photos do not do his beauty justice

Baby steps

Thank you for sending in this request! It’s a little bit short and probably does not really touch much on the interaction with Wonder Woman but I hope you will still enjoy it nonetheless!

Seeing your hesitant steps, Bruce places a hand on your shoulder causing you to look up at your father figure, staring at him with eyes wide and a wary expression. Today is the day you will finally meet Diana Prince – you have heard very little of her but it seems as if she is somehow Bruce actually respects and from what Alfred has told you, Diana is also a very strong woman.

“You will be fine.” Maybe that was the sort of words you needed to hear because there is a spring in your steps now. It makes Bruce a little bit sad at how you are still needing to hear the reassurance from him and he grits his teeth as he recalls the situation he had pulled you out of – it had been around the same week as when Bruce had brought in Dick officially.

When the two of you finally reached the apartment, you see a woman standing in front of the door, looking straight at the two of you and already, you feel a little bit in awe. The way she was standing felt very majestic as well as eye-catching. Not to mention the fact that she is extremely beautiful too.

“Thank you for doing this, Diana.” Bruce holds out his hand for a handshake and instead of shaking his hand, Diana pulls Bruce in a brief hug instead before kneeling down in front of you, looking at you straight in the eyes. Bruce blinks a couple of times before shaking his head. Diana does things as she pleases and he really should not be surprised at all.

Looking at Diana up close, you can understand why she has earned a lot of respect. You can see the hardships that she has faced in her eyes too. Up close, Diana is definitely extremely beautiful and the occasional photos you have seen of her either as Diana Prince or as Wonder Woman definitely do not do her any justice.

“What is your name, young one?” Diana asks you. When Bruce had asked her for a favor, Diana had actually thought she would need to be fighting someone or even going on a mission but she definitely did not expect this to happen. Though she probably should have seeing as from what she understands, Clark has already somewhat taken the young Robin under his wings too.

You give her a shy smile. “Y/N.”

“Well, Y/N, you and I are going to be spending the day together.” Diana stands back up and holds out her hand for you to take and you blink a couple of times before taking her hand when Bruce lightly nudges you forward. Diana gives you a very bright smile when you finally hold her hand.

“Thank you for agreeing to help me, Diana.” Bruce tells Diana who simply shakes her head.

“I am absolutely honored you trust me enough to allow me to teach Y/N.” Diana expresses and Bruce nods his head. There were not a lot of people he could have approached easily when it comes to you and seeing as this is the first time he has ever had anything to do with a little girl, he had been quite at loss of how to help you grow. It was only under Alfred’s suggestion that he finally approached Diana for help.

You look at Bruce who places a hand on your head, caressing your hair. “You will do fine, Y/N. Remember how much fun Dick had when he came back from his times with Clark?” He knows you have a thing about leaving his side after he had saved you but Bruce thinks Diana is really the person you need that can help bring all of your potential and get you to come out of the shell that you have built around yourself.

“Yeah, I remember.” You nod your head and Bruce gives you a small smile, one that causes you to smile too. “Can we get pizzas for dinner later though?” You ask him and Bruce pretends to contemplate it for a little bit before he chuckles and nods his head.

“So long as Alfred does not find out, we can definitely eat any food you want.”

Diana smiles at the exchange the both of you are having. It is a little heart-warming to see Bruce expressing his feelings and this exchange the two of you have is most likely going to be something Diana is going to cherish too. “Come on then, Y/N.”

You pull your hand away from Diana to wrap both of them around Bruce and Bruce lets out another chuckle as he hugs you to him too. You quickly pull away and smile at him before reaching for Diana’s hand once more. “See you tonight, Bruce.”

Bruce nods his head and looks at Diana. Diana simply nods her head before bringing you away from Bruce, engaging you in a little story from Themyscira.

Being with Cas (A Drabble Series): Photography with Cas

Being with Cas Masterlist


warning: a really fuckin cheesy ending line bc I couldn’t think of any other way to end it !!!! ha ha aha!!!! (im the worst)


Ever since you first shared your love of photography with Cas, he couldn’t stop taking photos. He was constantly using his phone to photograph nature, any animals he came across, and you–especially photos of him and you together. His phone background was even a selfie that he took of him kissing you on the cheek, which Dean found “disgusting”, but it made you smile every time you saw it. So, because of his newfound passion for photography, you decided to buy him a Polaroid camera for Christmas. 

“Open it,” you encouraged with a smile, sitting across from your Angel on Christmas morning. 

Cas looked at you with playful narrowed eyes and a smile, opening the wrapping paper to reveal the old Polaroid camera. His brow furrowed as he examined it. “What is it?”

“It’s a Polaroid,” you explained. “It’s kind of an old fashioned camera. It prints photos as soon as you take them; here, I’ll show you.” You reached over and took the camera, snapping a quick photo of a surprised Castiel. A moment later, the photo printed out. “Now you shake it, like this,” you said, shaking the photo until it became visible, “and the photo appears. Tada!” 

Cas took the photo from you and examined it for several moments before a small smile appeared on his face. “This is very thoughtful. Thank you, my love,” he whispered, leaning over and giving you a sweet kiss. 

Castiel spent the rest of the day taking photos, documenting your Christmas spent with the Winchesters. Later that night, when it was time to go to bed, you entered the room you shared with Cas and gasped at what you saw: an entire wall covered with the photos he had taken over the course of the day. There were some photos of the Christmas dinner you and the boys had prepared, some photos of the Winchesters and their gifts, and more than a few selfies of you and Castiel. But mostly, they had been candids of you, smiling and laughing with Sam and Dean, curled up by the fire as you read your book, and even several photos of you looking at Castiel with a warm smile on your face. 

“Cas,” you said quietly, catching his attention as he put the last photo on the wall.

He turned around and smiled, walking over to you and taking you into his arms. “Do you like it?” 

“I love it. But why are there so many of me?” you chuckled.

“I was trying to capture how beautiful you looked,” he admitted.  “But I don’t think the photos do you justice.” Your cheeks burned and you buried your face in his chest at his words, causing him to chuckle. “Thank you for my camera, my love. I really enjoy it.”

“Anything for my Angel.”

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My EXO’rDIUM in Manila Experience!

[Personal Blog Post]

Hi guys, this is Admin J, the sole admin of EXO CHART RECORDS. I thought it would be fun to share my EXO’rDIUM experience from Manila, Philippines.

It was a 2-Day concert, for Day 1 I was seated in the Upper Box section, had a nice view of EXO and got to enjoy the performances as a whole, everything went smoothly and my heart was captured by EXO from start to finish. 

