Two 1996 sketches of Neon Genesis Evangelion’s Rei Ayanami; as I recall, I did these for a doujinshi “sketchbook” collection a friend of mine painstakingly assembled for the ‘96 (winter) Comic Market. Pretty sure both pieces must be photoreferenced, as their shadow patterns are considerably more interesting than the rather boring ones I’d have otherwise come up with on my own.


Back in 2009, I was very briefly involved with an in-development iteration of EA’s great snowboarding game SSX. I spent a week or two messing around with some (extremely) rough character designs for the game’s cast before the project went on hiatus for a while, prior to relaunching as the full-fledged “reboot” game SSX in 2012. (Side note: I had some promotional artwork included as unlockable content in the earlier game SSX3, which can be seen here:

Anyhoo: Here are the rough designs I worked up for SSX’s Mac. Have to say, I really should use some of these (photoreferenced) hair designs in my other projects; I should also try to work in page #3’s comment “Yeah, I’m really committed to the pube beard,”  which does sound a tad wacky when taken out of context.