25th Sept // Day 6 – funniest moment(s)/quote(s)

26th Sept // Day 7 – free day!

And finally… ‘Brooklyn Nine Nine Season Five Countdown Week’ is the like the least catchy thing ever (sorry guys, my bad), so let’s use the tag #b99week to share your posts with everyone else participating! Tagged posts will be reblogged onto this blog as well!

Hopefully people will see this and participate, but most importantly - have fun guys! There’s not long left now!