Now let’s talk about Day 2, because this is 100% the most unique concert experience I have ever had in my life. 

  1. I lined up at 3PM, entered around 4PM and the concert started at 5:15 PM. The concert ended around 8:45, it lasted 3.5 hours.
  2. I was in VIP Section, Floor B, Standing (AKA the pit - right side). So I was standing for 6 hours straight, but it was worth it.
  3. Lay was not present during the shows in Manila. The political climate between China & The Philippines is still complicated and he has endorsements, contracts, etc. I understand his situation, I’ve seen EXO 5 times without Lay, so hopefully, one day, I hope to see you on stage with your brothers soon Zhang Yixing. <3
  4. I was extremely close to the stage, only 2 people were in front of me, which I was totally satisfied with, considering I’m very tall and broad, so no problem.
  5. 2 people fainted, 1 Filipino girl & 1 Chinese girl, I need to applaud my fellow Filipinos for handling the crisis with compassion, holding up the girl, calling for bouncers quickly and feeding her water. That’s why, if you are planning to watch inside the pit, DRINK UP AND STAY HYDRATED, very important!
  6. Concert started and boom, they push.
  7. See this is where I don’t play, I like to consider myself a gentleman, so I’m not going to push this tiny girl in front of me just to get closer. Good thing I’m strong because those in the back are not going to push me out.
  8. FANSITE MASTERS EVERYWHERE. At one point during the concert, there was a huge camera lens to my left shoulder, a huge lens to my right shoulder, and another lens right in front of me. They were so close, I could hear the rapid sniping of their cameras, photo after photo. 

I need to make a pause here and kinda highlight my experience with these fansites. Disclaimer: If you like fansite photos (because I do as well) that’s okay, if you don’t like them, that’s okay too. It’s up to you to decide if you like them or not. 

MY EXPERIENCE however, was both Good & Bad, let me start with the bad first. The fansite girl to my LEFT, was… for the lack of a better word, a complete beast. She was pushing me so hard to get closer that I would have fallen, but NO, SORRY GIRL, you were NOT going to ruin this night for me. I pushed her back so hard, she tumbled back and looked at me, and I gave her the biggest death glare of my life. The people around beside me saw us and if you search on twitter, MANY Filipino fans had less than stellar experiences with these girls. Listen, as a man, I’m not going to put my hands on a woman, but you aren’t going to elbow your way to the front and you will NOT DISRESPECT ANYONE to get there. 

My advice when dealing with them is, if you can, stand your ground. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a guy and I’m tall that she didn’t try and come for me, because I’ve read experiences online of them pulling on the hair of female fans. If you feel threatened, call the bouncer right away and have them escorted out because these cameras are not permitted. Don’t allow them to touch your personal property (your camera, phone or lightstick), some will try to push your hands, grab your phone, do anything to get a nice shot. Don’t allow them, try and get the bouncer’s attention.

I’m not the type to retaliate, God tells us to never take revenge and to leave it to the Lord. So around 15 minutes later, a bouncer parts our section like the red sea, grabs her around the waist and hauls her OUT of the pit! I’m happy that happened during around the start of the concert, because everything after that was amazing!

My Good experience with a fansite, was a shorter girl who was pretty nice! She had a fellow fansite girl with her and they weren’t being disrespectful or rude. She was talking to me, but I couldn’t understand her, sorry bes. :( But at one point, she thought I was leaving or something, and lightly grabbed me to stay and I think she wanted me to hide her cause I’m tall and I was like “lol ok”. When she wasn’t taking photos, there was a short fan beside her trying to film EXO on stage, but her arms couldn’t really reach EXO since they were on the extended stage; so the fansite girl took her phone and started filming EXO for her since she had longer arms, it was cute. She gave it back and then left, but grabbed me to get into her spot, and I ended up even nearer to EXO. 

Overall, I’m happy my experience with these fansite girls was both positive and negative. It showed me two different sides. My guardian who was waiting outside saw a girl leaving a decoy camera lens before entering the arena but her real lens was strapped to her leg, underneath a long skirt. (She saw it when the girl ran). And then AS SOON as the concert ended, all the Korean fansites RAN LIKE WILD, they were probably the first ones to leave. On Day 1, my guardian saw 5 girls, caught, having to leave their lenses before entering. She couldn’t believe it.

OK! So, back to EXO! I will highlight each member.

  • Suho: Leader Kim! He gave THE most fan service. He’s so grateful, it didn’t matter whether it was a ballad, a dance track, an acoustic session, or whatever, the guy is always waving to the fans. His English is incredibly thoughtful and cute. Please support our leader, he’s someone to be cherished. 
  • Xiumin: SEXY.  When ‘White Noise’ came on and he was elevated right in front of my face. Winding down, and body rolling, and everything was EXTRA. Extra face, extra body, extra everything. That’s a man, yet, also a child because 3.6.5 would come on and if you were next to me, you would think that was my favorite song with Xiumin jumping in my face. I haven’t played that song on my iPod in 2 years and I KNEW ALL THE DAMN WORDS.  
  • Chen: FAN SERVICE KING. I know he saw me, we had a connection, I’m currently in his mind as of this moment. But seriously, he was such a performer! Everyone I know thought he was the most handsome that night. His arms too. And his voice, the vocals were on point. It’s such an experience to watch him hit those high notes up close. 
  • Chanyeol: TOBEN HAIR, is a Q-T-PA-2-T, is a real life human puppy. But suddenly transforms and slays the electric guitar while eye body slamming me. His guitar skills were SO GOOD! What a multi-talented king. Last January 2016, for EXO’luXion, he was serving sex with arms that could choke and straight hair. This time, he was too cute, all cuddly and his tummy was FLUFFY, I LOVED IT. His shirt would raise and I would see glory, I’m happy you enjoyed the lechon babe. 
  • Baekhyun: When EXO first appeared, the first person I saw was Baekhyun, and I immediately thought “Shet, the pit is worth it, I see the eyeliner, I see heaven”. There was a fan who got hurt on the middle side of our section, and Baekhyun was staring at the scene the whole time. He was concerned, you could see it in his face. I think a Korean fansite was escorted out after that. His vocals were perfect, not a single imperfection, and he’s an amazing dancer. He really is.
  • D.O.: I feel like I saw D.O. the most, I probably made the most eye contact with him. He looks like and felt like a man you could bring home and everyone would love him. He had a really beautiful aura around him. He was so beautiful in person, sang like an angel and he also looked so manly in person, all I saw was TopD.O. I’ve converted.
  • Kai: Absolutely… I need to take my time, because words cannot describe how this human being exists. Photos, Videos, do not do Kai justice, NO JUSTICE AT ALL. His body moves and curves in all the right places, I was stunned, truly the Dancing King. The stairs were right in front of me, so when he came down after performing, I saw his face up close, and God, he’s so handsome. 
  • Sehun: My Pyak Pyak. TT_TT My UB, oh how perfect you were last night. You danced like an angel and I heard your wonderful voice. You had the tiniest waist, the longest limbs and the cutest smile. During ‘Run’, you would jump and I would see your tummy and UGH you killed me. I honestly didn’t care I was probably the only fanboy in my area screaming your name, an Introvert who starts using his voice when you appear. 
  • Lay: He wasn’t there, but he wasn’t forgotten. Lots of EXO-Ls still had their Lay banners, headbands, and screams would become even LOUDER when his face would appear in the screen. Trust and believe, I will see you one day!

