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remember when they announced the calendar and said we were gonna die when we see what they did for april, and they ended up giving us fucking minions? right i feel the same way about this new video lmao

*remembers i was born in april and two years in a row they have made terrible calendar photos for april* i was threatened


Duntulm, Scotland. by ANDREW


Splash-In, Sunrise. by Gary McCormick
Via Flickr:
Sunrise at the annual Splash-in, Grand Marais,MI.

Calendar photos
  • Phil: We get lots of tweets from people that think we had like a photoshoot in an actual studio for that
  • Dan: No, we just take them in Phil's bedroom
  • Phil: Nooo... we just take them in my room against my white wall and we do it ourselves on a timer
  • Dan: And just laugh for like... four hours

I went to an exhibition of illustrations.
I got two calendars, the one is cute by @yukatama and the other one is cool by @wintermanworld

@yukatama さんと @wintermanworld さんが
参加されている 2017年カレンダーと原画 版画展に行って来ました。

Here’s February’s photo for the HotBust Movie Calendar. After this was taken, Doodle!Anon submitted a sketch to the @hotbust-sexscapades blog, of Clarke drawing Professor Hotstuff “like one of her French girls” in nothing but the Heart of the Ocean….another bout of mass fainting ensued. @femininechaos, patiently waiting for someone to ascend us to the next level of crack and become Doodle!Anon….