photos crying north korea

Some of the most influential photos ever.

Missionary with a starving child.

Scratches on the inside of a gas chamber in Auschwitz.

Christians protecting Muslims during riots in Egypt.

A man just finding out his brother has been shot.

Mother reuniting with her daughter after her service in Iraq.

Russian solider preparing for battle during WWII.

Russian solider playing an abandoned piano.

First response to the Boston Bombing.

Man rescuing kittens during floods in Cuttack City, India.

A Jewish man seconds before being shot by the hands of a Nazi.

French man crying as Paris is being occupied by Nazi Germany in WWII.

Vietnamese children crying after their village was accidentally burnt to the ground by Napalm from the Vietnam Air Force during the Vietnam War.

A monk prays for a man that died suddenly while waiting for a train in China.

Jews shortly after being liberated from a Death Train by Allied Forces during WWII.

Two Korean relatives, one from the North, the other South, saying good bye to each other after a reunion on October 31st, 2010 when North Korea allowed 36 South Koreans to meet their 97 relatives.  They have not seen each other since the war from 1950-53.

A German POW, being released from a Russia prison, seeing his daughter for the first time since she was a year old.