My EXO’rDIUM experience is something I will always remember and cherish. EXO sang ‘Hawak Kamay’ again, Queen’s ‘We Will Rock You’ was suddenly included in the setlist, Baekhyun’s PHIXO made another cameo, Kai did some kind of Chicken themed rain dance, which inspired me to order Jollibee for today’s lunch, thanks KimKai, and the Philippines will always love EXO. The loyalty of a Filipino fan will always be with you. I know you guys will come back, probably next year, so until then, I will continue to support my loves. <3 Thank you for a wonderful 2 nights.

Thanks for reading! Now back to your regular programming. 

[On Thin Ice #8]

Series: Fairy Tail.
AU: Figure Skating, Modern; Fake Dating to Lovers.
Romantic Pairing: Gruvia.
Other Pairings: Gray/Silver, Juvia/Silver, Juvia/Gajeel.
Rating: T+ - language, alcohol, adult themes.
Genre(s): Romance, Drama.
Read other chapters: here.

A/N: This chapter took longer to write than expected. I’m going through some things at home and I’ve been suffering with pretty severe laryngitis. That aside, I hope this reads okay. Painkillers make writing hard sometimes. Haha. // I’m still updating on AO3 and FF, however, I’ve removed the links because tumblr is doing this really annoying thing where it removes posts with external links from the tags. Both accounts are the same as my tumblr name. :)

;Be brave, brave, the water’s all around you. I’ll stay, I’ll keep you from sinking down. Love, love is on your side, you’re stronger than you’ll ever know. So many years of quiet, building up like a fire inside. You’re feelin’ like you gotta let it out now. Just let it out.  

Chapter Eight: Scars

Gray slid his empty glass across the bar. Cana filled it and pushed it back without a word. They’d been playing this game for a good thirty minutes. A back and forth of silent speculation and familiar all-knowing glances. It was only a matter of time before she finally asked him –

‘What’s wrong, Fullbuster?’

Right on time. ‘Nothing,’ he said.

She had to work for it, you see. All part of the game; all part of the friendship. It had taken Cana years to open up to him about her absent father. It had taken him months to tell her about his mother’s passing. It just seemed to be how they worked. Neither wanted to talk about their problems, yet both required a companion to sit and lament with.

‘Really?’ Cana raised a brow. ‘This is the fifth glass.’

‘It’s lemonade, Cana.’

‘Last time you drank this much lemonade was the anniversary of your mother’s–’

Both turned as the door swung open. Ultear sprang into the room, bags upon bags of goodies slung over each arm. She dumped them on the ground and hopped onto the stool at Gray’s side.

‘How did it go?’ she asked him.  

Cana glanced between them. ‘Something is wrong.’

‘He took Juvia to the pool this morning.’

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anonymous asked:

hi mel ! i'm a baekhyun stan who has never gotten the chance to see exo for real and I think it sounds silly but... i really would like you to describe how it feels to see your bias in real life ? do they feel more "human" ? does it feel like a dream ? is their handsomeness litteraly shocking ? do you really understand that they are actually in front of you ? I have never experienced that and some times it makes me kinda sad so I wanted to hear about your experience !!

Oh my, well….gosh I tell you what after the concert you really start missing them the second you walk out of the venue. Like, I really didn’t think I’d be able to “miss” people I’ve never met like that before but you really just want to see them again and even typing this out now makes me miss them.

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political talk show au, the thrilling conclusion.

Here is the whole story from the beginning.

This is 4.5 K. Also it is still liberal-leaning and anti-Trump. No Hillary angst in this one tho.

Dear lord, what have I become.


The name sounds, like a thunderclap, in Jack’s head.

It wasn’t a moment ago the name was a question. A doubt, even. Does Bits even exist? Bitty certainly does. Bitty is the name of the screener for Jack’s favorite radio show, his companion through the morning for a year and change now. Bitty is unfailingly pleasant, unerringly professional, and untouchable. He handles callers with a lilt, a friendly word, and a toss off onto the airwaves. Jack made his acquaintance several months back, and he’s enjoyed their every interaction.

But Bits. Now, that’s someone Jack isn’t sure he hasn’t conjured up in his head.

Bits exists in the soft cluck of Bitty’s tongue, the hitch of breath between words. The pause before he intones Jack’s name, leaning on the “a” like it’s a cushion. Bits is the person Jack imagines Bitty to be, behind the phones. He’s a friend, a confidant. A ray of light in Jack’s life. And in Jack’s mind, Bits is just a little more friendly with him with all his other callers. Maybe he even feels something at the sound of Jack’s voice, the way Jack does at every musical “Hallo!”

Jack has come here today half-terrified that he’d discover Bits doesn’t exist at all. That Bitty, as competent and admirable as he is, is all there is, and whatever relationship  he’d imagined they’d been nurturing has been a figment of his imagination this whole time.

Now Bitty comes into focus like a blue sky when the clouds have parted. He wasn’t there, and suddenly he is; he must have been in the room before, but it’s only now that Jack’s eyes land on him and recognize.

But when their eyes meet, and Bitty’s brown eyes widen and then dance, Jack knows Bits is real.

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Blind Dating {S.M}

requested// imagine where your best friend’s boyfriend is on the hockey team with Shawn and you go to the game and they introduce you to Shawn

author’s note// this imagine has a lil twist like i’m kind of obsessed w/ it. 

masterlist || link to part two

Joey’s hand slipped into yours, his fingers lacing through yours, slightly putting your nerves at ease. His fingers pressed firmly against your knuckles. It made you feel a whole lot better, but it really didn’t expunge all of the tension of the situation. 

