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Duntulm, Scotland. by ANDREW

Headcanon that over the Campwolfe family Christmas when everyone was slightly tipsy (and getting on with one another) they somehow got to talking about celebs or whatever and that is how Serena Wendy Campbell realised that she’s actually pretty Gay™ for Kate Moss. (Bernie feels smug that she’s beat Kate Moss to Serena Campbell. And buys Serena the Kate Moss/Hot Women 2017 calendar in the January sales)

Calendar photos
  • Phil: We get lots of tweets from people that think we had like a photoshoot in an actual studio for that
  • Dan: No, we just take them in Phil's bedroom
  • Phil: Nooo... we just take them in my room against my white wall and we do it ourselves on a timer
  • Dan: And just laugh for like... four hours