photos by my mum!

lil usnavi is a very good helper 

Rose was Pregnant ( 2#)

Decided to do a second one. And eventually there will be a third.

Raising an alien child was no easy feat for Rose Tyler. Add the difficulty of raising a human infant and Times that by Twenty… She absolutely loved her babygirl though. With the eyes of her father and smile of her mother. Made from love. Her beautiful baby, Luna.

[Image description: A cardboard box filled with 12 pop toobs, plastic cylinders, in purple and green.]

My mother is seeing lots of autistic kids at work and she’s asked me for toys they’ll want to play with while they’re in her office a few times. Out of everything, the pop toobs have been a wild success and keep lots of kids entertained for long appointments. Someone took the two she had, and she told me kids have been asking about them ever since. I just ordered 12 new ones from @stimtastic because if something so cheap makes autistic kids day a little easier as well as their parents and my Mum, I’ll buy as many as she can ever use. 😊


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Last night was my prom and it was undoubtedly the best night of my entire life. I was so happy and had a wonderful time.

Prom was something I always said I wasn’t going to because I thought it was pointless and something that definitely wasn’t for me.

Well fast forward a few months and it was prom night I was dressed in my beautiful dress with my hair done exactly how I wanted it and I felt like a princess it was perfect.

I placed my phone in my bag and the only time it came out was for photos and to ring my mum at 10:30pm. I didn’t even care about anything that was going on outside because that was my night. Anxiety was placed to the back of my mind and I somehow managed to stay in a loud room without getting too anxious.

My beautiful friends (pictures 4 and 5) accompanied me and we had the perfect night. We danced and smiled and made so many memories.

Last night I smiled, I laughed, I made memories, I had the time of my life, I shall treasure last night for my entire life because it was the most perfect thing ever.