“Y/n, it’s completely okay, he’s hot.” Joey insists as he leans over a bit, whispering so no one can hear you. You turned your head and looked up at him, giving him a weak smile. 

“I sure hope so.” You huffed, giving Joey’s hand a squeeze. 

“Y/n you saw a picture, now you’re just trying to be difficult.” Joey nudged against you, causing you to bump into a couple of girls in front of you in line. You instantly received looks of antipathy from those girls. 

“No, I am not. Joseph. I am not getting my hopes up.” You straightened your spine, pulling your hand away from his. 

“First of all, stop calling me Joseph I am most certainly not the guy with the technicolor dream coat. Second of all, stop being so damn picky! I’m literally in line to buy you some fruit gushers and I got you into this game for free, so give me a break.” He insisted. You rolled your eyes at him a bit. 

“It is only because your boyfriend is on the team.” You nudge Joey just a bit. 

“And Shawn has been handpicked by my boyfriend for you, and if you haven’t noticed, Leo has impeccable taste.” Joey flipped some imaginary hair. You rolled your eyes yet again. Joey felt bad for you. It was obvious. Your boyfriend of two years (you started dating freshman year and it lasted two whole years, it was a serious relationship) dumped you for the new girl as soon as he laid eyes on her. It was very insolent and insensitive, and for two months you were completely broken. All of your friends, especially Joey, did everything they could to get you out of that self loathing funk. And just a couple weeks ago, they did, and you felt things start getting back to normal. So of course, Joey decides it’s perfect time to get you a new boyfriend. So of course, Joey asks his own boyfriend to pick a guy from his hockey team. So of course, Leo chooses Shawn. Shawn is great at hockey, but he is also a singer who is a little bit internet famous and went on a tour over the summer to meet some fans and he also is going to release an album pretty soon and a world tour isn’t far behind. Basically, this kid is completely unattainable. 

“Not really he chose you.” You teased, letting a stretching grin spread across your face as you looped your arm through his. 

“Okay, now that hurt. And now i’m not buying you fruit gushers.” Joey pulled his arm away, and started to walk off. 

“Joey!” You shrieked, grabbing his hand and pulling him back in line. “I’m sorry, Leo has amazing taste. You are such a catch, you’re a literal model, if you weren’t gay I would date you so fast. I’m literally in love with you.” You pulled at his arm, him giving you disapproving looks as he knew you were kidding. 

“Jesus, I didn’t realize you wanted those fruit gushers so bad. I might need to tell Leo to rethink, cause you’re so needy.” 

You an Joey sat down in the very front, since Leo had reserved the seats so you could get a good look at Shawn in action, and Joey could see Leo. It was awkward. You were surrounded by the parents of these boys and they occasional girlfriend. One of the girlfriend’s of one of the player came up to Joey and hugged him. It was really weird. It’s like they had a secret society for the lovers of the hockey players. 

“He is number fourteen.” Joey leaned over to you, pointing to a really tall guy that currently had control of the disk… or ball? Or whatever the hell you called those things. He was cute. Okay, cute was a tad bit of an understatement. He was absolutely adorable on about seventeen different levels. He was someone you legitimately wanted to date. Like actually date. You wanted to tell yourself that you should not be basing your feelings towards someone strictly off of appearance. But dang, he was freaking precious. 

“You approve?” Joey nudges you a little bit, his eyes still glued to his own boyfriend. 

“Oh yeah.” You huffed. 

You weren’t gonna lie, Leo did pretty good on this. 

The game was over. Joey said they won, which is good because he would be in a good mood, and it’d be a whole lot better than if they lost and he was all salty and whatnot. 

So naturally, you stood awkwardly by the locker room along with the girls you sat near during the game, as they all tried to one up each other in whose boyfriend was the hottest, or the best hockey player, or whatever. Shawn won all of them by a long shot. 

“Joey, you coming to the game next weekend? It’s away.” A girl with incredibly long jet black hair questions him, as all the heads of the girls turn. You’ve learned that Joey makes most of them slightly uncomfortable, but some are his close friends. 

“Yeah, y/n here may possibly be coming along.” Joey elbows you in the ribs a bit. 

“Why is she here?” Some girl with hair as curly as a labradoodle scoffed, shooting daggers at you. 

“Leo set her up with Shawn.” Joey shrugged nonchalantly. All of the girls’s mouths dropped, and you could tell they were about to say something. 

But then the boys walked out. And the squealing started. They all ran to their respecting boyfriends, pushing through the players without girlfriends to get to their man.

“Oh my god, you did amazing!”

“You were the best one out there!”

“I love you so much!”

You kinda stood there, with Joey, as you both waited for Shawn and Leo. Joey looked over at you, giving you a weak smile right before you saw them. Joey walked quickly over to Leo, embracing him hugely as Leo kissed him on the cheek. Some girls, and even some players, got quite a bit uncomfortable. That pissed you off, because you hated people like that. You wanted to scream at them. Leo and Joey were just like them. 

But your attention was drawn away when Shawn patted Leo on the back and started to walk towards you. His white teeth flashing at you, nearly blinding you. His long strides seemed to take forever, and you felt the gazes of all the girls land firmly on you. 

“You’re Y/n, right?” His hand went behind his neck, rubbing it a bit. The sweat was glistening on his forehead, and he looked as cute as anyone could possibly look in that oversized jersey thing. He was adorable. You found yourself at an utter loss for words. 

“Umhum.” Was all that you could manage to get out. 

“Leo told me about you. He said you were Joey’s best friend, and you were super into film making and stuff?” Your cheeks turned red. Some people thought film makers were crazy, at least at your school they did. They called you freaks and nerds. “I think that’s super cool.” Your shoulders slumped in a relaxed form, his words putting you at ease. 

“Thanks. What you do on the ice is super cool too.” Your hands entwine in front of you. His face turned a shade of pink, which could easily be mistaken for him being sweaty. 

“Thanks for coming.” He laughed a little. “To the game I mean. I saw you, and I got excited. From the second Leo showed me your picture I couldn’t wait to meet you. Of course, the photo didn’t do you any justice. You’re beautiful.” Your face begins to burn. 

“Thank you. You are pretty… um good looking yourself.” You look down at the floor, smiling, not being able to look him in the eyes. 

“Yanno, I know we were supposed to go on a double date with Joey and Leo.” He started, “But we could go somewhere. Just us.” He suggested. Almost instantaneously, you nodded. 

“I’d love that.” Shawn’s eyes lit up and he took your hand entwining his fingers with yours. 

