photos coming soon i hope


Wounds heal, and the scars fade away..

I’ve read back on my accounts and have realised I didn’t post my skin at it’s worst (where I took a photo atleast).
At this point I went to my Dr, who perscribed me with acne medication… less bumps means less picking…
Aftet six weeks I could see the difference in my skin… and slowly but surely it has changed to where I am now.
My progress has not been straightforward, there have been days or weeks where I have picked at my face and taken steps backwards… but looking at the bigger picture, I can see how far I have come.

I still have scars, sores, redness and bumps, however in comparison to that first photo I am much happier in my skin.

I am Kindy teacher, and have class photos coming up soon… I hope to have minimal spots by then, so I can atleast cover with makeup and feel ok :)

Every day is a struggle to be present in my actions and stop my habbits… but I keep trying! ♡

Stay strong ♡

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Ooo, that’s definitely mantling from Gabriel. He’ll bite Dean’s legs next. Sadly, Dean’s learned parenting from John, and so his reaction is anger and then concern. Poor baby Cas…

Big brother Gabriel takes his task very seriously! he learned from the best, after all dean’ll have to very carefully consider his next move because a suspicious, protective archangel is not to be messed with. even when they are pint-sized, heh.

dean got the beejezus scared out of him, hah. Just imagine a tiny fledgeling always wanting to be where you are and you warn them not to go near, or worse, TOUCH the dangerous machines you work with regularly. And one day they are so eager to help they forget and you see it happen in fucking slowmotion and then there’s a startled, pained scream and so much fucking blood and your heart just crashes to a stop because you’re sure the kid just got his arm lobbed off and he’s going to bleed out right in front of you-

…and then it turns out to be ‘just’ a mean gash and you’re so fucking relieved but then the adrenaline gets too much because you fucking WARNED them not to do it and goddamnit your legs are shaking and you don’t even realize you’re shouting and that the kid is cowering from you

you take a deep, deep breath and focus on what’s needed, mentally going through the steps you’ll need to take to make sure this gets fixed and you reach for the kid

and he flinches away from you with a sound that freezes the blood in your veins and he’s cowering, hiding in his wings and still making that godawful terrified screech and you have no words for how fucking awful and sick it makes you feel to realize you’ve scared him into incoherent fear because FUCK you should have known better after how he was treated when he was still a fucking baby

and then the other fledgeling comes barreling in with his teeth bared in a snarl, his wings displaying protective aggression loud and clear- you know, you’ve seen him use it before but never towards you or Sam- and you realize with a heavy feeling of dread this is going to be so goddamn hard to fix. Fuck.

spoilers: Dean is going to have vicious nightmares about this U_U


Hi everyone! I’m Sheikah-Princess-Haku. Happy Blackout day! A little bit about me. I love to wear Lolita, fairy kei and pastel goth. I want to get into more Jfashion styles soon including Cult Party Kei and Larme Kei. This outfit was my newest attempt at something simple and sweet. I don’t like being makeupless but the photo was taken during some outfit planning for an event coming up soon. I hope you all enjoy your day!  ❤

Myrrah being glorious in the last bit of light for the evening, after splashing around in the lake. <3
Tried a different technique for the process on this one, for fun :)
Been a bit slower as of late, due to a knee injury a few weeks ago, but am finally getting back into hiking and running, so more photos to come soon I should hope!


Fileyah and some pretty sparkles! Side effects of cute sparkles may include seeing wargs, dredge, and oooooooozesssss. And also people turning into moas!??