And for some reason, his hands entwined with yours calmed you much more than Joey’s. 

author’s note// THIS IS TRASH YOU GuuuuUUUySS i’m so sorry this had so much potential and went strAIght to the gutter the next one will be better i promise. 

09/24/15 ~ My Experience Meeting BTS ♡

So, as several of you have requested, I am finally writing out my experience meeting BTS at the Highlight Tour’s stop in Houston. I warn you all that it does drag on a bit, so if you’d like to skim or completely disregard the post, you may do so haha! Additionally, many may wander how the heck I remember everything in detail despite it having taken place a while ago—Well, I write in a diary regularly and wrote down five pages worth of this day so yeah lol.

TGM’s organization, as many of you already know, was a complete mess. But, this is not a post to bash on TGM and just one describing the members so here it goes!

The Photo Session:

So, my younger sister and I went together and as soon as we entered the building, we saw all the members lined up in person….and damn. Even from several feet away with crowds of people in between, they really stood out. To be honest, they were a lot shorter than people make them seem which didn’t really surprise me since, as an Asian girl, I know that many Asian guys aren’t usually that tall. The order from left to right was Namjoon, Taehyung, Seokjin, Yoongi, Jimin, Jungkook, and J-hope. We were starstruck af right away and didn’t even know if we were supposed to join the group in front of us for photos since we were the last ones in that specific line. That’s why, while staring at the boys, we didn’t realize that Hoseok and Jungkook were waving and saying hi…right at us. At first, we thought they were just waving at someone else in our direction but quickly noticed that nobody else was behind or even close to us so yeah; we flipped out and didn’t even bother hiding our fangirling while waving and saying hi back. Also, It turns out that they were waving to us in order to tell that it’s alright to join the group photo.

The Mini-Concert:

To be honest, they seemed quite drained at times but still did a really great job trying to be energetic in order to please the fans. During the member introductions, their English was so adorable! They really did try their best! Seokjin talked about a “choo-choo train” and Namjoon talked about maybe having a “real concert” in the future. His English, by the way, is just as flawless as you’d all expect. Yoongi even talked about the Johnson Space Center and NASA + acted out a flying jetpack, which was precious! Also, Jin’s speaking/singing voice was slightly higher live. “Boy in Luv” and especially “Dope” were super lit. Hearing and seeing the boys perform “I Need U” live is the most incredible feeling. Like, we were finally able to sing the fanchants as loudly as possible and the entire audience was just so into it. Seriously, they sang and danced AMAZINGLY. + Jimin’s bootie is seriously fabulous.

The High-Touch Session:

This was honestly the part that I struggled to remember the most because of how quickly it all occurred. So, let me try to describe each member from order to high-touching them. Oh, and another thing to note is that I was trying to secretly record them but was told to flip my phone with the screen facing outward (so that staff can prevent me from doing so), so I was fiddling around with my things before following my sister. Well, it turns out she already went through all the members before I finished fidgeting, so when I finally turned around for my turn, all the members were all looking at me with their hands out….awkward.

Taehyung: Since he was/is my bias, I was so nervous when I saw that he was first in line. When i went up to him, I made sure to take in every last bit of his presence and holy shit. THE MAN IS SOMEHOW EVEN MORE PERFECT IN PERSON THAN HE ALREADY IS IN ALL THE PHOTOS, VIDEOS, FANCAMS, ETC. Like, his eyelashes were so long, his eyes so deep and mesmerizing, and his hair–it looked like the softest, smoothest thing in the entire world. He’s honestly a lot more tanned in real life, almost like a golden bronze color, and his hands were literally twice the size of mine. When I said “hi, thank you,” he nodded and gave this lovely, wide smile, although it wasn’t that famous box smile of his. He also felt quite tall in comparison to my 5 foot 3 height.

Jungkook: Despite how much older he looks in recent photos, he actually still has some teenage boy-like features when you see him up close. Like, you can legit see the youthfulness in his face and I could even imagine seeing him walking around as one of the students at my university. When he said “thank you,” I was so honored to see his bunny teeth in person and damn, he was also EXTREMELY HANDSOME. Like, his jawline and adam’s apple were so prominent, although he did look a lot leaner than in photos (but still toned). His skin was an almost olive color and his hands were also humongous compared to mine.

Yoongi: This man is just really cute in person. He didn’t actually feel as small as I had expected but was indeed shorter than the other members next to him. But seriously, with the blonde hair and the lighting above us, HE LOOKED LIKE A TRUE ANGEL. His hair was so fluffy and his voice when he said “thank you for coming” was so low and sexy. Also, I would say that out of all the members, he and Taehyung were personally the most intimidating in terms of the feel they gave off. I don’t know; they just gave off this very masculine and important aura, though they weren’t acting arrogant at all. In addition, his skin was perfect and quite pale like everyone else always says.

Namjoon+Seokjin: As much as I hate to admit it, I barely remembered these two at the end due to the wreck I was experiencing after high-touching the first three members. All I really remember is Namjoon being very kind and Jin actually being quite calm and quiet. Both actually looked quite the same as in photos although Jin somehow seemed slightly prettier in person (how is that even possible). 

Hoseok: He was honestly the member that surprised me the most in terms of appearance. LIke, photos, videos, etc. do not do a single bit of justice to him. I always considered him good-looking but not too special but boy was I wrong. HE IS FKCING GORGEOUS. PERIOD. Like, the man’s cheekbones are so flipping defined that I could cut vegetables with them. Not to mention HIS BEAUTIFUL SMILE. I almost went blind from seeing it right in front of me and no, that is not an exaggeration!! He was also the tannest member, like he had this lovely, healthy brown-ish glow to him.

Jimin: Last in line, was little chim chim, who was in fact, not so little. He was also one of those members that I didn’t find as attractive beforehand but I was proven wrong yet again. HE IS VERY GOOD LOOKING. The most memorable features were his eyes. When he looks at you, it’s like the entire world just freezes. I don’t know how he does it but he manages to give people one of the gentlest gazes I have ever seen. Like his entire being just seemed so kind-hearted and sweet. Despite being this amazing, ultra talented person, he somehow calmed you down for even the tiniest second with the warmth he gave off.

Extra Notes on High-Touch: Thinking back, all the members had the softest hands I’ve ever felt, especially Jimin. LIke they were as soft as baby butts. Another thing is that they all seemed thinner which kinda worried me but they still looked healthy and toned. 

The Autograph Session:

This was my favorite part because we actually got to talk very briefly with each member. Again, I will describe things in order from first to last. Also, let me just mention that I tried to speak English as clearly and slowly as possible.

Hoseok: When I got to him, I told him “J-hope, you know you’re even more beautiful in real life.” Only later did I realize that this might’ve been an insult but that was not what I intended to make it sound like lol. In response, he showed me that beaming smile of his and said really loudly, “ah, thank you so much!” He honestly climbed up my bias list that night because of both his surprising beauty and amazing personality. The man is literally just as energetic and bubbly in person! 

Jungkook: This little one destroyed the shit out of me. Since my sister was right before me, I actually heard her conversation with him. When she called him handsome, he literally said “thank you! You are so cute!”…she died. Then, when it was my turn, I also told him “Jungkook, you are so handsome!” to which he responded “thank you!” with a huge smile. Then, because this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, I sucked in my embarrassment and asked “Jungkook, can you please call me noona?” I was so anxious until he used aegyo and said in a really cute voice, “NOONA!” You don’t understand, I literally squeaked and melted into a puddle of goo right there and then right there and then. Like, the boy made THIS EXACT FUCKING FACE–>

Because of him, I died and came back to life that night. He was legit the highlight (get it? ok im gonna stop being stupid) of the entire thing and now my second bias- I wanna stan him but am wavering due to my loyalty and love for Tae…what to do?!?!

Yoongi: I literally didn’t know what to say to him because of the fluttering I felt after talking to Kookie. So, I only managed to say, “I really love your music” to which he nodded his head with the tiniest smile. I’m pretty sure he didn’t quite hear/understand me lol.

Jimin: When I told him he was “very beautiful,” he said “oh thank you!” in the prettiest voice. If any of you have ever heard his calm, morning voice, that’s what it sounded like. It was almost a bit feminine and just so soothing to the ears. The perfect description for his voice is just PRETTY. He was just a really nice person and very considerate towards the fans <3 LIke, even while signing, he would look directly up at your eyes and smile enthusiastically.

Namjoon: Even though he was the member who spoke English fluently, I had the hardest time saying anything to him for some odd reason. He made fans feel comfortable and all that but due to my lack of competence, all I could say was “you’re amazing and I really love you.” In response, he chuckled a bit and said, “I love you too.“ with that big grin of his that he always does. Not to mention that his voice literally booms and sounded very manly.

Seokjin: Since we were all being extremely rushed towards the end of the line, I literally had no time to say anything except “you are so beautiful.” I don’t even remember if he replied but he did smile. Also, he really does have a tiny face- it’s so cute and rounded!

Taehyung: He was honestly the biggest disappointment and it wasn’t even his fault really. Since he was at the end of the table, all the unsigned posters were piled up in front of him. So, he sadly paid more attention to making sure he signed the posters than to the fans because staff would’ve scolded him otherwise. I couldn’t even say much to him because this one lady was going to make me skip him. However, I was not about to leave the line without talking to my favorite member so I resisted a bit and lingered long enough to say, “V, you’re my favorite.” Luckily, I said it loud enough so that he heard me so he quickly looked up from the posters to give a small smile. Not gonna lie; I was a bit sad that he didn’t exchange any words with me that night TT___TT


Meeting the members in real life is honestly such a different feeling from seeing them on a screen. They appeared so professional and serious but also performed just as well. Also, during the autograph portion, I could’ve said better words but just talking to them was too stressful LOLOL. Nothing is perfect, but in the grand scheme of things, it was an amazing night for me personally and something that I will never forget!

BTW, post-concert depression hit me way too hard lol.


dressing room ;; bryana holly smut

“You’re doing great, Bry!” I cheer proudly at my girlfriend, flashing her a thumbs up while she poses once more, the camera clicking. She had no top on and the swimming bottoms she had gave me a great view of that plump ass of hers, and while I lowkey hated that the whole world would get to see my girlfriend like this, I supported her career and her happiness at the end of the day. Besides, she looked so beautiful and the photographer was definitely doing her justice. I had to admit, I was way turned on by it all. 

“All right, everybody, 15 minute break!” The main photographer exclaims, setting down his camera while Bryana pushed herself off the wall she had been leaning on, holding onto her boobs as she came over to me. “How do you like the photos so far?” She asks, a hopeful glint in her tone. No matter how many jobs she did, she always wanted to know if she was looking good enough. She always did. “You look absolutely perfect, Bry. Now go change into your next outfit, will you?” I jokingly command her, smacking her ass as she walks past towards her dressing room and following her into it. 

Once we’re in solitude, she releases her arms, her bare chest coming into view. I instantly stare at them for a moment, only to be playfully reprimanded when she says, “Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” 

In reply, I joke, “Take the rest of your clothes off, I can make an orgasm last long.” Bryana raises a brow at me, a smirk playing on her lips. She slowly began to slide off her bottoms, letting them drop down her toned, endlessly long legs and having them pool at her ankles. “Is that a promise you intend to keep, baby? Because the way you were looking at me during the shoot had my cunt dripping.” With a finger, she beckons me forward, and I, lost in a lust for my very naked girlfriend, did just that, coming extremely close to her. My hands found her hips while her lips leaned in, her hot breath on my face. 

“Why don’t I see just how wet you are.” I mutter, one hand sliding down her bare skin, fingers dipping between her golden legs and immediately being greeted by her juices. I run a couple digits along her folds, teasing her. The blonde whimpers under my touch, sliding her hands into my hair. “We probably have 10 minutes. Let me cum for you, baby, please.” She moans into my ear, her lips making a trail from there down my neck and towards my shoulder. 

“Sounds like a plan.” I say, completely pulling away for a moment before I lay down on the couch, unbuttoning a couple of buttons on the top of my blouse. “Come sit on my face, baby, I’ll give you the ride of your life.” Bryana doesn’t need to be told twice as she rushes towards me, climbing on top of me. Her hips are positioned right above my mouth, and I pull her down, my tongue making contact with her clit. She cries out in pleasure as I run my tongue across her pretty little pussy, moaning against it every few seconds to give her cunt a little extra feeling. Her hips rock against my mouth, and from down here I have a perfect view of her playing with her tits. “Yes, baby, just like that.” She moans as my tongue fucks her hole. “I love it when you fuck my pussy like that, it makes me so fucking wet, baby.” 

In a few seconds, Bryana is cumming into my mouth, and I take in what I can, her taste sweet on my tongue. But I’m not letting her stop. “You’re so pretty when you cum, princess, I want to make you do it over and over again.” I mutter against her pussy, this time adding my fingers into the mix.  As two digits easily slide into her sensitive cunt, my mouth latches onto her clit, sucking on the bundle of nerves. Bryana cries out at the sensation, voicing her pleasure as my fingers curl up into her. 

“Another finger, please, baby, I want you to stretch out my little cunt.” She pleads, and I do as she wishes, adding a third finger. I don’t give her time to adjust, relentlessly sliding in and out of her pussy until she accommodates, but I think the pain only adds to her pleasure. She’s rocking her hips wildly, moans spilling out, and I can feel a pressure building up inside of her. 

Quickly, she’s cumming again, squirting all over my fingers and my mouth as her thighs tremble. Once she rides out her second high, she climbs off my face, collapsing on top of my body. I can feel her juices dripping on my bare thigh, and I’m sure I’ve soaked through my shorts by now. “That was fun.” She giggles, pressing a quick kiss to my lips and tasting herself. “How about I return the favor after this next shoot? Cuz I think our ten minutes is up.” She giggles, pulling herself off me and sliding on the next bathing suit she was supposed to wear. This one was a skimpy thong, barely covering her freshly fucked assets and her tits were still out. I don’t know if I could handle myself for that long– I might have to touch myself while I wait. 


A/N: Hi, babies! I know I leave a lot of my smuts on cliffhangers or without much closure, but it’s because a lot of the time, people request for a part 2 and so when I do things like that, it can add a hint of anticipation, even if there never will be a second part. You know, let the reader imagine what happens after and everything. ;) I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it! See you in my next smut, loves. xx

Waiting Pt. 4 (Yoongi)

*Yoongi’s POV this time and I’m still writing this series y'all*

-Requests Closed-

Waiting | Pt. 2 | Pt. 3 | Pt. 5 | Pt. 6  | Pt. 7 | Pt. 8 | Pt. 9 | Pt. 10 | Pt. 11 | Pt. 12 | Pt. 13

Word Count: 1,692 words

Your beauty was ageless, you still looked the same. He didn’t notice your distress until you mindlessly bumped into him. He had to stop himself from holding you close; he wasn’t sure if he would let you go once you were in his arms.

“It’s been long, hasn’t it?” You stopped apologizing and froze, you looked up as if his voice was an epiphany and he looked back at you.

Your eyes had their refulgent glow, photos of you couldn’t do justice to their beauty. He reached out to touch your cheek, only for you push away his hand. He was in disbelief, he hadn’t thought that he would ever catch even a glimpse of you.

His imagination could only stretch so far as to what you looked like. Jin would describe you for him, shaping you like a sculptor in his mind but never quite finishing what you looked like. Until now.

“What are you doing here, Yoongi?” Your voice was understandably cold and distant, the sole cause of your emotional pain was standing right in front of you.

He must be crazy. Even in your curt attitude, it still felt warm to him. Maybe it was because you acknowledged him by saying his name, even with the pained look in your eyes.

“I wanted to see you. I-I missed you.”

“We can’t do this, Yoongi. I told you.” You tried to pass him but he grabbed your shoulders, your eyes looking at him bewilderingly.

“Why do you keep shutting me out? Why can’t we just work this out?”

“I lost everything, because of you. I had start over, learn to live without you and live for my kids. Now, you want to swoop in and take them away too? Haven’t you done enough, Yoongi?” Your voice became shaky, your hands pushed his off your shoulders.

You passed him this time, his eyes watching your retreating figure before Jin ran over to him.

“What happened?”

“She doesn’t need me anymore. I’m not what she wants.”


“I still need to thank you, hyung. I finally got to see her after 4 years.”

“You’re not giving up, are you?”

“How can I fight for her if I already lost in her eyes?”

“There’s still something there.”

“She doesn’t love me anymore, hyung!” He kept repeating it in his head over and over, hoping this would shock him out of pursuing you. But he couldn’t stop.


“I’m going to the studio.”

“Yoongi, we still need to-”

“There’s nothing left to say.” He got in his car, driving to the studio with clouded thoughts. It took him a while to be comfortable being in there. All he could hear was your voice and the sheer pain you felt.

He broke you.

He broke himself in the process, seeing you silently cry while packing your bags. He couldn’t bear to see that expression on your face. He was a hypocrite, promising to make you happy you when he was the one that brought you the most sadness.

“I’m such a bastard.”

It sounded worse out loud, coming to terms with what he’s become. Even though there was no way to get back to where you two were before, he still wanted to try.

He couldn’t stop himself from fighting for you.

He kept calling, you eventually blocked his number and he didn’t give up. He would write about you, all the sweet moments he shared with you before he ruined it. Before he ruined you.

He begged Jin to find out where you lived, any clue before he tore the city apart to find you. Luck was on his side when Jin found it. He wasted no time driving over to your place and sitting outside your door.

“Mommy, who’s that?”

“He looks scary.”

“Kids, go watch some tv, okay?” You opened the door for them and shut it before he could see inside.

“First, you find me at the mall and now, you’re sitting outside my home? Yoongi, what part of ‘leave me alone’ don’t you get?”

“All of it. I can’t do it, no matter how hard I try.”

“Try harder.”


“Don’t say my name, Yoongi.”

“We have to talk about this. We have to talk about us.”

“There is no ‘us’.”

“You, me and our kids. Us. Come on.” He picked you up, your hands on his chest and trying to push yourself away. He sat you down in the passenger seat and you were ready to make a run for it.

“My children are alone in the apartment, I can’t leave them by themselves”

“Jin’s up there with them, see?” He saw Jin and the kids waving at you from the window and you sighed, you didn’t have any other excuses to come up with.

“This is considered kidnapping.”

“We’re just going to dinner.”

“You took me from my house without any explanation and you’re forcing me to eat with you. I don’t even want to look at you.”

“You really do hate me, don’t you?”

“I don’t hate you. I resent you.”

“That sure does make me feel better.”

“What, did you expect me to jump into your arms with tears in my eyes?”

“What, no kiss too?”

“You’re infuriating.”

“At least we’re talking, that’s a step in the right direction.” You held your tongue, not muttering another word and he parked the car.

“Are you out of your mind?”


“You have to be crazy to bring me here.”

“Does being crazy for you count?”

“It doesn’t.” You stomped off inside and he caught up to you. Where else is better to talk than where you had your first date?

“Still together, I see?” You two knew the host well, him helping Yoongi out with your first date and anniversary.


“Yeah, she means everything to me.”

“Let me guide you to your table, then.” He led you to the table you always sat at and you avoided his eyes. You didn’t say anything, leaving him to stare at you and began to notice the subtle changes in your appearance.

Your hair is lighter than he remembers but your hair was still luscious. Your smile was fake, making him miss your sweeter smiles. You spoke more softly with others, your fiery personality only appeared when he spoke to you.

“What the hell are you staring at?”


“Then, quit. You’re giving me the creeps.”

“What happened to you?”

“Didn’t I tell you, you made me like this? That you made us like this?”

“Did you move on?”

“If you haven’t noticed, I don’t think about you. In fact, I almost forgot you existed. Even if every wall was covered in your face, I won’t recognize you.”


“Just like when you cheated on me? And the cherry on top was my pregnancy. But I guess I have to thank you. You gave me something to live for, someone actually needs me now.”

“I need you.”

“What, was it cause your girlfriend left you?”

“I dumped her.”


“It’s because she’s not you. She can never be you. My heart won’t beat for anyone but you.”

“When did you get so cheesy?”

“I changed a lot since you left me.” You swallowed your tongue, looking at him before glancing at the menu.

“Here’s your meals. One salad and one chicken alfredo.”

“Thank you.”

“Are you seriously just going to eat that?”


“Here.” He switched plates with you, taking a big bite of your salad so you couldn’t take it back. You stared at him for a moment before quietly eating the chicken alfredo.

“Do you want anything else?”



“Just take me home, Yoongi.” He sighed, getting the bill and paying it quickly. You two walked back to the car and you stayed quiet again. Why can’t you talk to him? He would even like if you snapped at him with your sharp tongue, anything is better than the sad look on your face.

“We still haven’t talked, Y/N.” He parked his car and turned to you.

“I told you that there’s nothing between us. I’ll keep taking care of my kids without you.”

“Goddamn it, Y/N, you can’t do it on your own.”

“It’s been four fucking years without you and I’m okay! Stop thinking I’m struggling without you.”

“You don’t look like you’re sunshine and rainbows, Y/N. You don’t even smile the way you used to, you talk less. I know you can’t stand me but you aren’t the same person I used to know-”

“Of course, I’m not. I had to learn how to get better without you and after 4 years, I have!”

“You think they will?”

“They’ll have to.”

“No, they don’t. I want to be in their lives, I want to be their dad. I still want to be by your side but they need me too. What will you do when they start asking? When the other kids talk about their dads and they don’t know what happened to theirs. What, you going to say I’m dead? On a long business trip? Tell me, Y/N.”

“How dare you use them against me, they’re all I have-” Maybe it was the anger, or maybe it was the fact you always looked incredibly sexy when you were angry but he cupped your cheeks before kissing you.

He didn’t force his tongue into your mouth, simply just kissing your lips. You hit his chest with your fists before you were gripping the fabric of his jacket, pulling him closer.

The feelings of anger washed away, just leaving the passion he had for you. He couldn’t tell how you felt but your lips kept working in sync with his.

You pulled away after a while, needing to regain your breath. You two looked at each other for a split second before you ran off. He followed you, stopping you right in front of your door and you gulped.

“At least, let me say goodbye.” He was crazy for leaning again but you turned your head when the door swung open. He planted a kiss on your cheek and your little boy gasped.


~Admin Blake

Hong Jung Hyun Gushes About His "The King Loves" Co-Star YoonA's Beauty

Hong Jung Hyun Gushes About His “The King Loves” Co-Star YoonA’s Beauty

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The latest broadcast of Naver V Live’s “Early Interview” featured Hong Jung Hyun and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA from MBC’s “The King Loves.”

When prompted about his first impression of YoonA, Hong Jung Hyun answered that she is so beautiful. He explained, “Photos and videos do not do her even half the justice, and she shines the brightest even in the midst of many other actors.” He jokingly…

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he took her by the hand and guided her outside
he gazed up and asked her, “have you ever tried taking a picture of the moon?”
she smirked and looked up at the moon illuminating the sky, “well yah, I’ve tried, but it never actually looks like the moon, instead it just looks like a small dot of light”
“imagine showing the moon that picture” he said, “it would have no idea how magnificent it truly is. a picture doesn’t do it any justice. it would think it was meerly a dot in the sky”
his gentle hand reached for her cheek and he looked into her eyes and said “darling, you are my moon. you say that you aren’t pretty. but you’ve only ever seen photos of yourself, and I promise you that the photos don’t come close to capturing your full beauty. it doesn’t make sense for you to say you aren’t beautiful because you don’t see yourself as I do.”
-excerpt from a book I’ll never write-

Fan account - Minho in Berlin ♡ 16/03/14 by giraffyness 

Minho sighting in Berlin:
I was on my way back from work yesterday (3/14) and decided to stop by a coffee shop on the way. I looked up from my phone and suddenly I noticed a really familiar figure walking my way. I had to do a double take, but it was really Minho. He was really tall, wearing a black coat and sunglasses and a massive scarf. Surprisingly thin - one would never assume that from photos, but then again it might have been proportions. The coat was really massive.
I contemplated for a second what to do, but thought that this isn’t a chance I would get every day, so I walked towards him. He was together with some of the Vogue staff and what I assume was a manager. So, I waked up to the group and stopped, looking at him and asked (in Korean) if he was by any chance SHINee’s Minho. He looked very taken aback and confused, but replied ‘Yes, yes I am’ and we exchanged pleasantries, but he was then herded away by the manager. The staff smiled at me really nicely and followed.
A bit later I reached the coffee houses and was checking my emails while waiting in line and I heard Korean speech. I looked up and Minho was standing in front of me in line, talking to one of the staffs. I smiled, but he was busy ordering, so he didn’t notice me.
While waiting for my coffee, Minho went to sit down with the staff and the manager remained at the bar, waiting for their drinks, so I turned to him, while waiting for my order to be up as well, and asked (in Korean) if it would be too much of a bother to ask Minho for a photo. He said no pictures, took their order and went to sit down with Minho and the rest of the group. They left not much later, I assume to do some sightseeing.
Minho was really tall and really tan and gorgeous. I never thought he would be *that* tall. Photos really don’t do him justice, he is even more beautiful in real life and his features are really sharp. Also, his voice is extremely deep and booming, unbelievably so. He looked a little on edge though, probably still jet lagged (an 8 hour time difference can take its toll) and perhaps a little disoriented - being in a country where you don’t speak the language is definitely unnerving. Oh, and he ordered the drinks at the coffee house in English, he has a really cute accent when speaking.
It was a short, but sweet encounter overall. I thought about sneakily taking a picture, but he was on his off time, so I didn’t think it was appropriate.